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Buyer should beware till Sep 2006 - gold, oil and currencies and Iran..

Dear Members,

For the last two days, metals have been trading with huge volatility as options expire and many traders are looking for direction. Yesterday, Copper went up $20 in a day and now at $341, and the Iran issue is prominent in traders’ minds. However, I don't see any adverse news which could affect world peace till the 3 of June 2006. As it is, Gold and oil markets are being driven by uncertainty, with investors also chasing commodities.


I had a strong believe that a great future of the commodity market was in store (even two years back), but I never really thought that we could witness this kind of action in the early part of 2006.


We are at a stage where investors are puzzled as to what their next move should be: whether to buy metals at current prices and if those buying should hold position or not; and the situation is no different in oil. The question many are trying to answer is whether the commodities bull market is nearing its end, or if this is merely the beginning.


As for the currency traders, most also don't know what to do. The overall scenario is negative for the dollar and many are scared to hold on to it. In fact, some are already reducing their dollar holding including OPEC and middle-east countries. There is also an attempt to discover the next moves by China, South Korea and Japan.


Today I don’t want to dwell on what has happened to me in the last three months, as this kind of period comes in every one’s lifetime; and it came to me after a 24 year astrological career. One thing that has nevertheless been deep in my heart was a long term positive outlook and energy on metals, which is why I kept mentioning that. Anyway, let us start a new beginning with another chapter.



Prophecy helped me to predict many major events since 1984, and geo-political predictions also assisted me in predicting the markets. In 2001, I foresaw the threat of Terrorism and serious terrorist attacks, the USA-IRAQ war and tension with IRAN and N. Korea. Indeed, this was one of the reasons which made me predict a major bull market in metals and OIL.


I have been studying the IRAN-USA charts and my study shows that the time for serious concern shall be from 3 JUNE to 15 JULY 2006. But if this period passes smoothly, then I don't see any major problem which could disturb world peace till March 2007.


If you see a problem starting in early June, then you should start to load gold and oil, but just for three weeks.



Zero sum is the name of the game in the commodities market. Metals, which had been my favourite area (till the end of 2005) have been steadily going up and we have consistently witnessed new high prices, with GOLD, SILVER, COPPER, ZINC and ALUMINIUM substantially moving up in the last three months. However, the fall of silver on Thursday last week and Monday this week has scared everyone since it has shown that if a fall starts, then it could be similar.


Planetary positions are mixed for the metals.  I was expecting huge volatility this week and we have experienced it IN THE LAST TWO DAYS, but any time next week I see a weak trend for metals. During this kind of period, traders (buyers or sellers) should strictly trade with stop loss


Furthermore, the current move in metal is not encouraging as there is no major support from planetary movements. This is with the exception of Saturn, but it could dump metals like during the Technology crash once it moves later this year.




Long term gold will move to $900 and silver $27.90 but before this take place in few years, may next few months metals will see lows and down ward trend will be quite sharp.


GOLDEN CLUE - I see a sharp fall in all metals from 16 MAY 2006 for 40 days, after which a new cycle will start.






Those who closely follow my work and have read my previous books must have noticed that my predictions favour gold. I had predicted that gold prices would bottom out on 27 November 2001, which was a great call from me. Sometimes, the planets just come and talk to you and your prediction is fulfilled with perfect precision.  Since that time, I have been predicting on gold. A lot of people wonder why I dedicate so much time and effort to speak or write about gold. My simple answer is that I have a very unique relationship with gold.


Let me give an example here; if you have my last book, please read page 42. When gold was trading at US $315 an ounce in October 2002, I said that prices would reach US $350 an ounce on the day I launched my book, 2003 World Prophecies. In the first week of December, gold was trading at around US $310. I received many e-mails saying that I had taken a big risk by declaring that gold would be trading at US $350 on the day of my book’s launch. My reply was that I never took risks. Furthermore, my prediction did not constitute a risk since I just stated what was revealed in my astrological calculations. On the day of my book’s launch (19 December 2002), I gave an interview in Johannesburg, South Africa. During one of the breaks, I learnt that gold had crossed the US $350 mark just as I had predicted. I was so overwhelmed by emotion that I only closed my eyes and thanked God. This is how intimate my relationship with gold is.


In the last three years, I have written in hundreds of places and spoken about gold on several media. The reason why I attach a lot of importance to the subject is that gold will rule this century. Many investors, firms and institutions are still not very confident about gold continually rising any further. I cannot entirely blame them because in the last century, gold underwent major fluctuations and there was no stable increase in prices. This is all true, but I look at the situation from a different angle: as a commodity, gold has been constant but fluctuations of currency were the real barrier to its growth. Currencies were gaining against gold but this century, the situation will be completely different. All the major currencies will lose value against gold and solid Jupiter.


People will soon realise and understand differences in the value of paper and metal. Whereas paper is destroyed when you burn it, gold only becomes more pure. You may mould or transform it into various forms but it still remains gold. In contrast, burning of paper currency renders it valueless because it turns into ashes and ceases to exist as money. This century, the situation will be different and investors, banks, trading houses and governments will turn to more realistic and physical things. There will be a shift towards the old trend of two or three centuries ago when money was in the form of gold and silver coins. The old days of reliance and trust in metals are coming back. There has been a marked interest in gold, a fact that I predicted by saying that:


In the year 2003, billions of dollars from the world stock market will be diverted to the gold market. I clearly see key institutions, firms and investors removing their money from other sectors to the gold market.

2003 World Prophecies, page 42.


I do not write with a view to making you agree with me. I shall soon be proven right that gold is the right investment. When I told people to invest in gold in 2001, no one agreed with me. In the following year, a few agreed but with a lot of doubts. In 2003, they realised their mistake but were still not ready to invest because the price was high and they were waiting for it to drop. Sometimes I smile and even laugh at the irony of the situation and wish they could have seen what I saw and what I see in future.


Once again, I am sure that come December 2003 at the launch of this book, gold will be trading above US $404 an ounce. This will be a significant improvement from the current gold trading price, which is below US $380. In the whole of 2004 gold will trade above US $400. It will trade below US $400 on two occasions in the year but only for few days but it will quickly bounce back. 2002/3 was the foundation period when for almost two years, gold traded at above US $300. The gold trading range in the year 2004 will be US $400 to US $525. If it crosses US $525 and stays above it for seven days, then I predict a major bull-run in gold prices that will reach US $580.


In my previous book I clearly mentioned that the relationship between stock markets and gold would break, and gold prices would ignore the stock market trend. Gold would move with its own strength. At that time, many people asked me how it could be possible for gold prices to go up while the stock market is also moving up at the same time. In the year 2003, this happened exactly as I predicted and gold prices went up even though the stock markets were moving up.


There is an inverse relationship between gold and the US Dollar whereby if the Dollar goes up, then gold prices fall and vice versa. This relationship will break on 12 January 2004 and in fact this year, gold will break all associated factors of the price movements and move independently. This path will be so solid that no other influence will work against this precious metal. Once again, I would like to recommend to my readers that even a small drop of 5% in gold prices should be targeted as a buying opportunity for gold and gold stocks. When prices of gold go up, the same obviously happens for gold stocks. Though this did not happen much in the year 2002, it did in 2003. I had predicted that metal stocks would make handsome gains in 2003 and those who invested in them must have seen this.




From 12 January 2004, gold will form a strong base above US $400 and trade in an upward range until 16 February 2004. After this date, prices remain volatile until 18 March 2004 and during this period investors will also see sudden rises and drops in gold prices..


Gold will make a strong gain after the 18 March, forming a new high before 2 April 2004. After this date however, gold prices will tumble by 5% and the decline will continue until 10 May 2004. Astrological calculations show that those who would like to sell their gold stocks should get out in early April and wait for the right opportunity to buy again.


From 22 May, I recommend that investors accumulate Low Cap gold stocks as well as good companies for quick returns. Throughout the month of June, gold stocks will perform well. Once again, the last week of June will be the best time to sell gold and gold stocks for a short term period.


After the 18 July, gold will make a very strong upward move. I am certain that in August, gold will be trading above US $450 an ounce. This upward trend will last for 27 days.


In the first half of September, gold prices will remain quite stable and strong. Planet Venus will attempt to scare gold investors by causing sudden drops in gold prices. This will happen several times towards the end of September and many investors will be scared. My advice is that they should not be scared but instead take any drop in prices to be a good buying opportunity. If gold does not touch US $500 in August, it will hit the US $500 mark any time after 2 October 2004. The rising in gold prices will go on until the end of the year. As I have previously mentioned, the price of gold may touch the US $580 mark in 2004 if it crosses US $525 and stays above one quarter of the Zodiac cycle of the Moon.



I would like to request the gold investors that when my predictions come true and they make huge amounts of money, then they should do something for the poor and the suffering children in the African continent. In Africa, there are many innocent children who are suffering due to lack of basic necessities. It has always been my dream and hope that one day I will be able to make the world of these children better. I implore the rich people in gold investment to help these children. If gold reaches US $400, then the investors should consider supporting my charity work or any other organisation.



The Moon is linked to water, which is very unstable. Water is so unstable that its flow is affected by the movement of the wind. Ocean waters are always on the move, resulting in high and low tides. These tides are actions of the Moon, which also owns silver.


Compared to gold, silver has not moved very much. After doing a detailed astrological study, I am predicting a volatile year for silver. For the first time, I am facing difficulties in predicting silver prices because it shows a rise in prices of up to 500% or even beyond. This is why I do not want to give any specific figures. However, I would like to state that US $5.45 should be used as a basis for investment in silver. This should be the bottom line figure when investing in silver for long term speculative positions. Below this mark, investors should buy and sell for quick trading and not to hold for long term. If prices trade above the US $5.45 mark, then you should buy silver options, futures or physicals and sell off 10% of your holdings every ninth day. You may go ahead and do this without the necessity of consulting me. The US $5.45 bottom line mark should be expected in the first week of December 2003.


Even though I am predicting, I feel uncertain for silver because Mars and the Moon are in a fire and water combination. The uncertainty will end when silver reaches the US $5.45 mark because the water will turn into oil. We all know that fire is hidden in oil and below $5.45 mark, silver will remain like water but above $5.45 it will turn into fire. This means that silver prices will have major bull-run if it crosses $5.45.




From January until mid-February, Silver prices will be on an upward trend. This will be near the US $6 mark because I expect silver prices to hit US $5.45 towards the end of 2003. If it remains at around the US $5.45 level, silver will rise strongly in the year 2004.


After 15 March, I foresee a major rise and prices will reach new highs. A lot of strange news and rumours concerning silver will float in the market. This will add fire to silver prices any day so I recommend that you hold on to your investments in silver and silver stocks until 29 March 2004.


Prices of silver will experience radical fluctuations during the period of April and May. During this period, any drop of up to 8% will be a great opportunity to buy for the short term and sell when it rises by up to 8%.


I suggest that silver investors stay away from short term speculations in the month of June and July because, though it can make you millions by playing with small amounts of money, it can also wipe you out. This period will be the level of high volatility. My website and newsletter will guide you more.


In August, silver prices will be quiet and will remain stable without much fluctuation. Big players will enter the market and buy in huge quantities and this will continue until 15 September 2004.


After 15 September, silver prices will artificially drop for four days after which there will be a sudden rise in the month of October, when the metal will be trading at a yearly high. A very strong period for it is indicated for November and December with prices rising by 20% to 25% in 45 days.


The reason why I have not given price indications for silver is that as predicted earlier, prices will be US $14 if silver crosses the US $7.95 mark and trades above it for 21 days. Investors should watch out for this price level. When it occurs, ignore world experts and technical analysts and take a risk in my name and you might hit a jackpot. Technical analysts purport to give expert advice by way of graphs and charts of upward or downward trends on TV shows and other news media only after something has already occurred. They never say what will happen a year in advance.


To me, timing is crucial and when it is wrong, a strong bull chart can turn into the opposite. Astrology concerns itself with events long before a trend can even be observed.



In 2003 I was expecting platinum prices to rise to between US $800 and US $900. However, at the time of writing this book, they had not yet reached this range but were trading at around US $735. Platinum is ruled by the planet Venus. Venus is a beautiful planet, attracting many people and also liked by all. However, only a few lucky ones can touch and feel it. Many investors wanted to invest in platinum, but I feel that many of them have kept their distance. 


I recommend that investors invest in platinum for the first half of 2004 since prices will reach US $950 in the first six months. Overall, prices will touch US $1000. For those who do not want to buy platinum, they can invest in platinum stocks because they will perform very well compared to platinum prices.



I have done more research and study on palladium in 2003 and currently, it is trading at around US $190. The price will shoot up to US $400 in 2004. My advice is that you should buy palladium stocks if you get them.


In the course of the year, the price of palladium will move up three times and also drop thrice. Between 7 January and 27 March, they will rise by more than 50%. From 2 April to 24 May, they will fall. June and July they will remain stable while from 12 August to 27 December, the prices will skyrocket.



At the time of writing this book, I am really pleased to say that my predictions for copper in 2003 have been fulfilled. Prices have moved up by more than 50%. In my last book, I had predicted that:


…from March 11 to October 27, 2003, copper prices will remain high and continue to go up without a downward trend.

2003 World Prophecies, page 57.


Currently prices are trading around $90. In the year 2004, copper prices will drop by more than 20% in February and March. In April and May, the prices will stabilise at the bottom-line formed in March. In June and July they will be volatile but from August, the prices will start rising once again and even attain a yearly high.



For the first time, I am including the metal in my predictions because I was surprised by its trend while reading its charts for 2004. Great opportunity exists for investors to make money with this metal in 2004 because the prices of aluminium will rise the whole year without a major downward trend. As a matter of fact, the prices will continually make new yearly highs every month. Investors may also seize the opportunity to buy aluminium stocks.







Iran is a key issue and there are some big buyers who want to destroy the health of the world economy. I even actually stated last year that "enemies of the USA would use oil as a weapon". The Golden period for oil will end in the first week of October 2006 and I don't know what will happen before that. After the first week of October 2006, OIL prices will fall over fifty percent in the following year.


Trade strictly with stop loss in oil. NEXT WEEK OIL SHOULD FALL.



I still believe that the dollar has not reached the top and that other currencies have not reached the bottom; so how can the dollar fall and other currencies rise? I know that major banks and many traders are in a selling mood for the dollar, but WATCH CAREFULLY AS A MAJOR BULL MARKET IS STARTING IN THE DOLLAR.




Thanks for taking time and to read this.


Thanks & God Bless