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Free- "Crash" Worst period like 1929/1987 will be after 11 Oct 2007 but this time will be in emerging market, commodity and currencies against UD$...

Dear Member,
We are approaching toward worst volatile period like 1929 and 1987. I advise please stay alert and just watch market. Hold cash as many will fall with fall of commodities, stock market and hot bubble currencies. This will happen in the next two weeks.
As predicted today all commodities will remain very volatile. Trading up can move down during the day (This apply for metals, oil and grains).
I mentioned in newsletter that today is the day to sell Canadian and Australian dollar and yes once again I confirm that. Currently December contract are trading at $1.0243 and 0.9009. Dollar index trading stable and it should trade positive.
I predicted major crash in all stock market from 18 October so watch this date closely and plan your trades accordingly. There will blood-bath in Asian market and may few of the market will close down for few days so watch carefully. Get out from all position before 18 October including metals, Uranium and Alternative energy stocks.
Coffee and cotton to remain positive.
Thanks & God Bless
Mahendra Sharma, 11 Oct 5.50AM