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Fifth-wave and danger is looming on head of traders, finaly crash in coming?

Dear Members,

This is the fifth warning message about “weak trend or crash in commodities” as before this message, I gave alert four times in the past.  According to astrological movement this is the “fifth wave for nature" which is giving the indication that in the next six months there will be bear market in all major commodities. Most probably bear market will dominate for many months any time after 21 Feb. In the next five months commodities can lose 50% value their value from the current level.


USA economy is not in good shape so why will the rest of the world's economy stay up? I see the worst problem coming ahead and investors won't know what to trade in financial market. Good luck and trade carefully. This crash will be worst one, don't buy gold even if it comes down to…..(this part is for subscriber and read next week letter in details).


Wait for my next week newsletter and book which shall be out soon.


Thanks & God Bless

Mahendra Sharma, 15 February, 7.00 AM Santa Barbara