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Chairman Powell has been making nonstop mistake since he was appointed...political affiliated certain group creates mess for innocents people...small part from weekly stock report...

30-3 November Stock Investment Report (Unedited)

This week will be a great opportunity for investors to accumulate…


Dear Members,

Sometimes it is impossible to know the hidden part of nature and its game plan. So far, this year’s predictions from the book were proven accurate, but not for October. When October arrived, I came to know that this wouldn’t be an easy month for the market and the Middle East. I have mentioned millions of times that today's Astro combinations will not arrive again either in millions or even in billions of years, which means each day is unique in our lives. Every day is different if you like to see it minutely; yes, one can see a similar pattern repeating over some years and decades in life (that normally could be easily identified by longer-term ruling planets like Jupiter, Saturn, and North node), but still, you won’t see the same repetition.

I have stopped predicting war and violence because, in these, only innocents suffer. Political game planners and terrorist organizations just create a mess and nothing else (Like Hamas has created a mess for the Gaza people by attacking Israel). But let Saturn take its revenge from 2029 onward; it will be the biggest threat to the political system as people will go against the political system, extremist organizations, and authoritarianism. 

A few important things are happening:

The rate has been rising, and good earnings are unable to help stocks, but this all may reverse big from Tuesday onward 31st of October, or from the 4th of November. Rate reductions may also come with a surprise move from the FED within the next three months. Save this prediction as it is an important one. 

In this week's FED meeting, nothing will happen. The FED chairman will not hike the rate but he will still sing the same song of inflation. He will try to send a message that the chances of a December hike could still be open. 

AMD and APPLE will announce their earnings; we like AMD, and Apple will be a great buy on any weakness after the earnings as we don’t see it going below $155. AMD doesn’t remain below $88.00, which is not very far. 

Many of our favorite stocks are trading right at their Astro support levels; they will rebound as the Astro theory never disappointed us so far in the last 39 years. 

Surely, the sentiment is very negative for the markets. The FED has been hiking rates to curb inflation, but most commodities are still holding value except grains. The US Dollar is also unable to move aggressively higher. I hope Powell doesn’t go into the history books as the worst FED chairman. He wants people to become unemployed, he wants companies to fire people, he wants people to not buy houses or cars, and he wants people to be punished with higher rates in the year when countries are going away from the USA.  I pray that God gives him and his team the vision to take the USA to a super economic cycle where everything flourishes. Yes, I sound patriotic and there is nothing wrong with that. I don’t want to see a policy that makes people suffer and currently, that’s what Powell and his team have been doing. Hardly any smart brain is speaking about it. Everyone likes to take bear bets and kill the market and economy. We are on a very scary path. I trust Jupiter more than my life, and I am sure things will start turning in favor of the economy on Monday or from the 4th of November. For the last sixteen months, I have been warning about the FED’s move. 

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Thanks & God Bless


Mahendra Sharma