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Dipawali's firework in metals...

Dear Members,
I have been very quiet these days and spending lot of time on astrological research work. Many analyst and experts have been warning on gold since last five week and few are bearish since many months but gold is ignoring each expert and moving ahead with wave of nature. WARNING - My recommendation is don't play against gold OR DON'T SHORT METALS. If gold comes down five to ten dollar that you can't call downward trend that is just a small healthy wave, so one should watch long term trend and that is up for metals.
May small downward trend will come soon in metals and I will warn you well in advance.
I am expecting big fireworks of (Dipawali) in metals tomorrow (Friday). Enjoy a great days. I am wishing you happy Dipawali (After VANVAS and victory, happiness came home).
Stock market is still rising, like when I called on oil to get out at $51.50 AND IT went to $55.
Coffee is moving up nicely and may soon reach $98.
Currencies and oil moving as expected.
Grains is now on big move.



This is an important advance announcement that I shall soon increase my newsletter subscription fee for up to 500%. Those who would like to subscribe can go ahead and take advantage of the current reduced subscription fee. In May 2004, I slashed the subscription cost by 90% on the request of Bill Murphy. I adjusted the price from $1750 to $210 for three months and $750 from $11500 for an annual subscription. However, I shall soon increase the subscription rate by 500%.


Thanks & God Bless