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Amazing era for markets and metals, here small part of Wednesdays Daily letter and this weeks weekly letter...individual sections of look is out...

Wednesdays Daily Flash news (Unedited)

The Markets and metals are performing very well…Individual sections of the book will be out today…


Dear Members, 

Here is a small part of the daily flash news of Wednesday and a small part of this week’s weekly newsletter. We just launched individual sections of books for those who can’t afford to buy the complete book, but I still don’t believe that if someone is trading the market and investing can spend $999 on a complete book which is almost $2.73 per day. I still recommend buying the complete book but I leave the choice to you. Every investor must have this year’s book “2023 Financial Predictions” as it will guide you on how metals, markets, oil/gas, currencies, grains, softs, bonds, and crypto will trade each month of 2023.

On Tuesday markets performed very well. European markets are rallying nonstop, they have been outperforming most of the global markets.

The USA market started acting very well as predicted, keep accumulating USA stocks. Money will get out from health care and most of the other sectors and investors will put that money in tech sectors so ignore except those who are saying tech sectors to struggle, tech sector will have one of the best years as per our book.

Metals are acting very well as predicted, with gold in precious metals and copper in base metals to remain a leader in 2023. Though silver will outperform.

The today dollar index is a great buy around the lower sides, so take sell positions in most of the currencies.

Oil and Gas traded as predicted, and Natural Gas finally is approaching the most important Astro support level of $3.41, time to close KOLD which already moved 200% in the last month which we recommended at $12.00, and now it is at $38.55.  YINN also gained more than 200%, one can book profit from it.

Grains and Softs traded mix to bit negative, still one must wait to buy positions. Thirty Year bonds traded a bit negatively on Tuesday, as expected profit booking came but get ready to take long around the 125-00 level.

Today we are releasing individual sections of the book for investors who just want to buy individual sections rather than paying for the whole book, like many metal investors are just focused on metals and just want to read metal sections:

So here are the following sections of books of your interest can buy with the monthly cycle. I always provide special offers on release day so take advantage. After buying individual sections of the book if you decide to have the complete book, please pay the difference and our team will send you the complete book. 

We are releasing individual sections of the book at a very special price.

2023 Financial Predictions - US & Global indexes

2023 Financial Predictions – Metals

2023 Financial Predictions - Currencies

2023 Financial Predictions - Energy

2023 Financial Predictions – Grains & Softs

2023 Financial Predictions – Crypto

2023 Financial Predictions – Indian sections (Indian markets, metals, energy, and Rupee)

I still recommend buying the complete book as it will give you an overall picture of 2023 of each area which is very important for traders. I think every investor must read the “2023 Financial Predictions” book because it will give you a complete outline of what is happening in the financial world and where we shall invest, and in which cycle we shall make decisions or avoid making any decisions of buy or sell. Yes, I am aware that my book is expensive but the amount of risk we take in the market is nothing compared to the cost of the book. I am sure you will be very happy with yourself that you spend money on this book. I am not trying to convince you to buy this book, but I know how it will help you in your daily decisions in the market.

Grains traded mix, stay sideline in grains, and softs rebound which is great news. Thirty-year bond gained further value as predicted.

On Thursday we recommend small profit booking in metals around higher sides. On Thursday sell aggressive shorts in frontline currencies but emerging markets currencies will hold value. 

I am sure you must have finished reading “2023 Financial Predictions” the most unique book because we try to write predictions for markets, commodities and currencies, and bonds for a whole year about their movements. The great review started coming, please share your thought as well:

Friday we released the 17th book “2023 Financial predictions”. Many of them have already sent a great review but I want every prediction to come true as it is a prediction book.

After the 2022 average or bad year for investors, we like to see every member to do well this year.

S&P gained from a low of 3496 to 4111. On the higher side, it tested 4178, and now it is in its correction mode. We still believe S&P is a great buy around 3900 to 3800.

Here is small part of this week weekly newsletter we what we mentioned:

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Thanks & God Bless

Mahendra Sharma