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Today's Trade & News

Fridays's, Thursday's and Tuesday's update.. Appreciation note to all..

Dear Members,
All metals sharply went down yesterday, especially gold, platinum and copper. It was a scary day and many metal investors are questioning whether this marks the end of the five-year bull market in metals. However, I don't believe that this is the case but yes I have been warning metals investors and advising to stay in cash or one who loves metal can buy cash so no speculation involved.
Today, all metals are trading higher after yesterday's sell-off and one should not buy at this level, but wait for some more time. Gold is currently trading at $573.10, silver $11.06 and copper ten dollar up. Day traders can take short position at this level and look for drop as tomorrow is not a promising day.
My last week and this week newsletter mentioned very clearly this week's negative trend in metals, for which we must thanks the "wave of nature theory".
OIL has bounced back, which is what we expected. One can hold long but get out by tomorrow morning.
GRAINS HAVE PROVED THAT THEY ARE IN A BULL MARKET. I have been recommending not go short in grains and that proven a great decision: Hold your position in grains as the bull market is not yet over. If all grains move up today, it will be an alarming sign for those who are short position.
The Dollar index is doing fine and we are happily holding it. Sell the British pound. Sell the Australian dollar and the Euro as well, since the next 36 hours could bring sharp declines.
The stock market went up and the USA stock market (Dow and S&P) will actually trade at historic highs by the end of the year. I was expecting a weak trend yesterday but that didn't happen, but we are holding our core position of buying. Nevertheless, trade with strict stop-loss as we expect it to move higher and higher in the medium-term.
On Monday we recommended buying coffee and should hold on tight as we see it soon moving higher towards $114.8.
Here are our trades (We and our members): Which have been making great amount of returns since May this year.
You all know that last year one of my account has preformed 13620% which is still a dream to me, I just told my webmaster to put those trades on my website and soon he will do it.
This week we were short metals (gold, platinum, copper and silver) we made enough and still we are holding.
Dollar long and short all currencies is making our account healthier and do not forget that we are gaining against all commodities and currencies buy holding dollar.
Grains long has given us wind fall and we are thankful to grains.
We bought some oil and natural gas but we are getting out with good profit.
Over all we have done great in stock market. For last two weeks and this week part of position we sold, and went short small position on Tuesday, but out from the position as stop-loss has thrown us out and we should thank for rule of discipline. We are still holding our core position (buying).
Thanks & God Bless
Sharma Mahendra, Thursday, 6.30am New York
Dear Members,

As expected, metals touched the higher side on Monday ($603.80) and then gradually came down to $578.80 and thats proven very accurate. However, today -Tuesday- they will open sharply low in New York. I am sure that our waiting in metals is paying well and those who went short have made money. My daily update will guide you where gold will stop. My views are very negative on silver, copper, Platinum so don't touch these metals. 

Over all my advice is that one should not touch the metals at this point till we are at an astrological positive period. They are in a bear cycle and should remain thus for a while. 

Oil may stabilize at this level ($58.80) and one could therefore buy a small quantity but with strict stop-loss.


Elsewhere, coffee sharply declined on Monday and I am waiting for a turn around on Wednesday. We shall therefore add position in it on Wednesday morning.


The stock market should remain sideway and may sell-off a bit during todays closing. One can therefore take short position for the next forty-eight hours. (Long term view for dow & S&P is toward hitoric high).


As far as grains are concerned, today they will trade on the side, but I will however not short: I will wait for the next forty hours to give a signal. As a matter of fact, we might buy tomorrow.


To end with, the dollar is doing well and should actually continue to do so, while the Canadian and Australian dollars are very near a major fall. I expect the dollar to move towards a new high of this week.


Subscribe newsletter and daily update will come free. You may make subscription fee back in one trade. "Trade with wave of nature". 

Thanks & God Bless

Sharma Mahendra, Tuesday,  6.30am New York

To members, visitors and followers,
This message is not a prediction or an assessment of the market outlook. This is to thank you all for faithfully following my work as well as for the part you have played to encourage me to deeply study the wave of nature. Earlier this year was a difficult time when I was wrong on my metals’ call and I was worried that twenty five years of hard work and research would go to waste if I continued to be wrong on metals. My concern forced me to consult my guru and father as to why I was coming so tragically wrong for the first time in my twenty-five years in my predicting profession in regard to the short-term outlook. His answer was quite simple, and he told me that “Mahendra, don’t expect to be correct or accurate in all your predictions because this is against the laws of nature. No one really knows what will happen tomorrow and as long as you are trying your best, it is all that counts.” My guru also told me that, “when studying planetary movements, do it with seriousness and deep concern and from a position of ignorance, for it is only then that you can learn more concerning any hidden part that you might be missing.” He added that one could get tired, old and depart without ever being able to unravel even one percent of the hidden aspects of planetary movements, but it doesn’t mean a lack of adequate study. The most important thing is to persist in study without getting upset and a satisfactory result will surely come.
The advice from these two guides helped me mentally but unfortunately very few people understood me. Many of my members and followers have kept their faith in me and I want to sincerely thank them from the deepest of my heart. I thank you for your support, for without it I wouldn’t be the same Mahendra today. I would have changed my path if I had continued to be off track after the second week of May 2006 and the only reason for changing the path was not that I was not worried about my respect or name, but that I didn’t want astrology or wave of nature theory to fall in to disrepute. The subject is a hundred percent accurate; the problem was my inability to correctly read planetary movements. For those that are still upset with me, I ask for your forgiveness.
Another thing is that some people recently told me that I take more care of major institutions and banks. However, the truth is that I treat all my members with the same respect including banks, financial institutions, hedge funds, big time traders as well as small individual investors who subscribe to my newsletter. Please therefore be assured that I have no discrimination whatsoever. Once again I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all very much for your generous support, faith and respect towards my theory and I am back again on track only because of you.
Finally, I need to make a small request to you all: Please don’t forward my newsletters or updates to other people: Let them subscribe to the newsletter and one can always get a free copy if they send us a request. Sometimes I find it hard to understand that whereas people are ready to lose money in the market, they feel the pinch and are unwilling to pay for a subscription. According to Indian tradition, we believe that for any particular study, consultation or guidance, a person has to pay some kind of fee as way of appreciation as well as a mark of respect and surely performance result will be different. I am not trying to force anyone to pay for a subscription, but simply saying that one shouldn’t just expect anything for free.
Thanks & God Bless
Mahendra Sharma