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Gold and silver are on fire as mentioned in the last cycle of 2023, in 2023 Financial Predictions book...

Dear Members,

One member sent us an email regarding what we mentioned in precious metals’ monthly cycle predictions from the 13th of Nov to the 31st of Dec 2023 in my “2023 Financial Predictions” book, which was released on the 5th January 2023. He was amazed and said that he never bought any of my previous books, but he decided to buy the “2023 Financial Predictions”. With the courage, he took some serious buying in markets in the first week of November and did well. He took another big bet on gold and silver in the second week of November because the book said an aggressive bullish cycle would start from the middle of November. He believed in my predictions, and metals started trading sharply higher. He requested I start teaching astrology and also asked when to book profit in the markets and precious metals. I will send a small update to all my book buyers within a few days regarding when to book profit in the markets and metals rather than just one person.

I would like to put the metals section from the “2023 Financial Predictions” book, page 75:

The eighth cycle from the 13th of November to the 31st of December

This will be a very bullish cycle for the base and precious metals. We recommend even intraday traders to become active and take long positions on any day of this cycle as metals will definitely move higher and reverse in a big way if they’re falling.

We may see metals trading sideways in the Asian and European markets. However, the USA will always see a bullish trend. The third or fourth week of November will play a very aggressive supporting role, and prices may move sharply higher. The second and third weeks of December will be very positive.

Note: The “2024 Financial Predictions” book is getting ready to release in the first week of January 2024.

Thanks & God Bless


Mahendra Sharma