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Today's Trade & News

Hedging is paying and tomorrow is important day for commodities and stock market! sell-off???

Dear Members,
First time it looks like Markets want to go sharply down and that is what we expect from today as well as tomorrow.
This week newsletter was very important one so please review again.From here market should move down more than five percent with in three days.
Metals should touch predicted high price and from there they should move down bit but longer term medium term view is written in email so trade accordingly.
Heating oil and RB Gas hedging have down wonder for us and hold that short position against buying oil.
Hedging of alternative energy shares have done windfall for us and we are holding, in fact we are adding more. In each and every newsletter I have been requesting you to buy these stocks since last ten months.

Once again you can check, FSLR, TSL, JASO, HOKU, WWAT, DSTI, SOLF, WFR, ASTI ASYS and few still are at low like SESI, OEGY, SLRE, GRSR and XSNX.


I failed again in currency prediction and this week newsletter talks about downfall from tomorrow so one option left at this stage wait and watch!

Thanks & God Bless
Mahendra Sharma Tuesday, 07.00pm, Mumbai