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Buy technology and with wave of nature theory..

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I wish you good luck.


Mahendra Sharma

Dear Members,

Once again, I would like to start this newsletter with the same topic which I have been discussing for the last few months and that is that the current trading pattern in the world financial market has changed and it will be a tough task to make money, like what the people have made in the last 30 years. Because the current cycle is completely speculative as the most of traders want to get in and out within a day or even within an hour from the trade. No one wants to know how to make money in long term because everyone wants instant results or they only care about how much they are making today. There may be a few smart traders who can benefit out of it but most of the crowd will not gain much until they understand the current trading cycle pattern. The only people who will make money are either the exchange or the brokers because the more you trade the more the more the commission the brokers and exchange gets. If you count the amount of the brokerage that you are paying on the quick in and out, you will be amazed how much money has gone out of your account in the way of brokerage. We all know that each and every trade will not give us money but one thing is sure that each and every trade will deduct the commission from our account. Anyways I do not want to talk on this area anymore because you are intelligent enough to know what you are doing but if you are not aware in the conscious and subconscious mind then I would like to bring this thought.

We also have to adjust our self into current trading cycle in such a without taking too much risk and stress. Last week we recommended oil would trade in range of $85 to $95 and we have seen oil turned around on Monday from around $85 and it has reached very close to the predicted price of $95. This is the trading pattern for a week and those who made this trade must have made a good amount of money, but those who kept trading for gain of $0.25 would have just kept themselves in front of the screen with a lot of stress. I am not saying that my theory is the best but one thing I know that flowing with the planetary time cycle will provide us grade returns. I will guide you what best I can according to wave timing. We all aware that no one is 100% accurate so do not count on me; there are many other tools there like technical charts, economic indicators and most important one your own feeling that will put you on the right path, I am just here to give you the overall guideline and awareness of future coming new trend. Just for example look at the trend of solar stocks, in 2007 January that was my highly recommended area for investment.


Since Saturn and Jupiter have changed the house, they brought me back on the right track and I am very thankful to both these planets and I show my gratitude towards you for all the support that you have given me. Month of December is time to spend with family, do not take any large position or risk which can upset your beloved holiday mood. I always believe in tomorrow and I never say that it is too late of the opportunities are going from our hands. Whatever the time will do for us, it will be great because many times time wants you to put on the different paths which we have been ignoring. I wish you good luck for the year of 2008 and I am sure we will make a great amount of money without stress, pain or greed but we will make the money because we will be able to do so many other good things for our family, for our neighborhood, for our town, or our community, or our country, or our world or even for this beautiful planet that we live on.


Let’s see what this week indicates on the most unpredictable market:

Predictions from 17 to 21 of December


Last week gold and silver traded as we predicted and this week they will trade in a narrow trading range without much fall or rise. From Monday to Friday, any sharp correction should be taken as a buying opportunity and look for two percent gain in prices.

Best timing to place your trades for gold and silver will be on Monday 9:45 AM to 11:00 AM New York time. On Tuesday, metals will trade in a positive trend and on Wednesday higher opening in metals should be taken as a selling opportunity or profit booking for those who buy on Monday. Trading range for gold will be $784 to $808 and trading range for silver will be $13.56 to $14.24 (I am talking spot prices). These prices should be taken as a turning around point. Metal stocks will remain sideways for the month of December…Friday will be fire...


All these side metals will trade stable during this week but no new buying is recommended at this stage. Early next year we may buy copper, zinc and nickel after the new cycle of …


Coffee has..


Sugar has been giving positive signs as predicted and one should buy sugar at these prices and look for 7% rise in the prices from the current level. Avoid trading in lumber and orange juice.


May someone explain to me how one economic data can change the outlook of a whole countries economy or the growth of the country? This is what happens every morning after the data is released the trader community either goes on buying or ether goes on selling. Sometimes I just laugh and enjoy like how sometimes parents trick children. Yes, the investor community behaves like children and the economy data rule over them like parents do over children. By now you must be knowing that I am calling two major bull markets in the future coming time (mostly from end of January), one is the dollar bull market and the other is the US stock market bull market so longer term buyers should not be worrying about any short term weak trend In these markets but short and medium term traders should watch turn around trend very closely because USA stock market is very close to entering into a historic bull market.

Two worries that USA investors must take out from their minds are the words recession and the weakness in housing prices because both these topics will be out from the book by mid 2008 but untill then problem will remain in market.

I see a worrying time for European stock markets and European economy, so my members who are based in Europe should change their portfolio and I strongly recommend them to put money in US dollar and US stock market. I do not know why but I am so worried about Europe and European countries but if I am too worried then there is probably a reason. Many times I do not get an answer from my sixth sense feeling because it is a hidden indication of nature or my prophecy.

During this week, Wednesday will be the right day to buy USA stock market but Asian and European markets are to remain sideways on Monday as well as on Tuesday. In the last hour of Tuesday we may see a strong upside but again on Wednesday the market will show a weakness sign. Thursday will be rising day of USA stock market and on Friday there will not be any major changes. So this week will not be the best week for trades but yes, it will be good for position taking players of certain sectors.

SELL Asian market and Eurpean market as they will fall sharply in coming days. From end of Jan buy USA market.



During this week oil prices will come down from Monday though the best day for selling oil will be on Tuesday so sell oil, heating oil and RB gas on Tuesday opening. Natural gas is to remain sideways or a bit positive so no can hedge the position by buying natural gas and selling oil, trading range for oil will be $95 to $88.20….


Grains prices have been moving up and we are very close to major crash in the grains prices but before we take a big position in future markets I will highly recommend that at this stage keep buying puts or selling calls of the month of March 2008 and that should provide you with a great amount or return.

During this week grains prices will fall from Monday so higher opening should be taken as a selling opportunity...


What a turn-around of US dollar that occurred during last week, this is a warning sign for those people who are calling death of USA dollar. Once again I would like you to adopt a policy which shouldn’t include any emotion, when you are trading any market to make money. We all want to trade with the wave and why shouldn’t we if any wave is making money for us, it doesn’t matter if it is a solar sector, oil sector, metals sector or even USA dollar.           

It is time to wake up those who still believe that gold is manipulated or those who are trading in love with metals and dislike dollar. Now the world has changed, the trading pattern has changed so now it is a free market so please trade as opportunists. It is time for dollar and yes, 2008 will be the year for dollar.

During this week dollar will remain in positive trend but it will be a very narrow trading range. We may see some gains on…. Trading range for dollar index will be $76.70 to $78.20 and…



There are many reasons to support alternative energy area and one that is very important is to give something back to our beautiful planet where we live. We have been removing the energy from the earth; it is like we are removing blood from our body. Don’t think that I am selfish here and I am in love with alternative energy, I just write or make you aware whenever any new wave is taking place and this is the reason why for the last 18 months I have been recommending buying alternative energy stocks.

This week ENER, ESLR, DSTI & ALTI should be watched very closely. Founder of CISCO Mr. Vinod Khosla,  is also supporting alternative energy by his venture capital and he also believes that alternative energy bull market will be bigger than the technology bull market. Anyways, my focus will be on US dollar and alternative energy, at this stage I am least concerned about metals or oil movement and I want all my members to watch my two predictions very closely. I also like USA listed uranium stocks NSOL and USU.


Chinese stocks – CSUN, GRRE and ACTS.

Australia – SILXY and French company – ARVCF, both these are in Uranium fuel.

In India my favorite SUZLON, BHEL, NYEVLI and sugar stocks.


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Thanks & God Bless

Mahendra Sharma, 16 December