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Astrology is is this week world financial market

Here is this current week newsletter which I sent on Sunday 4th July. Take the advantage of current time with $210 newsletter offer.

Thanks & Gold Bless.. Mahendra


Dear members,

I am sure that last weekís predictions have been of benefit and assistance to you in many areas. Last newsletter section has indeed confirmed how accurate astrology can be. For ages, people have continued to ignore this science without realising what help it can be to us. If taken seriously, it can help us to achieve good results after working out the short and long term situations by appropriately planning and positioning ourselves.


Overall, I have been happy with the accuracy of my long term predictions. I have recently been even more gratified since the accuracy of my short term predictions has also been increasingly spot-on. In addition to being good for my work, I have no doubt that my members shall also greatly benefit from the enhanced precision. This is especially so for those that have been steadfast in faith and continually supported me even during instances when I have been wrong on the short term predictions.


Sometimes brevity is a virtue and I therefore donít want to write a very lengthy newsletter. Let us delve straight into what this week holds (5th to 9t July):



Last week I indicated that gold would remain weak until Wednesday. On Thursday I sent alert news to all my members to the effect that they should slowly begin buying. As I intimated last week, this week is indeed looking interesting. During the first two days (that is Monday and Tuesday), gold will remain range bound. The truly interesting phase will start from Wednesday and the performance of gold will surprise the world financial community. Those that would like to have a smooth ride can enter into buying positions on Wednesday. Do not sell till you receive my signal to go ahead. In the next week, gold may touch the $418 mark.



In 10 days, I see silver rising up to $6.68 and you should hence buy it or add onto your holding positions. The outlook for silver stocks is also upbeat and they are poised to perform extremely well.



Do not short on copper as its upside move during this weekand in 31 days moves will surprise the whole world.


Palladium and Platinum

Both metals will have a very strong surge on Wednesday, Thursday and on Friday. You can therefore add them on to your portfolio.


Stock Markets

As you are aware, I never alter or retract predictions once I have them. I therefore maintain my counsel that you donít venture into the market. Remain in sell position and be steadfast despite what you may hear to the contrary. Do not be swayed by media reports and expert analysis as I still maintain that a crash is on the way. By the end of next year, the DOW will be 5000 points below the current level.


NOTE: As I have previously affirmed, only metal stocks, energy or alternative energy stocks will post positive performances against the tumbling index.



Do not be rendered indecisive by the optimistic expectation that the dollar will rise because of the increased interest rates. One should get away from the dollar and bear in mind that I also donít have a promising outlook in regard to the Euro and the Pound. The signal from the moon is not clear and I therefore recommend that you donít trade in currencies. One should however watch the Japanese Yen and the Swiss Franc, which are my favourite currencies.



Do not sell or short on oil at the current level. Gasoline, crude oil and natural gas are going to be on the rising side. So please hold your buying positions in oil for this week.


Other Commodities

Coffee looks interesting and I still hold my prediction of a strong rise after 15th July.


Orange juice- I hope that many people took advantage of my predictions because it has risen 20% in the last four weeks. During this week one can book the path of the profits.


Avoid wheat, corn and soya beans because they will remain very volatile. Any rise will be a good opportunity to sell or get out from the positions.


World Events

A good thing that has happened for a while is that George Bush handed over power in Iraq before the moon entered in to a worst house. However, Tuesday of this week shall not be a good day for the world and there may be bad news.


In two weeks time, the worst period for world peace will come and there will be major uncertainty.  I shall soon write some more in regard to this uncertainty.


Thanks and God Bless,

Mahendra Sharma