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Early this year, I said on Indian elections..

2004 - Election prediction – by


In the last four years, I have been making yearly predictions on 108 countries including India, my country of birth. I have however been making predictions concerning key world events for the last eighteen years. For the first time, I launched my book 2004 World & Financial Prophecies in India. This was purposely to introduce my work to my country of birth and not for sale as the book is not yet available in India. The book launch was conducted by two Bollywood stars, Sunil Shetty and Arjun Rampal on 5 January 2004. During the launch I remarked that winning the elections would not be as easy for NDA (current Govt) as most people thought. I also made a comment that Vajpayee’s chart indicated that he may not rule India after July 2004.


Several key predictions have been accurately fulfilled in my previous books. For instance, I predicted great tension in India-Pakistan relations in 2002 World Prophecies. The following year, I predicted in 2003 World Prophecies that because of Jupiter, the two countries would greatly surprise the world by shaking their hands in friendship. I also foretold of bountiful rainfall which will help the country and stock market, in addition to several other predictions.


Since this is my birth country and also following numerous requests, I have decided to write concerning India’s forthcoming elections though I am not changing my predictions as contained in 2004 World & Financial Prophecies. Astrological movements create waves and energy that influence people to change their path. Astrological calculations show that more than half of Indian voters will not support NDA (coalition of BJP and other parties). Even if they manage to enlist the support of independent candidate, the resultant government will not last long- it will persist for just nine months.


After July 2004, I do not see Vajpayee ruling India (predicted last year). His chart confirms the unlikelihood of his continued position as India’s Prime Minister. Even if he does, he will not remain so after July 2004.


Election results for the Congress Party will surprise everybody especially in Northern India (predicted in 2003 world prophecies). Since the seats will be below a majority, they shall also try to boost their strength by enlisting the support of independent candidates.


A study of Sonia Gandhi’s chart reveals a great rise after 25 July 2004. During my last visit to India I read in media, almost all astrologers and analysts predicted that Sonia Gandhi would never be the Prime Minister of India. However, destiny will prove them all wrong and just as I said earlier in the year, I still affirm that she will soon rule India.


The independent candidates are going to determine who the Prime Minister will be.


One certain thing is that in future the BJP will be on a dramatic decline, a fact that I do not think many people anticipate. The Congress party will make a major comeback in Indian politics and be on the rise. This is what I see from my astrological calculations.


If you have any question please feel free to ask, and go ahead, if you wish to put this article in you news paper. 


Thanks and god bless,


Mahendra Sharma.