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Fridays update - This week newsletter to review for visitors..

Dear Members,

We are at a very important juncture for the US dollar and therefore let us start with it. The dollar is going to reverse and it should move up quite rapidly once this happens. Thanks to planetary movements, I have been able to accurately call the overall currency trends since 2000. I fully entered into the currencies market predictions by first calling the rise of the Euro from 0.83 to 1.36 against the dollar, and the world witnessed the fulfillment of that prediction. I am not trying to convince you to buy the US Dollar, I am simply reiterating that thanks to what the planets tell me, it is possible to show the likely trends and act accordingly.


I know that it is a frustrating time for members to be holding the US Dollar, reasons being that:

1. Most of the major media outlets as well as analysts are predicting a weak dollar, and this is making my followers nervous.

2. The US Dollar has been trading sideway for the last four months and buyers are losing patience.

3. The US housing market looks shaky, coupled with the ending of interest rate rises.

4. The budget deficit and trade balance are issues raising question marks in the minds of buyers and DOLLAR holders.

5. The rise of currencies, especially the British pound against the dollar. 

I can understand your concerns, but I need to say that despite these unfavorable factors stacked against the dollar, I still see a mind-boggling rise in the US DOLLAR. This could occur tomorrow or from next week, but what is certain is that we are not far from seeing a major bull market in the Dollar. THE DOLLAR INDEX WILL NOT ONLY CROSS $90 BUT TRADE ABOVE $100 IN THE NEXT YEAR. 

In the worst case, the Dollar could hang around this level and stay between $85 and $86 for another four weeks, after which we won't see $86 again for a few years. It is up to you to plan how you intend to invest in the dollar.  

FRIDAY - BUY THE DOLLAR INDEX AND HOLD YOUR BUYING POSITION. SELL THE CANADIAN AND AUSTRALIAN DOLLARS. SELL THE SWISS FRANC AND THE POUND AS WELL. In May 2006, the South African Rand had a free fall and people made a fortune out of it (we were short); and I am hoping that this time will be the same with other currencies.  

If the stock market opens weak on as Mercury will play a role of no zone direction.

Thursday was a great turn-around day for grains and coffee. In twenty-four hours, one can make enough by buying something that is nearing a turn-around and the turn-around then occurs. Grains should trade on the side or bit weak but coffee should move ahead with U turn.

Oil finally turned around on Thursday and moved higher but one should book profit in the middle of the day and get out as day progress it will fall from November Crude when it reaches $62.55.

Metals closed a bit higher on Thursday, which is a positive sign. However, gold should trade above $584.80 for at least thirty-six hours before I recommend short-term buying. At the time of writing this update, gold (spot) is trading at $586.20 while silver is at $11.18. Both are above the Mars figure of $584.80 and $11.12 respectively. Let them trade above these figures for thirty-six hours, and then we can buy, which should be on Monday. HOWEVER, IF FRIDAY CLOSES BELOW THE MENTIONED PRICES, THIS WILL BE VERY NEGATIVE FOR THEM AND THEY COULD FALL AROUND TWENTY PERCENT. THERE SHOULD THEREFORE BE NO HURRY AND WE SHALL SOON MAKE A DECISION IN A COUPLE OF DAYS. WE ARE JUST WAITING TO BUY BUT NO HURRY AS WE DON'T WANT TO THROWN OUT OF MARKET IF ANY NEGATIVE TREND COMES IN.


  • BUY THE DOLLAR INDEX (December is trading at $84.81 and we may not see this price again for a few years)
  • SELL DECEMBER AUSTRALIAN AND CANADIAN DOLLAR Ė they are currently trading at (0.7546 & 0.8954)

Next week newsletter should be very important one so wait for that.


SHARMA MAHENDRA, Thursday 7.30PM California


Before I start the update, I would like to remind you of something:

The commodity market looks scaring, since the father of a bull commodity market is not in its favor. One just needs to play slowly in market and at the moment and there is no need for being aggressive. However, a time is coming very soon when it will be right to buy commodities again. This could be in a few weeks time, but certainly by November. Till then, the market is likely to either stay on the side, weak or volatile.

Todays prediction:

Metals are trading side way and they will trade side way but don't but buy gold untill it trades above $584.80 for thirty six hours.

Energy is declining everyday and has entered into a bear market as expected; therefore do not buy thinking for the long-term. For the today I see the coming of a small rise, but trade with stop loss. 



The most important is the dollar index, and it has been trading weak or sideway for the last three days. I donít fully understand why this is happening, may be it is because we are approaching an eclipse. Tomorrow is therefore an important day for the dollar and it should strongly move up. As a matter of fact, it should start gaining today from 10.30 OR tomorrow. 






Good Luck

Sharma Mahendra 8.30AM New York


Last week Newsletter:



While many small players are busy chasing commodities, the major players are either sitting on the side or distributing hot commodities to the retail players. This absence of major players is a reflection of the indifference by Saturn, as its influence at this point is negligible. Having a cycle of thirty months, Saturn one of the planets that take the longest period to change from one zodiac to another.


If you look at my newsletters for the past two to three months, you will notice that for that period I have been repeating two statements most of the time, and they are:


1.      The long-term bull market in oil is nearing its end, and the maximum oil could reach is $80.

2.      Gold and silver bull market will start soon anytime from the end of September or in two months and that it may take a few weeks or months before it starts its rising journey. However, it may have to move down before that and there is therefore no hurry.


Regarding the first point, oil reacted sharply after reaching $80. It is now having difficulties moving up and is currently trading around $66. If you sold or short crude oil, heating oil and unleaded gas, then you must have made enough for this year.


In a similar period I gave a strong recommendation to sell metals on 12th May, and this should also have made you enough for this year when gold was at $710, silver at $14.90 and copper was at $400. They later all fell more than twenty-five percent in four weeks. 


The second point is my recommendation to very closely watch the metals as they were nearing the start of a bull market, though they could take a sharp dip before this happens. In this case one was to trade with strict stop loss or booking profit quickly on both sides (selling or buying) because you donít want to continue holding something that doesnít have a sure direction for the short-term period.


Last week, $628.80 was my buying point though at the same time I said that it wouldnít go above $644. The trading range that I gave was $634 to $614, therefore a clear indication that it is not yet the bull cycle. When I recommended not holding on Wednesdayís update, this meant it was time to sell once it broke $628.80. Breaking this level was a very negative sign and it is indeed a negative sign for now and for the coming weeks.


I normally donít trade with strict stop loss when I am sure about the direction. I booked profit around $638 and then waited but when I saw it coming down, I short gold and silver and booked profit at $616. It all depends how you trade and what trading strategy you use.


From this week I will write in my update what I am doing, but beware that I am also not making money in each trade. I also donít like RED and I just get out quickly when I SEE RED IN MY TRADING ACCOUNT.


I predict the market and at the same time I trade in the market. As I mentioned a few weeks back, I achieved 13600 percent return in one trading account with real money, without holding trade for a long period.


Since you subscribe to the newsletter, I think that I should be talking more on my trading pattern so that you can see what I do, but I would like to let you know that I trade a hundred percent following planetary movements. The difference between you and me could be the trading style and I will therefore include my trades in the updates. For instance in the last one week we have made enough in currency trading as we were bearish on all currencies. Substantial money was in currencies while some went into the accumulation of grains and coffee at lower prices. We also made some in metals while there wasnít much trading in oil, as at the moment it is a dead market. We are however looking for a small rebound once the Sun changes houses, and this will be happening soon.


Predictions for 11th to 15th September 2006: Weekly Financial Newsletter



Gold has broken both major support points for Mars, that is $628.80 as well as $614, and it now looks quite scaring. Do not buy if doesnít cross $614. This week, planetary movements are not in support of gold and we should therefore witness a sharp downward movement on several occasions during the course of the week.


The trading range for gold will be $614.80 to $592, and this low could even go to $582.80. Therefore once gold breaks last week Fridaysí Mars support level of $604, then one should expect the lower side prices mentioned above.


Monday beware that as the hours and days progress during this week, there may be sudden negativity or nervousness in the metal market. One should consequently trade smartly: donít start trading gold in love or like extremist gold bugs since the downside could throw you out and deny you the chance to participate in the historic bull market of metals.






The daily update will guide you on the trading pattern but you should also keep it in mind NOT TO jump into buying till it trades above $614 for 36 hours. If gold breaks $604, it means that it will slide towards $580.



$11.92 is an important Moon support level. Silver will experience a downside move if starts trading below that level and the prices may move towards $11.45. One should expect $10.90 as the next level if silver breaks $11.45.


Keep it in mind that this week the planets are not in support of metals. One should for that reason stay away from buying position in gold and silver.


On Friday we may buy gold and silver. In the meantime, just wait till you receive Fridayís update.


In the worst case gold could touch $555 while silver could touch $9.21. Wait for my daily update and donít rush to buy thinking that prices have fallen enough.



Both metals starting with ďPĒ sharply fell from Wednesday to Friday and it seems as though platinum is entering into a semi-bear cycle. There is therefore no buying recommendation in these two metals for this week. Expect another two to three percent downward trend.


Copper is still holding on strongly but it should start giving up gains during this week. Stay away from copper for sometime. A fall is pending, but so is a rise indicated in coming time. This week there may be a fall of more than five percent in copper.


In conclusion for these metals, DO NOT BUY THEM AS THEY COULD HAVE A FREE FALL.



On Friday the USA market turned around but the trading pattern will now be on both sides. For this week, one should therefore start by buying on Monday and then sell on end of Tuesday.


The Asian market will remain weak and one should hence sell all major Asian markets on Tuesday.


The European market will trade sideway though it looks likely to try and follow the USA market. However, it will be unable to hold the hand of the USA market and finally lose the battle as from Thursday.


My daily update will guide you more concerning this.



This week bond prices will trade sideway and there is therefore no need to trade in it. The best I can say at this point is that one should never feel compelled to trade in something if one doesnít see a clear trend.



On Thursday and Friday coffee prices moved down quite sharply and it was an artificial move to scare buyers. I still hold my buying recommendation, but we will do this late Thursday and watch the price action in the meantime. However, on Thursday North node direction is changing and may force soon a big turn-around in coffee.


Soon coffee will enter into a bull cycle and prices could go towards historic highs.



This week cotton prices will trade sideway but similarly to coffee, one can buy cotton on Thursday and look for a good profit, which we will book next week.



Where are the buyers as most analysts talked about oil going to $100 a barrel; where have they disappeared? These were distributors and it was just a floor game and those who accurately read planetary movements made a fortune in oil for the last three years. I wish that most of my followers would have listened and bought oil around $20, as I was so confident that Saturn would take oil towards its own figure of $80.


Non-stop downward fall since it touched $80


My job is to always look for a trade if any is being born. One only needs to simply follow and make money without listening to too many voices. I never regretted when I sold my gold holding at $600 but I bought long back around $275.


I enjoyed the bull market till $600, and I see nothing wrong in getting out early as I also made money in the downward trend.


We donít have to have regrets in this market, as it a 365 days game; just try to find the hidden trend for any area and trade with it and I am sure that you will make a fortune. For the last three weeks I was very much sure of a turn-around for the DOLLAR and a bear trend for the Ausi, British pound as well as other currencies. What else does one surely need?


Anyway, this week there will be a turn-around in oil though it will be short-lived, therefore trade carefully. I also see a medium-term turn-around trend for oil but there is still some time pending for that, hence wait for my recommendation.


I have been wrong many times, but most times the planets guide me quite accurately whenever something is turning around, and I think that you also pay to find out when there is a new trend.


It will be very difficult for oil to move above $69.80; so donít target anything above this level. On the downside, oil could move down to $62.80 in the medium term.



We have seen huge volatility in grains for the last week but I am very much convinced that the soy bull market is very near, even though it may take some time to consolidate before it starts its journey.


This week from Monday to Wednesday morning, all grains will trade sideway, but I still recommend accumulating SOY, SOY MEAL and CORN.


I am waiting to see a turn on Thursday as this week the Moon supports it. If this happens, then it will mean the end of the bear cycle in Soy and corn.


Donít short wheat; hold you position in it.


My daily update will guide you.



For three days in a row, the US dollar moved ahead without any fear as everyone was talking about a weak dollar trend. It is a clear sign that indeed, a historic bull market is starting for the dollar. At this stage I do not want to speculate as to how or what commodities will do. Particularly regarding metals, astrological combinations show that gold will hold the dollarís hand, but it may take some time to build a comfortable level of understanding before that happens. As a matter of fact, the dollar will damage the gold market for a few weeks before the new chapter starts.


This week the dollar will hit another recent high and will sure move toward $90.00, meaning that all currencies will fall. All side currencies will suffer a major setback; therefore do not stay long in the Australian dollar, Canadian dollar as well as the pound as they are turning into a major bear cycle. The Mexican peso as well as the Brazilian real will also have a sharp downward trend.



Fro May this year, we have done very well in the Rand- from 5.90 to 7.40- and we canít ask much more from nature.


Buy the dollar on Monday and hold your position till we see the short-term upward trend being achieved.


This week the dollar will touch $87 and it will gain against all commodities meaning that commodities are in a bear cycle against the US DOLLAR.


The last three trading sessions for the dollar



I would like to bring your attention to the NYBOT REUTERS CRB INDEX. It is a sign of falling interest in the commodity market, and it may take some time to bring back the excitement of early 2006



The Goldman Sachs index which is heavily weight on oil, natural gas, heating oil and unleaded gas has also sharply come down but a major downside move is still pending, therefore beware before making any decision.


I wonít touch any hot commodity except coffee or grains (Soy and corn) because Saturn is changing houses and it supported energy and metals well in the last two cycles, which was five years. 


Trading this week:




Time for prayer:

Monday, 11th September, when enemies of human kind attacked in the USA and killed thousands of innocent people. It is time to remember those who lost their lives in that sinful act perpetrated by fanatics. What is sure is that those responsible for the 11 September attacks will receive their punishment in the house of God.


Don't forward, please tell your friend or associate to subscribe weekly and daily financial newsletter sevices.


Thanks & God Bless,

Sharma Mahendra, Sunday, 10th September