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First time I am disclosing my theory work on “Wave of Nature”


Faced with varied and often times conflicting opinions and ideas about the world financial markets, it can be extremely difficult to remain clear and focussed on one’s investment strategy. For many investors, navigating the turbulent seas of the world financial market is a daunting task requiring analysis of seemingly limitless information. After this, one has to put his hard earned resources at risk in the hope that his decision will not later turn out to be a costly blunder. The unpredictable nature of the market presents a disconcerting and confusing experience for anyone lacking a long term perspective of market trends.  In an effort to acquire a better understanding of what the future holds, investors faithfully apply themselves to the study of technical analysis, company reports and representations, weather reports, geopolitical activities, financial newsletters and websites, etc.  Ironically, the most dependable answers may not be found in any of these sources and only serve to confuse the investor further.


In the quest to understand the future, many have passed by or dismissed what may prove to be the most dependable and reasonable approach toward understanding the ultimate outcome of the financial arena better.  As human beings, we tend to accept whatever most “experts” consider as the most reliable information available, dismissing that which has not become generally acceptable.  In many cases we believe that this information goes to the root cause, which will produce the projected outcome.  We err, however, in believing that these effects are causes, when in reality we are still focusing on an effect which may alter or change another effect.  What is most important and of absolute necessity, however, is to examine the underlying cause.


As an example, many who follow the commodities that are affected by weather primarily look to weather forecasts as an underlying cause of what the weather conditions will be and how this will affect the individual crops being analyzed.  However weather is not a cause but an effect of the underlying cause, which is nature.  Is it not better, therefore, to attempt to understand the long and short term projected wave of nature (which directly affects weather) rather than abstractly attempting to understand a short term weather pattern? 


We often fail to appreciate the simple fact that every living thing (including the financial markets) has cycles and waves and to go against these often proves to be disastrous.  I am not referring to technical analysis based upon historical performance of what is being analyzed (another effect), but rather the force and the cause that lies behind and influences each and every activity on earth.  I have called this study the “Wave of Nature” and have embraced this work as the support foundation for all of my analysis. 


My Wave of Nature theory is based upon the premise that all events are directly linked to and are affected by nature.  There is a rhythm in the universe which is consistent, clear and pure.  I have committed my life, since I was fifteen, in an attempt to understand this rhythm more clearly and have attempted to perfect this understanding and put it into practical application in the financial markets.  Concurrently, I have humbly found the returns on my individual investments have been extraordinary. Through careful scientific study and in my opinion it is now possible, with high probability, to predict the likely future of individual investments through astrological calculations that take various aspects of nature into consideration.


As a result of the numerous charlatans that have infiltrated the arena of astrology posing as experts, this science has been, for the most part, discredited in the Western world.  However, the Eastern world has successfully embraced and acted upon it with conviction for thousands of years.  This was the first science brought forth on earth and was, in fact, intended to allow man the tool to constantly be aware of this rhythm and his Oneness with all life.  The planets, the sun, the moon and the stars were all created in the beginning and were the foundational blocks for ensuring that this rhythm of the universe would eternally continue.  These bodies of matter and the resulting gravitational flows assured the harmonious flow of love and life on earth providing confidence and assurance of the permanence and consistency of the universe.  Man could now look to astronomy when he felt out of alignment in his relationship with nature and be brought back to the natural flow and will of God.


Just as the sun and the tides can be accurately projected to behave according to their natural rhythm, individual investment opportunities and their future behavior can also be projected to act in a similar manner.  This can be accomplished through an accurate understanding of the specific astrological chart of the investment.  Based upon the exact time and place of its birth (or when and where it became available for trading) a uniqueness envelops about it (when placed in tandem with chart of the underlying commodity) that will not be emulated by any other investment opportunity on earth.  Astrology helps one to better understand this nature and not be tempted to alter or change the natural and inherent components of this unique expression. 


Because of the scepticism of the Western world, it took almost fourteen years for my work to finally become recognized and accepted as being unique and highly accurate.  Please review the attached appendix where you will find five of the markets that have been successfully analyzed and forecasted over the past several years, with corresponding dates and outcomes.  These represent only a small sample of my work, as I continually chart and update these and many other markets on a daily and weekly basis.


The uniqueness of the Wave of Nature theory rests in the ability to accurately predict the future well in advance. Like a meteorologist whose work is to read what his instruments indicate and interpret future weather patterns, I attempt to read what planetary positioning reveals and interpret what these various combinations portend for the future of the world. I am now focusing more on the world financial markets to demonstrate the tangible efficacy of using these principles and to reacquaint the Western world with the integrity and importance of astrology.  This is where the Wave of Nature theory becomes an important factor. As the name suggests, we need to operate in harmony with nature and ‘move with this wave’.  Failure to be in this rhythm may mean that we are caught off-guard and surprised when the wave changes direction and subsequently risk heavy losses.


It is crucial to understand that the wave of nature has both positive and negative cycles and each must be respected if one is to profit from the relationship. It is only prudent that when the wave does not favour a particular area of investment, one should eliminate this area for consideration until that investment is more in alignment with the wave.  Likewise, one should aggressively take advantage of the positive cycles in order to maximize profitability at the most ideal time.


The difficulty for many individuals is to develop the discipline to respect this timing factor.  Often feelings and emotions can interfere and make us less receptive and sensitive to nature’s bidding.  External factors can sometimes exert a temporary influence on the market or an individual investment.  However, this is really not to be feared as long as we understand the overall long term outlook.  I do not believe anyone can hope to derail the course of nature, any more than one can prevent a hurricane from hitting a projected location.  Any efforts to do so are proven to be temporary and ineffectual.


I have been humbled at both the acceptance and the acknowledgement that my work has generated.  It has now become recognized by several financial institutions and hedge funds and the subject of discussion during various investment seminars and conferences.  As I move toward creating a hedge fund that I will personally manage within the next year, I anticipate releasing the results of my investment activity during this period to further document the success and validation of this work.  I feel the results will speak for themselves and generate increased interest, coupled with a desire to understand and comprehend this most special way of seeing things better.


Mahendra Sharma writes a weekly newsletter, with current recommendations, for those interested in following his work more closely.  For further information regarding both his newsletter and his work, you may go to


Events and Dates projected by Mahendra Sharma

(See attached charts and graphs for substantiation and support)


Note:  Five examples are provided below.  Similar information and analysis can be provided on Silver, Platinum, Palladium, all the Major Currencies of the World, Natural Gas, Heating Oil, Unleaded Gas, Cotton, Corn, Soybeans, Wheat, Sugar, Treasury Bonds and all of the Major World Stock Indexes.




Date of initial prediction:  September 9, 2001


Where predicted:  Initial interview was with South African Broadcasting (to 67 countries) with follow-up interviews among several newspapers and radio stations including those in the United States*


Price on date of prediction:  $265.00/ounce


Projected outcome:  Gold would rally after September 27, 2001 and cross $300 with a few months.  By 2004, it would cross $450 and by 2008 with would be over $1,000.


Outcome and dates:  Gold bottomed on exactly September 27, 2001, crossed $300 in January, 2002, and crossed $450 in November, 2004



Euro Currency


Date of initial prediction:  September 8, 2001


Where predicted:  Initial predictions appeared in the Sunday Times of Johannesburg (South Africa) with follow-up interviews with South African Broadcasting and other newspapers and radio stations throughout the world*


Price on date of prediction:  $0.83 against U.S. dollar


Projected outcome:  Euro would rally to par ($1.00) within one year and eventually it would move to $1.36 within three years


Outcome and dates:  Euro reach $1.00 against the U.S. dollar in May, 2002 and topped out at $1.3620 in December, 2004 (It was at this time that he predicted a strong dollar rally and substantial weakness in the Euro, which is currently in process of occurring)





Date of initial prediction:  March, 1996


Where predicted:  Standard Newspaper in Kenya with follow-up interviews with Asian Age in London, England and various other newspapers and radio stations throughout the world*


Index value on date of prediction:  695


Projected outcome:  Technological and Telecommunication stocks (representing the primary nucleus of the NASDAQ average) would lead the largest rally in history in the NASDAQ by several hundred percent by December, 1999.


Outcome and dates:  NASDAQ surpassed 4,000 by late 1999 and ultimately topped out at just over 5000 in March, 2000.  At the end of 1999 and early 2000, he predicted a major crash would occur and everyone should dispose of all of their technology investments. The NASDAQ began falling sharply in March, 2000 and ultimately bottomed out in the 1200 area in September, 2002.  Shortly before this, he recommended aggressive acquisition of technology shares.





Date of initial prediction:  January, 2002


Where predicted:  Daily Nation Newspaper in Kenya and follow up interviews in June on Jeff Rense radio show in the U.S. and various other newspapers and radio and television stations throughout the world.


Price on date of Prediction:  $21.80/barrel


Projected outcome:  $55.00 to $60.00/barrel in next four years


Outcome and dates:  Oil hit a high of $58.50/barrel in April, 2005, surprising much of the world and has led to a substantial increased following by financial institutions and hedge funds of Mahendra Sharma’s work








Date of initial prediction:  May, 2002


Where predicted:  In 2002, 2003, and 2004 World Financial Prophecies books published by Mahendra Sharma and on his website, coupled with other world radio and newspaper interviews


Price on date of prediction:  $48.00/contract


Projected outcome:  The price will more than double in the next three years and in the 2004 edition of World Financial Prophecies stated it would now move to $150/contract.


Outcome and dates:  In December, 2004, the price of coffee reached $102/contract and in March, 2005 reached $137.80/contract.


*Several of the interviews and newspaper articles can be viewed on Mahendra Sharma’s website, and also be found in his published annual book of world and financial prophecies published in 2002, 2003 and 2004. FROM -