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Dear Members,

I never get excited when I come right or neither gets upset when I come wrong. I am simply a human being like you. As I mentioned in the past that so many things are happening every second in this universe and I have a limit as a human, and can't think each events at the same time because of time limit. So I keep focused on a few important things which carry’s a grave impact on world over all and market. In future also I will try my best to guide you on all over picture.


I have been receiving emails from thousands of people from different parts of the world on my work. I was amazed with the support and the love people are carrying for me. I must thank all of you for your encouragement and support. Without that I would not have been able to reach where I am today. A Few bank and financial institution have also shown their support saying that they are astound  to associate with my work which carrying a unique theory on the unpredictable world financial market. I must say that this credit goes to astrology, my Grand father, father and Guru.


Without a delay let’s see what this week is saying:




This is an important advance announcement that soon I will be increasing my newsletter subscription fee up-to 500%. Those who would like to subscribe, can go ahead and take an advantage of current reduce subscription price. I slashed by 90% my subscription fee in the month of May 2004 on request of Bill Murphy from $1750 to $210 for three months and one year $750 from $11500 but soon I will increase newsletter subscription rate will go up-to 500%.


Thanks & God Bless

Mahendra, 7 Nov 2004