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Hi Friends,

Here is what we mentioned in last this week weekly newsletter. We are increasing yearly Flash News rate from $180 to $450. Also from end of September, after launching our Fund we will increase newsletter prices by 50%.



Fall of other currencies will force USD to rise (unwillingly)

Dear Members,

All traders and investors take major indicators seriously in any market whenever a new outlook is given. These indicators could be economic, fundamental, technical or geo-political, and they are indeed important. As a matter of fact, we also take them into account but within the context of prevailing planetary movement. Planetary movement is therefore the only reliable indicator for those who want to make good returns from their trading or investments in the medium and long term. This reliability is derived from the fact that whereas other indicators change according to emerging news, and economists alter their predictions based on such news to suit prevailing circumstances, planetary indications always remain consistent. Those who make predictions based on prevailing issues and circumstances only end up confusing investors due to constant changes in their forecasts. As an example, economists, analysts and market pundits were unable to guide investors early this year during the fall of markets and economic crisis. As most so called experts predicted doom and gloom without end, we were quite certain that markets would re-bound any time after 7th March 2009, which is exactly what happened. Needless to say, this was only possible due to our understanding of planetary movement, hence thanks to astrology.


I am not criticizing or saying that economists or analysts are not useful, but as far as I know they have not been able to give sure direction to ordinary investors for the last 23 years that I have been in the markets. When we were buying technology stocks in 1996, my broker questioned the wisdom of investing in a useless sector, and my response was that I would follow what was indicated in astrological theory.  After a few years the same broker said that I was lucky to have invested in these stocks, but he still never understood why I bought technology stocks. Let me just say that in three and a half years, my portfolio went up from a $19,000 to over $2.1 million.


Another great example is the buying of precious metal and energy stocks in 2001. One of my close friends had a tough time buying these stocks on his own account because bankers in Singapore (where he had an account) did not recommend such a move. Indeed, his bankers said that buying stocks in such a high risk area of investment was not prudent but eventually bought stock worth around $2.3 million after much pressure. However, they sold the stock as soon as the portfolio achieved 15 percent return within a few months. If only he had kept those metal stocks for six years, my friend would certainly have made a total of over $50 million. It is ironic that these bankers now want to have metals and metal stocks even at current prices.


For the last fourteen years, economists and analysts have not predicted any major trend or warned investors of any adverse trends in advance. Instead, they have always jumped onto the band wagon to make declarations when a trend had already begun. Good examples include oil, metals, rise and fall of stock markets, rise and fall of inflation rates, fall and rise of the US Dollar and the worst one being the rise and fall of housing. We have to give serious thought as to why economists or analysts always fail to predict forthcoming trends in world economy. We must also question why they always join the crowd and become caught up in the noise from Wall Street instead of giving quality advice. Let me say once again that this is not baseless criticism; most experts are highly educated with MBAs, but that is not enough when all they do is sit on the sidelines and follow the trend and indicators of economic data when they have already taken place.


I am happy with my predictions and give thanks to astrology for the guidance it has given for the last 25 years. I am indeed very proud of my theory of predicting financial market trends for the medium and long term, most of which have come true over 90%. Unfortunately there have been some rough and tough times on many occasions in regard to predictions of a shorter term trends.


Many members are confused about the Dollar and future trend of equity, mainly because of listening to too many dissenting views and opinions. I would like to state once again that the Dollar will rise with the fall of other currencies, especially the Euro and the Pound. Indeed, I don’t see a single reason why the Euro and the Pound would go up, therefore let us be very clear about the US Dollar’s rise. As matter of fact, Europe’s economic power has already shifted to countries like China , India and Korea , as well as several new powers like Brazil and Russia . The present outlook is that there is no doubt that China will take over and dominate the world economy for the next ten years, after which the country will undergo a serious internal crisis.  


At the moment, our focus will remain on the US Dollar and its bull market. The USA , Chinese, Indian, Russian and Brazilian stocks are set to outperform other world markets including the whole of Europe, Australia as well as the Middle East . Additionally, alternative energy will remain at the top of our list for stock shopping. A while back I was privileged to attend the first nuclear conference, which was organized by the government and interestingly enough, I was the only outsider from the industry. During this conference, I was able to confirm my prediction that the rise of nuclear and uranium stocks which will the biggest bubble ever happen to occur since the start of Wall Street.  I therefore highly recommend adding these stocks to your list.


Turning to the current time, Tuesday and Thursday of last week were crucial days, during which commodities acted negatively while the Dollar exhibited positive signs. Indeed, these new indications portend a great outlook for the Dollar after July 2009. I therefore still maintain our long term prediction of a rise in Gold, the Dollar and the DOW. In contrast, the short term outlook for the DOW, oil, grains and gold does not look particularly encouraging.


Weekly trend for 6th to 10th July 2009.



This week there will be an eclipse of the moon, followed by an eventful solar eclipse on 22nd July. As during previous such times, astronomers (and many traders I may add) are anxiously waiting to witness and document these occurrences.


For the last four years all eclipses have supported metals and this time should be no different. However, though metals should show strength, there is a possibility that we shall witness the opposite trend.


On Monday metals will trade sideways or bit weak only because of oil, but there will be some recovery in metals late in the day or during the last hour of trading. Once again Tuesday’s trend will be an important pointer to the future trend because if gold fails to move up, then we predict a rough ride head for metals investors. One must however be careful to remember that my long term prediction for gold still remains bullish.


Gold will trade weakly from Wednesday regardless of the trend on Tuesday. The trend will therefore be weak on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday for both gold and silver.


Astro trading range – The trading range for gold will be $937 to $912. If gold breaks $912, then we shall see $893. Meanwhile, the trend in Silver will remain weak from Wednesday. The trading range for silver will be $13.56 to $12.82. On Monday silver will attempt to gain during the last one hour and remain a little positive on Tuesday.


Metal stocks will be weak from Wednesday and I shall issue an important update earlier the same day.


Short term trend (one week) – Uncertain or weak

Medium term trend (three months) – Weak

Longer term trend (one year to three years) – Upward



All major base metals will remain weak and I see a sharp correction taking place in copper, zinc, lead, aluminum and platinum. One can therefore start taking a short position between Monday and Wednesday because planet Mars has a clear sign of weakness for base metals. As a matter of fact, a more than twenty percent correction is on the way. This week copper will sharply fall seven to ten percent.


The trading range in copper for this week will be $229.10 to 212.20. Aluminum and platinum will fall more than ten percent in the next seven trading days.


Short term trend (one week) – Weak

Medium term trend (three months) – Weak

Longer term trend (one year to three years) – Upward trend



Both soft commodities will trade sideways and one should buy late on Wednesday. Time for a turnaround in coffee is within a week and we should hence watch closely, and I shall give an update on coffee on Wednesday.


Brazil, the main coffee growing region may have some frost news in the next three weeks, and one should therefore cover all short in coffee. Indeed, we have made good money in shorting coffee for the last one month.



Last week our prediction about selling sugar was wrong but we still see weakness from next week. On Monday and Tuesday sugar and cocoa will be weak, followed by a rising trend in sugar from late Wednesday. Cocoa will remain weak.


Best trade – sell sugar on Friday.



Last week we expected signs of weakness and we saw markets correcting on Tuesday and Thursday. The DOW and European market traded sharply weak on Thursday as predicted. Thursday’s weakness was not a good sign for stocks, and for the last few weeks we have been negative on stocks recommendation. We are however bullish in our long term outlook for the USA , China and India . We should nevertheless be prepared for some weakness until September. Take this weakness as a buying opportunity.


Major stock markets will show positivity on Monday and Tuesday this week. I see Hong Kong moving up with Shanghai but the gains will turn in to red from Wednesday following a sharp correction which will dominate major stock markets. Indeed, there will be a bear trend for the short term in key stock indexes, and one can take a short position late on Tuesday or Wednesday.


The Indian, Taiwanese and Korean markets will sharply move down from late Monday or Tuesday, therefore be careful. Take a hedging position against your buying.


Meanwhile, the USA market will trade a little positively on Monday and Tuesday, followed by a sharp correction from Wednesday onward. The market could therefore fall sharply on Thursday and one needs to trade accordingly. Our favorite Stock, FAZ has been trading well and we expect it to perform very positively in coming time- DUG also doing well against oil.


Short term trend (one week) – Uncertain or weak. The Asian market, Europe and USA will fall from Wednesday

Medium term trend (three months) – Weak trend

Longer term trend (five years) – Upward, the DOW should reach 32000, Shanghai 18000, India 32000 and Taiwan 21000. We predict one of the greatest bull markets in stocks.



We were waiting to buy grains, and Planet Mercury is giving a buying signal for the short period on Wednesday during weakness. Our shorting recommendation in grains has made some money during the last two weeks, and one can hold a short position in soybean. Buy corn this Thursday. The next one month still has some uncertainty for grains’ trend.


Short term trend (one week) – Uncertain or weak trend but buy corn

Medium term trend (three months) – Weak trend in soybean. Meal and soy oil, except corn/Wheat

Longer term trend (one year to three years) – Upward trend in wheat and corn



Last week oil came down as predicted, and we still see weakness. One can therefore hold a short position and sell more on Wednesday. There will be a small recovery in oil prices late on Monday and a positive trend could be seen on Tuesday.


However, on Monday oil could move down to $64.80, and rebound to $67.10 on Tuesday. It will fall sharply from Wednesday and hit a new low by Friday.


Sell oil stocks or buy DUG.


Sell heating oil and RB Gas late on Tuesday or Wednesday but take a hedge trading by buying Natural gas as we shall see a sharp rising. Time has now come to buy Natural gas LATE on Thursday or Friday because next week Natural gas will rise more than ten percent.



Last week the Dollar remained range bound as predicted. We have been predicting a rising trend in the Dollar due to very strong astrological reasons, and this week the Dollar will strongly move up after Wednesday. The trend will be sideways on Monday but become positive from late Tuesday. If the US Dollar starts positively on Tuesday from Asian trading and closes up, then we expect a major move this week.


The Japanese Yen will be weak against the USD BUT gain against the Euro, Pound Swiss Franc and Australian Dollar so buy Yen.


The Euro will test 1.3745 once again, while the Pound will move down to 1.6071. The outlook of the Australian Dollar is very negative and our target this week is 0.7755.


The Canadian Dollar will attempt to consolidate on Monday and Tuesday but trade weakly on Wednesday and Thursday. It will move up on Friday.


The trading range for the Dollar will be 80.09 to 82.41. If it trades above $82.41 for sixteen hours the next target will be 84.80.


Short term trend (one week) – Upwards trend for USD

Medium term trend (three months) – UPWARDS TREND

Longer term trend (one year to three years) – Upward


Important Note – Don’t forward, edit or reprint our weekly newsletter in any form. Services will be canceled without refund, If anyone found guilty. Please read disclaimer and privacy policy on our website.


Two major eclipses is falling in the next 16 days, first one on Moon eclipse 7th July but second one solar eclipse on 22 July, and this one will be eventful of last hundred year. Both these eclipse will have huge impact on markets. Read eclipse section in our “2008/09 World and Financial prophecies”. Those who haven’t bought book can request us so we will send you that part from our book.

Thanks & God Bless

Mahendra Sharma, 5 July 2009,