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Today's Trade & News

Financial astrology - Tuesday's Flashnews here,. melt down in stock from end Sep or early Oct 2009...

Dear Members,
Monday most of markets traded as predicted in newsletter, coffee and Natural gas buying paid handsome returns in the last five days. We recommend stay long in coffee from here and next target is $135.80. One can book profit in coffee around $135 and in Natural gas around $3.59. Our buy short term buying call end here.
Cotton also traded as predicted and our buying in cotton will end around $61.80.
Sugar will enter in sideways trend but around 22.48 one can sell with stop-loss of $22.78.
Stock markets should trade in no trading zone, so we don't recommend any new investment as we are predicting around 50% fall in all major STOCK markets, any time from 17 Sep. Take a put options because you lock your risk. This fall may start from any time from 17 September, but from 29 September chances of fall in all markets is 1000% sure.
Grains are trading as we predicted and our recommendation to stay away from grains save huge  amount of money to our members in the last three months. We have been saying that we see one of the greeatest bull market in Corn and wheat coming any time, so prepare for that,
 Metals traded as predicted, one should take short term position today in the last one hour and book profit by Thursday morning. In our this week newsletter we mentioned that Monday and Tuesday trading range is $993.80 to $1010 and for silver $16.23 to $17.08, so watch these target very closely. Believe it or not, gold will go back to $550 in coming time
Since last two weeks we have been mentioning that on Wednesday maximum higher side gold can reach $1025, silver $17.42 silver and copper $303, around these prices one can take sell positions.
Oil to remain positive on Tuesday.
Before opening of markets we will send update on Wednesday. Those who visits our website should remember that we always put small part of our update and newsletter after 24 hours of release ( we don't put most of updates and newsletter on our website) as this is paid services and first it goes to members. Out of ten we only put 2 on our website.
I am still in india, so in any emergency members can call me on +919773163775.
If anyone like to subscribe in Indian Rupee then send us email on
Thanks & God Bless
Mahendra Sharma Tuesday 6.00 AM