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Bankruptcy of major banks.., Mondays target in all currencies and commodities got fulfilled and Tuesday to...

Dear Members,
On Monday the market traded just as we had predicted. We recommended to sell all the currencies on Monday morning on rise and selling oil and other energies. We were also very negative on copper and all other metals BUT we were positive on grains and that's what is happening at this stage in USA market, but now lets talk about the banking industry and the currency market.
We have entered into most interesting time because at this stage planetary movements are fully controlling each move in the world financial market. This implies especially to currencies and commodities. I am going through a great spiritual time as all major predictions are being fulfilled. What more could I ask from astrology?
I am very satisfied with the current period because from 2004-06 I kept mentioning that many big financial institutions and banks in USA would collapse and we can see that one by one they are actually going down. This is clearly a meltdown but I look at this with a completely different angle. Banking industry bankruptcy will not bring down USA but it will make the system healthier and that is why I am predicting the greatest bubble in USD and USA market. Whenever you start refress your life after cleaing old problem then life is different and thats what I see for USA. The reason behind using the word bubble is that "I am more worried about world financial health because at this stage except for USA all the other countries are keeping quiet and that is a very scary sign". Once the European and other Asian banks come into problem, it will bring currency disaster in Asian and European countries. I hope that Euro and other key currencies don't lose 90% of their value from here.
I request that at this stage please don't listen to any other advisors, especially those who are against the USD and are favoring Euro and other currencies, because at this stage it is impossible for euro to move up from here and this may bring nervousness in commodity market for the time being. I have been continuously facing only one problem that has been reoccurring since the last thirty years with my work astrology, and that problem is that it gives me an early signal, my sixth sense starts to tell me to write about the coming wave and that is why I was very early on metals and energy bull market call in 2000/01 and the same thing has happened with USD.
At this stage astrology is giving us signals and it is showing us the right path so please follow until nature tells us to relax.
I am very thankful to astrology as planets have been guiding me well and all thanks goes to astrology, because of it we were able to call oil to fall from $145 to $98.80 and $88.80. The same thing with all major commodities like silver, gold, platinum, copper, soybean, sugar etc.
Brief on market:
Stock market will recover from tomorrow.
Metals will trade as per newsletter range, we willremain short on copper as predicted in newsletter
Oil will also trade as per newsletter daily range
Grains to remain positive
Dollar to gains from low which already happened and once should keep accumulating on fall. Time has come to sell Japanese Yen at 0.9500. Today we made big killing by selling all currencies on higher opening.
Once again I wish good luck,
Thanks & God Bless
Mahendra Sharma, Monday, 9.00 AM Santa Barbara


Dear Members,

As most analysts attempt to describe the current economic problems in the USA, the sub prime issue has been overtaken by frontline financial institutions and banks as the focus for concern. The Lehman Brothers problem is a warning sign of looming crisis. For the past one year billions have been wiped out with different financial institutions and government pumping in more and more. We know that the issue of debt is a big one, yet the Fed seems to believe in printing money. There must be a reason behind it, and I believe the liquidity created in the market is meant to counter a deflation scenario and to keep people spending. There is of course a lot of talk about Fed policy, but the Chairman and his team are the ones charged with the responsibility of running the Federal Reserve. Everyone else including other analysts and myself can argue day after day, but it does not change much.


Nevertheless, I have great faith in Fed policy and prospects of the USA and its economy in coming time. That is why we predict the rise of a great era for the USA stock market and the USD. We foresee a lot of worry and concern in Europe relative to the USA, which is why I predict a major decline in the Euro. There will be a lot of economic troubles for many countries which will result in lost faith for major economies and major currencies and USA will survive during coming economic uncertain period in the world. Consequently, many will turn towards the USA as it will be considered as a safe haven. There was a time gold was considered the safest investment, but my safe haven in future will be the Dollar as all major currencies will lose 90% of their value against it. This may seem like a joke at this stage, but I advise that one takes it seriously. The planets have never led me astray in the last 25 years and those who heed this advice will have the last laugh. If I talked as a lay man, then I would probably be predicting a weak dollar and higher commodity prices from here. The situation will however be quite different in future, so please be careful where you put your money.


During the next seven years, time will come when gold and oil will rise again. This means that there will be an interesting time ahead for traders and investors and one will need to use all indicators with the extra assistance of astrological advice.

Best trades of Monday:

Buy Dollar on Fall and sell other currencies

Sell metals on Rise


Mahendra Sharma