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Back in Santa Barbara, here is predcitions (part of late newsletter)...

Dear Members,

I am now back in Santa Barbara and would like to start by sincerely apologizing for not being able to send the newsletter on time. I have been traveling throughout and couldn’t manage to send it.


When I first moved to Santa Barbara in 2004, everything went very well especially my astrological predictions. I believe that all should now be well and wait to see how the astrological support will unfold this time round. My life revolves around astrology and a lot of people follow my work. It is therefore my duty to offer the correct guidance to all my members and direct them onto the right path both for the long as well as short term.


So far this week, metals have traded in the range; oil has once again gained momentum; grains are losing ground, while currencies are trying to make gains against the dollar. Stock markets are stabilized at current levels.


Let us see the pending indications for the next two days.


Predictions for 27 to 28 July



At the time of writing this newsletter, gold is trading at $622.40. On the higher side it could move up to $636.60. For this week, Thursday and Friday are the most positive days and will be a great level to sell.


Important Note: If Thursday and Friday gold trades weak, it will confirm the coming of a short-term bear market for gold as well as metal stocks. You should therefore be making a decision after judging the price direction.


Short-term (three weeks): (only for members)

Medium term (two months): SIDE WAY

Long term: Bull market



Except silver, all three metals should trade weak. I see a sudden rise in silver prices on Thursday and Friday. However, in case of failure to do this in the next two trading days, then get out from all holding positions of silver as it could bring a major crash in silver prices in coming days. I know that most analysts and traders are in the bull market but the next two days are very important.


Thursday and Friday’s gold and silver trends will not affect the other three metals; they are in bear cycle and will trade lower in coming days.



This week grains traded side way. Plantation session and commercials as well as farmers are speculating as they do every year (buying during the months of April and selling in July), but this time the story could be different. I will not recommend getting out from grains positions. In fact, my advice is to buy on fall. Buy Soybean, Meal and oil as well as corn for they will remain on the positive zone in coming time.


In the next two days, grains should trade sideway. Hold your position for the short-term, as next week I see a rising trend.



I see a sideways movement for all major markets for the next two days. The current period is however a great time to sell major indexes as next week I see a forceful downward trend.


Start selling USA and European markets on Thursday as well as on Friday on rising.


Short Term (three weeks): Weak trend from next week.

Medium term: (two months): Downward

Long term: Bear will rule all major stock markets for a few years



The energy sector should remain positive for the pending two days. It may open weak on Thursday but should be on a rising. However, the rising trend in oil may halt next week, and it will be critical to be on the lookout during that period.


Short Term (three weeks): (only for members)

Medium term (two months): TOWARDS NEW HIGH

Long term: BEAR market



Bonds will move higher but I am changing the prediction for the short-term as from next week bond prices will start trading lower and may soon see new lows. Those who have been buying on my advice should therefore get out at this level.



The US Dollar took a hit on Wednesday, and indeed it was a negative day astrologically, therefore not much to worry about. On Thursday the US dollar will trade in a narrow range but on Friday it will move up strongly, therefore trade according.


Buy the dollar index on Thursday,

Sell the Euro and Swiss Franc on Thursday

Buy the Japanese Yen against the Euro, pound and Franc

Sell all side currencies


I am waiting for a major turn around in the US dollar and would like to see the impact of a bullish dollar on commodity prices- especially metals.



Both commodities are in bull market, therefore hold your position or add more on Friday or late Thursday before they close.



From next week, both short commodities are going to have a negative period, therefore watch closely. Selling Orange Juice should give handsome returns in coming days.


Next week’s letter should be quite interesting after Thursday and Friday’s trend, as both days are going to be decisive days.


Once again, I beg your indulgence for the delay.


Thanks & God Bless

Mahendra Sharma 26 July