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Today's Trade & News

Dollar will be on fire so watch your trades and US Dollar prophecy is making money for us....

Dear Members,

In this week Newsletter we mentioned that metals, energy and other commodities would remain weak for Monday, Tuesday but to remain on safe side I recommend you to cut short position in metals, energy, grains and in soft commodities. Currently gold at $814, Silver at $13.03 and oil at 112.90 and they are good price to cover short. Wait for another update tomorrow morning because we are expecting a important trend to form on late Wednesday and Thursday.


Short-term dollar will top at current price $77.75 and from here bit downward trend will come. Buy Euro at 1.4565 and Australian dollar at 0.8480.


Grains will remain weak.


Stock market will rebound strongly.


Thanks & God Bless

Mahendra Sharma, 26 August, Tuesday, 5.00 PM Mumbai, India

Hi Friends,
Thursday by end of day gold touched $843, silver $13.93 and oil 121.80 and these prices should have taken as selling opportunity. We should keep hold core postion in dollar and we must buy more on weakness which we did it today morning.
Here is Thursday evening's update:
Dear Members,
As per our newsletter we expected there to be positive trends in Metals, energy and grains from Monday and this rising trend would last until THURSDAY and today is Thursday, so I expect they will achieved the top today by end of day and it should be the time to book profit and short sell more in metals, energy and grains. Currently gold is at $836.80, silver at $13.88 and oil at $119.80 and still three hours are pending in trading so keep selling these commodities on rise as there will be sharp fall on Friday.
Currencies are also gaining momentum as predicted but this will be proven to be a short term rally. We are very happy to see dollar is coming down little bit as we want to buy more during this correction. We can expect Dollar to come down around 75.55. We recommended buying euro at $1.4625 as we expected euro to move toward 1.4905 before it starts its downwards journey tomorrow with all currencies which I am expecting from Friday.
I strongly recommend to buying DOW here with leading banking and financial stocks.
Thanks & God Bless
Mahendra Sharma, Thursday 8.10 PM Mumbai
Tuesday morning buying time in weakness:
Dear Members,
Those who like to buy metals and oil can do it now for short period at this stage oil at $112.10 and gold at $793.20 and silver at $12.59 but also book profit in oil and metals at predicted top side prices which I mentioned in the newsletter. 
Dollar will remain bit weak on Monday morning and Tuesday so one should trade as per mentioned in this week newsletter.
Currently Dow is trading as we are expecting up move from late Tuesday. Buy Banking stocks today as they will move up more than 10%.

Our members got saved from recent crash in metal, oil and grains prices, in fact we recommended selling oil at $145, gold at $970, silver at $18.80, copper at $386, platinum at $2100, euro at $1.5800, Aussie at .9625, Pound at 1.97 and all other currencies against US DOLLAR. Also our recommendation was to sell corn, soy bean, bean oil, wheat, cotton, coffee, orange juice and sugar has paid huge returns. In fact, we were very negative on all commodities as we saw drastic fall in them. Still this is not yet over.


Find out when commodities will bottom out! Will gold hit $645? Silver will fall to $9.80?  oil will reach to $83? And will Dow hit 16000 by year end? I will be talking about all this in the next few newsletters. Risk you take in market is nothing against what you pay for the weekly newsletter subscription fee. We have given the most unique predictions in the last 21 years, and we never made big noise about our predictions. Also many world known financial institutions, banks, fund managers are members since last many years and they have been following our work very quietly.  


At this point, I must mention Bill Murphy. He silently supported my Dollar prediction and two months back he said that he couldnít disagree more with me on the US Dollar. He is truly a man of vision and I thank him for his support.


Finally, one needs to trade with caution in all commodities and shake off the hangover of the last six years commodity bull market. I warned about emerging markets (India, China, Korea, Singapore, Australia and S. Africa) at the end of last year as well as early this year, but most people chose to ignore the warning because they were hypnotized by the bull market. As a result, the crash of emerging market made them eventually lose more than what they had made during the last three years.  


Note: I shall send you an update this week.


Donít copy, edit or forward newsletter in any form. Subscription cost is nothing against the risk we takes in markets.

Thanks & God Bless
Mahendra Sharma 18 August 2008, 21.38PM