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Today's Trade & News

Commodities will be in bear market and dollar rebound any time today..Your time has come now to make money.....

Dear Members,
Next week will be a challenging time for the wave of nature theory because since last week I have been predicting fall in commodities is coming any time after 3rd July. Also in this week newsletter I mentioned a corrections in all major commodities is starting from Thursday or next week on Monday (7 July 2008). It will be a blood-bath for all commodities from here.
Seven year bull market of commodities is ending this week and on the other hand seven year bear market of dollar will end this week or early next week. I see Sun rising for Dollar from here. Jupiter is predicting a new chapter will start in history of world financial market.
Many people have been burned very badly in the last two years by selling commodities but now the time has come for them, so take a final risk and time will not only repay you and it will make a fortune. Stay long in dollar even if Euro Zone raise rate and even if they indicate to raise more in future. Once again the Final Day has come for dollar and it won't see Thursday's prices again in future coming time and the current price will become a history.
Grains are ready to collapse limit down, oil is ready to move big down and metals have their own safe destiny but for short term they will also move down. Our newsletter will guide you of short and medium term trends.
Many people have been sending me emails about our accurate prediction on crash in emerging market and all the thanks go to the planets. I will be very happy once my members start making fortune in dollar and weak trends in commodities.
Soft commodities will also move down but medium term trend in coffee still looks great after one week.
Sell international market and buy USA market as this will be a great hedging. Alternative energy stocks will dominate future trend in world financial market.
Currently gold is at $942, Silver at $18.28, Cocoa at $3221, Coffee at $154.30, Oil at $145.20, Heating oil $4.10, Copper at $3.9700, Soy $1645, WHEAT $890, Cotton at $73.10, Bean oil at $6910 and corn at $777. One can take short position here wihout ant fear.
I wish you good luck.
Thanks & God Bless
Mahendra Sharma, 9.00am Mumbai