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Final note: Crash of commodities and bottom out of US Dollar...New book is ready ot order..

Dear Members,
The official bottom for dollar: The most difficult task is to call the top or the bottom of any market. Finally I can confirm that dollar has bottomed out today and from now on a historic era for dollar will start. Don't trust any currency except dollar. I don't have a single reason that should make you think that the other currencies will still rise.
The end of the bull market in commodities: Grains, metals and energy will start moving down from Tuesday. They came down a bit after touching a new high on Monday. Once again I would like to confirm that the end of bull era for commodities has come.
I struggled with my prediction of technology bubble burst during the first quarter 2000 but when it started, people realized that they shouldn't have been greedy and they should have gotten out in early 2000.
Stop reading!!! For one week just stop reading all other stories and analyses reports on metals, energy and weak dollar. Just keep saying one thing to yourself, and that is There will be a bull market in dollar, you should also think in your mind that the bubble in the commodities is bursting. Thinking about these two things will give you self awareness and realization of what I am talking about. Follow the inner voice of the Moon!
We are at same stage today and I am giving you two great trends:
1. Bull market of dollar.
2. Bear market in commodities.
In my new book read the section on "Why 3rd of March 2008 is important day." The book is ready to pre-order and I am sure that this book will unfold the future like previous four books.
"2008-09 World and financial Prophecies" talks about:
Thanks & God Bless
Mahendra Sharma, 3 March 9.10 PM