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Friday's update for free ,A new Era is starting - This is message of awakening..

Dear Members,

Time has come to sell your buying position in metals as it is time to book profit. DON'T BUY METALS AS THEY COULD ADOPT A WEAK TREND. I will write an update this weekend, so wait for that. Gold is trading at $623.80 and silver at $12.57. 

Oil is nearing a change of trend and one can buy a little quantity. We have been quite accurate on the trend of oil and are near the predicted price target. Good buying at $57.90 buy with stoploss. 

Grains made a sharp upward trend but came down from highs in the last one hour. The short-term top has been posted, therefore trade carefully. 

The stock market should trade side way but I do not recommending any short on the market. However, sell the European and Asian markets including India for I see a big drop coming in these markets. 

The Dollar remained stable. We should patiently hold it and the results will be very sweet, still I am accumulating around $85 lets every one go against the dollar. Buy dollar and dump all currencies. 

Coffee and cotton moved up and they should enter into a new era, therefore hold your buying position. 

Thanks & God Bless

Sharma Mahendra, Thursday 09.30 PM Santa Barbara




Dear Members,

It is time to start this newsletter with the currencies market and the future outlook of the dollar. Last week proved that the force of selling the US Dollar from the big players is still at play and has not yet ended. The comment by Greenspan that “many countries are reducing their dollar holding” also added pressure onto the dollar and most players are now recommending getting out from the US DOLLAR. Indeed, many people’s faith has been shaken and there are many questions: What does the current trend of the dollar mean? Shall I have to change my prediction? No, I don’t think that I am going to change my view as my predictions are neither related to Greenspan nor does market news influence me. My outlook is purely on the basis of planetary movements and the wave of nature theory, for which I am simply a messenger. I neither love nor hate the dollar, and I therefore still predict a bull market for the dollar and will stay with that prediction.


The move last week was largely artificial and caused by market forces. As I have always said, market forces can only work for one week or up to ten days, after which the trend must conform to the wave. This week will be the real testing time for the dollar and I want to remain with it without any dispute, as the Dollar is moving towards a historic high and no one can stop this.


The US dollar trend has just been born and is still immature. It is trading like gold and silver were doing in 2001 and 2002, but once it starts moving up anytime from this week, its rise will be unstoppable. Many fund managers, institutions, banks and individual traders subscribe my newsletter and their investments are in many different currencies. Many of them are looking for the right answer and I can see that everyone is confused at this stage. However, I am not confused and that is why I am recommending holding more investments in dollar related areas and withdrawing more than seventy percent from other currencies. One can put seventy percent in the US DOLLAR, ten percent in the Yen; ten percent in the Yuan and rest in Indonesian, Russian, Brazilian and Mexican currencies. 


Three major points to remember:

A sharp sell-off is coming in commodity related currencies like the Australian and Canadian dollars and both currencies will suffer a major setback in coming time. This will be similar to the middle of the year when the Rand suddenly went down twenty five percent.


The withdrawal of large sums of money by outsiders and diverting it to other countries’ stock and property markets will prove to be a big mistake. The USA market will continuously gain while other world and property markets will sharply drop. As a result, big players will lose huge sums of money in other markets while their assets will lose against the dollar as well. Furthermore, I see a major setback for the European stock market as well as the property market. A disconnection time is soon coming when the USA market will continuously move up while and all other markets will be on decline, including Europe and Asia.


Many countries that have a fixed rate tie-up with the US Dollar will also have a major setback as the US dollar tie-up will break, bringing major uncertainty especially with the Middle-East countries (oil nations). In addition, I see a sharp collapse of their high valued currencies, so be careful before you invest in these regions (Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE and other countries).


The second part which is also very important, is the commodity market:


Five years back I spoke of a huge investment flow coming in the commodity market and we can now see it. However, this is just a beginning as the awareness of the commodity market is multiplying daily and will continue to grow rapidly. Thousands of people are joining this market and investment is flowing into the commodity market like never before. Many people have made money in the last twenty years, and those who invested in blue chip stocks like IBM, MICROSOFT, Colgate and US Steel and held their investments have made fortunes. In the same way, many people will make money in the commodity market, which is small but growing with confidence. I also believe that commodity prices are trading very low and see a great future for commodities as well as investors. Time will soon come when banks, institutions, funds and government bodies or pension funds will invest in these markets. Therefore be prepared and start making plans on how you will hold some commodities for the long-term without the daily speculation.


I see that Saturn will play the role of administrator and will put the commodity market neck to neck with the stock market.


Once again, focus on commodities and buy commodity related stocks and I am sure that in a few years time, you shall have no regrets.


The game of high leverage is hurting many new players in the commodity market. History shows that whenever a commodity sharply goes up in a few years, it also falls sharply for more than 45% in less than two months, and it takes many more years to attain the previous high prices. As a matter of fact, many never again see those high prices. This is the reason why serious investors are still skeptical about putting money into this market. However, times will soon change and authorities will come up with new rules and safety measures that will make this market safer than the stock market, and this will greatly help to boost and build investors’ confidence. Once this takes place, then volumes will be on the increase and we shall see a lot of new commodity products actively trading live in the market.


Some may think that I am promoting the commodity market, but my answer is that “I write what I see”.


Coming back to the weekly newsletter, I have been stating that the direction towards which the markets are heading will be very clear after October, since major planetary changes have been taking place. Most are complete while a few are still pending, but at the end of this week I shall have very clear advice. Meanwhile, indications are that the month of November will be a very volatile one.


In coming time we should see:

A historic bull market of USA stock is on the way. Two weeks ago I said that the Dow will go towards 13000, and there is no doubt about it.


The metals and oil markets may trade sideway for sometime, but I will write more on that in the next week.


This week is an important one for the US dollar and I will write my final note by Friday. However, I have faith that Jupiter and Saturn will bring about the bull market in the dollar.  


The Treasury bond will surprise everyone by moving with dollar.


I don’t want to write this week predictions in a lot of detail, as I would like to give direction from next week once major astrological changes have taken place. Therefore, following is a brief on this week:





This week I see a major fight between the bull and the bear. Last week gold traded above the astrological magic figure of $584.80 while silver traded above $11.88, and this is an encouraging sign. I see Monday having a higher opening but......



Oil should trade......



I expect a weak trend for grains for.....



This week I very strongly recommend selling th Canadian dollars...........


I would like to see how much power other currencies hold against the dollar, or how much market forces and money power have in attempting to bring down the US Dollar. Saturn and Jupiter are firmly standing with the dollar. Even if all individuals, banks, traders and countries gang up against it, nothing will bring down the dollar. I am ready for war for the dollar, as I want to stay with Saturn and Jupiter.



Last week we recommended selling the market on Thursday in rising because I saw the first two days of this week being volatile or weak. Buy it back........



This week......



This week..


If what I see is confirmed this week by astrological indicators, then my announcement will be as below. However, I shall announce something else if the confirmation doesn’t occur, and next week’s newsletter will therefore be very crucial.








Thanks & God Bless

Sharma Mahendra

Sunday 1.30PM, Santa Barbara