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Gold toward to $1000 and than $1600, silver first $18.80 but..

Small part of this week letter:

Dear Members,

We are approaching a period in which there will be major volatility for the commodity market. Metal and energy sectors will be on a roller coaster and one should therefore trade with the wave, buying when the astrological wave is reversing after the coming down of prices.


From last year I have been predicting a great rise in metal prices after September 2006, and we are just a few weeks away from the start of this period. This period will last for about one year, though of course it doesn’t mean that metals will rise all of the 365 days. It could actually take 3 to 14 weeks before it strongly marches ahead.


Meanwhile, there are two important factors that we have to keep in mind before making an important trading decision. These are:


  1. Gold shouldn’t trade below $588.80 for more than 7 days because if it does, then it might not only break $550, but it may also break the psychological figure of $500, after which the price will then rise.
  2. If gold doesn’t go below $588.80 in the next three weeks, it will be confirmation that gold will soon break highs of this year and that it will march towards $900. I am sure that these two points will help my members in the gold community to make a decision. The same applies to silver and percentage-wise, silver will definitely gain more than gold.


I feel that after a gap that lasted for sometime, I once again have a key role to play in advising on metal trading. I sometimes get sad and emotional when I remember early this year when a few people were telling me to stop writing on metals. I have been advising the buying of metals even when they were trading right at the bottom in 2001 and I do not blame my detractors. It may be greed or fear that drives some people to say some things, but I never break any rule or the path that I have been following to predict the market. The only reason I predicted as I did was that I was worried about metals and metal investors. Anyway, time is back and this time round it will be a surprise to the entire world, with metals dominating the world financial market. Indeed, metals will even outshine the energy sector.  


Get ready and fasten your seatbelts as a great rise is starting in metals after a few months. Silver won’t stop at $18.80 but will surprise everyone by reaching $28.80, which is great news. And for gold, my price target is not only $875 but it could go as high as a four-digit figure. Yes indeed; gold will reach a historic high next year and it is therefore time for the metal community to arise and make ready for celebrations. A message to Bill Murphy: you should host a party my friend when gold hits $1000- and don’t forget to invite me.


Anyway, I am happy for everyone and especially my friend Bill because he is a real metal supporter with full faith and aggression. I was kept this in mind at the end of last year as well as early this year when I was predicting a negative trend for gold. Indeed this was the reason why I never requested to post my comments on


I am now back and wait…. we are very near to a great turn-around in metals and metal stocks. WE ARE INCHES AWAY FROM A HISTORIC BULL MARKET.


Energy money will flow into metals, and soon the dollar and gold will once again walk hand-in-hand. This will be the most amazing and exciting period for the metal community as gold could move up to $1600 in the next year.


Take out all the money from energy and other areas and keep the cash ready for metals. I will soon announce the right time to start accumulation.



I am currently preparing a model with which you can trade with for the short-term, medium-term as well as the longer-term. This should provide you a ten percent return in each twelve days on your investment. I have been trying it and I am happy with the results, and I have therefore decided to put you onto the same path. Each week I shall guide you to buy a commodity, currency or stock and tell you to get out at a certain price. I will therefore be giving both the buying as well as the selling recommendation.


Those who are interested can send me an email I shall put you onto the list. This only applies to existing members.


Last year I achieved 12630% return on one of my commodity trading accounts, taking high risks with very high leverage (I normally don't like to trade with that live leverage now). My office can send a fax to those who would like to see those trades of 12630% return on investment for 70 trading days.


Get ready to make ten percent returns on investment each twelve days.



  1. You have to be a newsletter member
  2. No trade advice should be passed on to non existing members
  3. Return is not guaranteed but I am confident that we can do better and surpass expectations.
From tomorrow I will send you a buying or selling alert. Today you can do what I have mentioned here. Ignore all other areas.

Thanks and God bless

Sharma Mahendra, Sunday 20 August, 15.30 EST