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09/09/09, Saturn changing will bring changes in every once life

Dear Members,

First, let me apologize for my inability to see huge short term move in gold and silver which came on Wednesday and Thursday. I never saw this taking place but yes in my subconscious mind I was aware that until 09/09/09 anything can happen in metals.

One thing that we have learnt is that the last 10 days before Saturn changes, the zodiac house of every thirty months brings drastic changes into each and everyoneís life. It can be an emotional moment, huge gains or losses. Many lose their reputation; and on the other hand many gain; for many there is a new beginning and for many there is an end of an era. Next week, on 09/09/09, Saturn is changing after 30 months and the current last nine days of Saturn will bring ups and downs everyoneís life.

The financial market is a very sensitive market, and Saturn will have a huge impact on a traderís life, so until 09/09/09, there will be tough times for many and a new beginning will take place from fresh or zero.  Rises will turn into falls, and many of those who are struggling will make a new beginning towards a new journey after 09/09/09.

Gold and silver enjoyed the last 9 years, and they want to take maximum benefits before their bad period starts from 09/09/09 and on other hand US Dollar is going through fighting period before Saturn changes on 09/09/09. There is always a very crucial period before you enter into new era of Saturn and that can be either negative or positive.

Many of those whose good times are about to come may go through with huge pain during these next 5 days; and for them it is like world is ending, but thatís not the case because planets have their own game. Here, I predict that those who are going through a rough patch will get a great new beginning from 09/09/09 and people those who will be losing momentum should take it easy after 09/09/09, as this will be a sign of negative cycle so they shouldnít do anything aggressive or speculative for the next 30 months. Monitor your life and donít ignore any negative indications. Those who start feeling better after 09/09/09 should work hard and they will be on top of the world within the next 30 months.


Always, the understanding of Saturn is very important because it is only planet that can make a beggar into a King and a King into a Beggar. Saturn is the planet who has changed the face of the commodity market in the last seven years and this Saturn can bring a new twist in commodity market any time after 09/09/09. This means that either government policies will change or they may put restrictions to curb speculation. Everyone knows deep inside their heart that 2008 oil rise was one the best example of speculations. Neither Nymex came out with the names of who were buying future contracts even at $120, $130 or $140 and at the top few institutions came out with false price target oil reaching $180 to $200. This is one the biggest fraud done by few institutions and misguided everyone including governments. We donít know who were involved in rise of oil (may be OPAC, Saudiís, Goldman or few from Bush administrators) because if rise was true on global demand then why did it come down to $32 within six months of top.


It is very difficult for the common man to judge true picture from any current trend. Like it was very difficult to predict oil reaching below $50 within six month when it was $145. People were calling me mad but the oil prediction proved that anything is possible and that is reason why we are predicting gold reaching $550, silver $6.45 and copper $95.


Each bull market ends with final sharp rise and bear market end with final few days drop. Gold is doing the same thing at this stage and this confirms the nature of Saturn, it is clear that bear in gold is right around corner. In this final phase it can move up five percent more but one thing for sure is that it wonít be able to hold rising momentum from 15th of September. I know many are upset with me because they missed this five percent move but why donít they understand that I am taking about 50% fall so which one is bigger? Five percent rise or 50% fall?


No one is understanding my pain of predicting bear market in metals because this is not helping me in getting new members in fact I am losing few members because they donít want to hear about metal bear market but I canít do anything because when I see a huge move on the down side then no need to recommend buying for five to ten percent gain.


Follow all other indications and once they get confirmed with our indicators then one shouldnít miss the opportunity of selling metals. One should always have stop loss and less leverage position to remain with future the trend.


Our short term indicators will start working from 09/09/09 as the most powerful trend about to begin in many market and they will be in one direction.


Saturn changing house and impact on various market:

1.      Metals to fall 50%, this fall will start any time from mid September 2009

2.      True rising trend in DOLLAR to begin around 15 September

3.      Corn, coffee, cotton and Wheat will be on fire in 2010

4.      Historic weak trend in Pound and Euro to begin


At this stage, I am very unclear about the stock market trends but surely a fall will start from this week and it will be healthy for market. If the fall doesnít take place until end of September then we see that they could crash in October 2009, and this crash will be worse than all previous ones.


Oil should remain in sideways and it will trade according to short term planetary movement.    

I wish everyone good luck from 09/09/09 as everyoneís time will change, for many positive times will come and few will have negative time and this cycle will remain there for 30 months. A thought came in my mind that those who want to know what changes will bring Saturn in their life for the next thirty months should send me date, time and place of birth. This only applies to our members as I only read our members charts because it is important whether their chart and future coming time will benefit them or not, trading or aggressive investment recommended or not. Yes, there will be very small charges $500, You can pay by using Paypal:


Here is this week newsletter from 7 to 11 September:



Last week gold moved up sharply, and at this stage it looks like that it may move into a volatile trading zone so donít get involved with any new trades because....



Normally silver follows gold and at this stage it looks like silver wants to remain very close to gold. Last week silver moved up sharply. Many....



Finally we found rhythm in copper. Donít make the mistake....



This week platinum will follow....



Zinc prices will....




Last week again US Dollar remained in a tight range of $78-$79 and it will remain in an unsure direction as September contract are expiring within the next eight days and lot of options and future contracts will get expired so many big trades have to settle.


Because of expiry dollar can still remain in....



Positive trend in coffee and cotton....



Last week sugar came down sharply; this is called the commodity market. We were 1000% sure that sugar would fall from $24.80 and that's what happened. It fell more than 15% during this week .....



This week cocoa prices will....



 Last week oil remained in the predicted trading range, this week oil prices....


Natural gas has bottomed out; we recommend that one can take position at $2.46...... .



Our selling recommendations in grains have done extremely well in the last two months....



 Time has come....


Dear Members, I am in India and my nembers will be +919773163775.


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Thanks & God Bless

Mahendra Sharma, 6 September 2009