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Today's Trade & News

END OF PARTY FOR gold, silver, oil, grains, stock markets and currencies on Thursday?...

Dear Members,
I was away for few days and just came back. As I mentioned in newsletter that money has no value in current market because move in all the markets are so volatile that sharp move can put off from trade, if we are wrong for even one day.
Watch your trade carefully because today is day for FED to act and they will do as expected but many new trend will take birth today.
ERROR - I did small error in my astro reading for Wednesday in weekly newsletter but now it is too late to rectify for Wednesday but we can do in Thursdays trade. Wednesday suppose to be up day for commodity and not Thursday.
Thursday metals, oil and grains will close sharply lower during closing like we predicted Tuesday's fall.
I am accumulating dollar in small quantity on each 0.45 points fall and I am doing even day though FED announcement is coming after two hours. Weak Dollar talks is making every one confuse and keeping away from buying but I am not confuse, yes I am losing some money on holding dollar but I am doing with very low leverage. My average is $78.9 and I will book partly profit around $90.00 and next 108.00, many will say that I am day dreamer and yes at this stage I can't argue because I have been wrong on dollar. 
Thanks & God Bless
Mahendra Sharma, Wednesday, 9.15am