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Global market trend looks interesting as USA to India, China, Russia and Europe

Dear Members,

Monday’s strong recovery is happening as predicted but remember that this is just the tip of the iceberg, you must read our weekly newsletter. An fascinating time is coming for the USA equity market but some volatile erratic time is approaching for as well as currency market, Euro zone, commodity markets, USA, China, Russia and India.

At last, the numbers of Coronavirus COVID-19 are going down in Asian and Europe which is great news, and from 15th April USA numbers will start dropping sharply lower (you can read coronavirus predictions which are there on website). The world will bounce back from the current dark time; and we must remove these three months from the global economy. The corporate world must have many great ideas now and they may start implement them in the coming time to make world better place. S&P is getting ready for 3800 to 5000 so stay with us in this most incredible journey of the most aggressive bull market which has ever happened in the history.

I see that growth will become double after this Corona ends.  Read our weekly newsletter or Flashnews carefully because our view is completely different from what economist and market experts see. It is a new beginning for the world, and USA is out with all their financial tools to save the USA financial market and economy. All credit goes to FED, Congress, Senates, Treasury secretary and Trump. They are pumping money into the system right left and center, and USA rises from here then the world will automatically survive but one thing which people or world apricate not, USA is trying to save world economy.

Many other countries are also pumping money into the system, but the fifth largest economy of world “India” is not doing anything to boost its economy. No financial package has come for corporate and financial institute. Current Indian Government is not doing enough to bring growth. I hope BJP does put serious focus on the economy otherwise a gloomy time could come very fast for India. Modi is doing everything to secure votes bank to keep poorer happy but that won’t put India on growth path, they need to bring corporate world and financial institutions back on strong foot.

We all have our point of view, we don’t need to always speak lovable words for BJP or Modi, we have to write out if there is the need. Before I start writing, I would like to say that Modi is a charismatic political leader, he can win the next two to three elections for BJP, but he and his team have no vision and plan for the economy so far. I can write hundreds of points on their failure in handling the economy. Many big name financial institutions, banks and big name from financial world are in our clients list, they respect our work because our theory and financial prophecies worked for them because so far in the last 25 years I am able to portrait right picture for the coming time.

BJP needs to wake up before it becomes too late for India. They need to pump huge money in the system as money is drying. Prime Minister Narsimha Rao gave free hands to Dr. Manmohan Singh to do the best job for India and he did. He opened India for the world, whole economy and the market turned around, valuations and numbers started rising. My job is to  predict the future, and since the last three years my view has been not very optimistic for India, and the current astro time is becoming good from June 2020 but India has very limited positive time after that to make aggressive economic decisions which can bring growth, Jobs and money in the system. I hope Modi’s team may read this letter.

·       Europe is in mess as well and the EU will eventually break as predicted and that time is not very far, and after five-years Euro Zone will start disintegrating.

·       China will have a good time cycle for the next three years from May 2020 but after that political turmoil is coming.

·       Indian will have social or communal tensions from 2025, they have three good year to fix economy to push toward five trillion mark.

·       Russian economy will also suffer, minerals and energy demand will keep moving down from 2024. Oil has been trading as predicted in the last twenty years. Our Theory has been able to predict every move in oil so far. Last week buying was recommended at $21 with the price target $28.00 which got achieved.

·       Gold may hold value, but the rest of the other metals are moving in dark time from 2022 so be aware.  

·       I don’t see any major threat of another virus until next seven years, and June 2020 onwards is a far better time for people, growth and markets. USA will dominate for the next seven years, and they will remain to be the gravity point of growth so stay invested in USA. Our weekly newsletter of Book “2020 Financial Predictions” which was launched on 5th January 2020 may help you to take right trading and investing decisions.

Thanks & God Bless

Mahendra Sharma