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Fall in metals and the Indian market is a warning sign... newsletter saved millions..


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Here is Wednesday's alert and below is newsletter of Sunday.


Dear Member,
Yesterday, all metals showed signs of weakness while today, they have not been acting well.
I promised to send you an alert on Wednesday, therefore here is my view. The decline of  metals is a confirmation that they are gradually moving into a weak phase, a trend that should persist for the next two months. I do not want to predict what the price will be on the low side, but suffice is to say that the fall will be around 30% from current prices.
Life time opportunity to buy US Dollar.
Thanks & God Bless
Sharma Mahendra
31 May - Wednesday


Sunday's newsletter:


Dear Members,

Last week all major stock markets, commodities and currencies were in search of direction for the future, but the week ended without any clues as to what investors should do. I am scared as planetary movements are indicating damage with each rising trend. As a matter of fact, I am staying away and the best policy to adopt at this time is to wait and watch- the markets are always there and shall they shall remain.


The best thing to do is to wait for an opportunity and then trade. With the right timing, four or five trades could take care of all your affairs for an entire year, or even five. You always have two advisors working for you: one is yourself or your instinct/six sense/your inner voice, and the second advisor could be me or any other analyst. If you feel that your inner sense does not accept the opinion of your advisor, then you should go along with your instincts.


I never say that you should trade 100% on my recommendation; I just try to present my views according to what I see in the study of the nature wave or planetary movements.


Markets are becoming more speculative, and there are more gamblers in today’s market than the genuine investors. I am not saying that gamblers were previously absent. It is however apparent by the manner in which things are taking that there is a combination of greed and gambling. This could finish major markets by the end of July and indeed, I see a lot of people being thrown out of the market in July 2006. Consequently, those that believe in nature should not hold any position in the stock and commodities market in July 2006. In June, there will be high volatility and trade will be with trends.


This week’s predictions from 30 May to 2 June



Last week gold traded with negativity and it showed signs that the Horse is not only tired but that it also broke one of its legs. It may therefore be several months before it can run in another race.


Those who believe in gold and don’t want to take a big risk at this higher level in buying future contract can slowly buy physical gold for the next two months. Traders or speculators should also watch their buying positions.


This week gold will trade in a weak trend with some pop-up. From here ($651) there are chances that gold could reach up to $665. On the downside, it looks quite scary and if it fails to move up on Tuesday and Wednesday, it will be a signal that the short term rising of gold is over.


Monday markets are close, while gold should move up on Tuesday and Wednesday, failing which prices could sharply decline. Therefore watch and trade once you get confirmation with the price movement.


Thursday and Friday should remain highly volatile while Friday could prove an unfortunate day for gold as it could plummet.   


Trading range of this week is $665 to $618.







This week silver will show some signs of maturity but I don’t recommend acquiring any large position as the medium term trend is downwards. It could rise one to two percent from current levels but the fall could be a sharp one.


Tuesday may remain side way but if it however fails to rise on Wednesday, then silver prices could fall sharply.


Thursday weak day but Friday could bring a scare wave.


This week range for silver: $13.20 to $11.80. 


ALERT – As Wednesday is an important day for both metals (GOLD AND SILVER), I will issue an alert during New York’s trading hours or after closing.


Platinum and Palladium should trade weak. However, everyone should bear in mind that both metals have formed their top and any higher prices should be taken as selling opportunities. Nevertheless, for those who like to trade in safe timing, then the Middle of June will be the right timing as there could be a resounding fall.


Both is metals can fall 10 percent during this week.


Copper- the red metal- is at a loss as to which way to go. Last week saw it behaving like a deer walking towards a lion. The top has been formed but it still attempts to show some sign of strength. It is like a heavily drunken man trying to walk fast in a show of power: but those watching him know that he could stumble and fall at any moment. Copper is trading in the same manner. If gamblers pour money into it with the intention of propping up prices, it could hold till the end of June. However, it is certain that the fall of copper will be limit down five days in a row and it won’t surprise me if it touches $200 by the end of July.


This week copper could rise on Wednesday, failing I will be compelled to issue an alert.







World stock indexes stand at a suicidal point, especially Europe and hot rising markets like Indian, Pakistani, Canadian, Australian and some South American stock exchanges. They are on hot risk and many local banks could be plunged into crisis as a result of a crash. I am worried about the Indian market, and as for the Middle East market, it is already dead.


I now don’t see such a negative period for the USA market from the middle of next year. However, the story for the other world stock exchanges is very nearly ending. This will make the USA to rise as a huge flow of money will divert into the USA from the middle of next year. Till then, I don’t know how sharply down that the USA market could go with the other markets.


On Monday, all exchanges except Europe and USA will try to consolidate but we will see signs of weakness.


All major markets will trade weak from Tuesday to Thursday. However, a SHARP FALL COULD HIT ALL MAJOR INDEXES AROUND THE GLOBE.


The Indian market will soon break 10000. It has come down from high more than twenty percent in the last two weeks.


Alternative energy stocks will be the best bet for the future. Watch some small companies like PWTC, WWAT, ENEI, IESV and ARGY, as well as QTWW, HYGS, UQM, MKTY, PLUG, BLDP, ENER, DSTI, SPIR, PEIX, WFR and DESC. Last year many made good money and I expect the same this year.



This week oil should trade in huge volatility and I am also concerned that we have entered into a period where unhealthy geo-political situations could unexpectedly crop up.


Wednesday oil could fall sharply but it could rise sharply on Thursday.







Mercury was negative and it’s the reason that I was a bit skeptical last week. Time is once more coming from this week when one should start acquiring grains. Buy Corn, Soybean, Soy meal and Soy oil.


A rising trend will start from Monday and grains will remain up the entire week.







They went up and should remain up regardless of currency movements. Buy thirty years bonds. They will walk hand-in-hand with the US dollar, and it will be very exciting.



For the last two weeks the accumulation time for USA dollar is over. From this point I see a great rise in the dollar, and this rise will be quite sharp.


I see sharp a fall of the Canadian and Australian dollars from the first week of June. Other currencies will also have negative trends against the dollar. I feel that history will remember my bull note on the dollar when hardly any one was recommending buying it.


Wednesday I see turn around time for Dollar.



We are now entering into a buying time zone. Go ahead and buy both commodities and enjoy a great rise from 16 June.



Once again, both will enter into a negative trend and this should be a long-term negative trend. Consequently, no new buying is recommended.


I wish you good luck for this week.


Thanks & God Bless

Sharma Mahendra 28 May, Sunday