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FEW COMMENTS, Alert news on metals and here is this week newsletter

Dear Members,
Just started computer in morning and saw metals and metal stocks trading down so I decided to write. GOLD & SILVER SHOULD MOVE UP WITH IN NEXT 28 HOURS VERY STRONGLY, IF DON'T THAN I WILL UPDATE YOU. Still I am sure (100%) we are just few hours away for major fire work which, will take GOLD, SILVER and PALLADIUM prices sky rocket.
Final opportunity to buy metal stock and metals.
I want all my members to perform well financially and I don't want you to lose this great opportunity of buying. Don't get confuse - you are on right path. 
I will update soon again.
Thanks & God Bless
Here is this week newsletter, which I am putting for my website visitor's to see that they won't regret if they subscribe my newsletter: This is what my members get on Sunday every week. Yes, astrology has a role to play to guide investors on right path because I still feel that investors has always been misguided by manipulator's or newsmakers.
Dear Members,

Last Friday metal prices went up again. I am really excited about Friday’s closing because this was the second Friday in which metal prices closed up strongly. If this happens again during this week, then it will be a clear indicator that gold and silver prices will go crazy for the next 14 months without any downward trend.




Yes, what my friend Bill Murphy mentioned in his commentary on our communications in GATA is 100% right because I feel that metal investors have waited 50 to 100 years to see a rise in gold and silver prices. When a great rise is on the corner and nearly approaching but some feel that they should exit, it is only an unfortunate part on their side or the planetary positioning in their birth charts is bad. Astrology can guide or be very helpful in the bad periods and in situations where you are very confused. So my advice is NOT to get out from the metal market. Play safely because rises will be so strong that a small quantity of contract will give you great returns. Please also don’t forget to buy silver options for September and December 2005.


Without writing too much, let us now see what is hidden for this week, 16th to 20th August:



Last week I was wrong once again about gold prices crossing the $400 mark, but may be it’s forming a strong base since it has to rise and rise very strongly. During this week from Monday evening before closing or Tuesday gold will say bye-bye to $400 for the next few years. I think that this is great and exciting news for gold investors. I also have very good news for gold stocks as I see the current prices for metal stocks being history.


Jupiter will be changing house and this will bring great news for companies like DROOY, PAL, PMU, HMY, KRY and PAAS. All other gold stocks will also have a great run similar to the one for technology stocks between 1996 to 1999. I feel as I did back then in 1996 when I predicted and advised my clients to buy technology stocks, just as I am now advising in regard to metal stocks.



You all know that silver is my favourite commodity for the year 2004. Any downward trend in silver on Monday should be taken as a buying opportunity. I don’t see silver prices going below $6.62 for rest of the year and so I think that silver is sitting on the bottom at this level.


Silver stocks will also do extremely well.

In the month of September silver prices could go towards a new high.



Prices of platinum performed the way I saw during the last week BUT palladium traded at around the same prices. I see palladium rising up to 50% in the next six weeks. I also still recommend PAL stocks. For Platinum, prices will trade at around the same level.



During last week it did, and will give strong performance continuously. I hope you remember regarding my advice not to short copper, silver and now gold.


Note: Monday morning don't sell if any uncertainty comes in metals market.



The second item on my investment list has really performed well. However, I see a sudden drop in oil prices during this week and Monday or Tuesday will be the right time to get out from oil. I see a 10 to 15% drop and you should not be in a hurry to get in again. I shall update concerning this in due time.



Last week the weakness of the dollar prediction was spot on. Remain in the sell position because I see the Dollar going down continuously.


The Euro, Pound and Franc look strong but the Japanese Yen will rise strongly, surprising everybody on Friday.


The South African Rand has started its downward journey and therefore don’t buy.


The Australian Dollar and the Canadian Dollar will also gain.



Stock markets are emitting a weak signal as I saw last year and since than I have been alerting investors to get out from stock market from buying position before 21 June 2004. I was expecting a weak trend last week and it came. During this week, I see a small rebound in major indexes but don’t get into it: just cover your short or wait for a rise and sell on Friday in the hot market.


The day in which the DOW will crash 500 points will be the first day starting of the worst down ward trend in the 150 years of the US stock market history. During the crash, the DOW will go down more than 5000 points. Current indices and stock prices will be history.




SOYBEAN: During last week Mercury gave a good signal to buy Soybean. One can still can buy at this level or hold Soybean for this week.


WHEAT and CORN: Both these commodities will have a rise of 7% in the next two weeks and one can therefore enter.


SUGAR: The last week of August will be the right time to accumulate sugar because in September sugar prices could rise 20%.


COFFEE – My predictions in coffee have been off track since the second week of June, after touching a high at the end of May. I see a rebound from the current level and so I would like to wait and watch the price movements. Coffee prices should go to $98 as I predicted and my book says at the year’s end.



I have been saying for the last 12 years that the world is ignoring nature. The world does not know what nature can do and there is no politician or religious leader that can save the world from nature if nature is angry. We last saw a small example of angry nature in Florida. Peace, love and happiness make nature happier. As I have said in the past, THIS MONTH IS NOT GOOD.


If you read my book on page 19 second paragraph:

“A hurricane will once again hit the USA East coast area around August. The hurricane will result in heavy damage and the people in the affected area should therefore brace themselves”.


I was watching the news and President Bush was saying that no one can predict nature. We are however wrong because if we give more importance to this subject and research its details, we can foretell. This would be quite helpful to how we conduct the affairs of this beautiful planet in which we live and enjoy everything free like water, air, sun light etc…courtesy of Mother Nature.


I hope that as people we will think of giving some thing back to the nature.


Thanks & God Bless


15 August




Page 19 second paragraph:

“A hurricane will once again hit the USA East coast area around August. The hurricane will result in heavy damage and the people in the affected area should therefore brace themselves”.


I feel really sorry for damage and people who lost there life, house and peace. Astrology can be taken seriously because there is nothing to loose if higher authority can adopt few good astrologer.
In 1991 I predicted Japan KOBE earth quake.

9/11 attack in 2000 and again 48 hours (9th September 2001) before the attack on SABC TV.

Bangladesh Flood and last year Europe hit wave and many other thousand of predictions.


Thanks & God Bless


14 August