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Individual sections of book will be launched on 11 January 2023, this a small part of this week’s weekly newsletter....metals and markets are at most important juncture

Weekly Newsletter from 9-13 January 2023    

Many experts and parts of the financial media are working together to make small and medium-sized investors fools, so don’t get trapped…



Dear Members,   

Even with oil prices hitting their historic highs in 2008 and 2022, fund managers and leading bankers were saying oil will remain higher; many were predicting $200 for it. None of the experts, banks and hedge Fund managers didn’t recommend selling oil, except we openly predicted oil to crash, it happened twice. In 2007-8, no one said that financial crises and meltdowns could come forth in the world, but we predicted some. The point I am making here is that hardly anyone has the guts to recommend buying at the bottom and selling at the top.

The Astro combinations are telling us about the historic bull market starting; experts and bankers are still expecting a 15-20% fall in the market. On the other hand, we are expecting a minimum of 25%-30% rally in the market from this point.

Markets and precious metals are ready for a unique era; at this stage, many good tech stocks are ready to rally 50-100% in 2023. The downside risk in the market is not even 3% and the higher side is 30%, so the risk-reward ratios favor betting bullish on the market.

We are entering the most unique era, so follow our Flash news and Weekly Letters, as well as the recently released “2023 Financial Predictions” book. Read each line from the book carefully. As a trader and investor, I am very excited about the future after finishing my book.

Last week European markets outperformed every market, emerging markets gained value, and the USA market finally strongly rebounded on Friday as expected. developed world markets gained value, metals remained firm. Oil and natural gas struggled along with softs and grains. Currencies traded both sides aggressively and Thirty Year rebounded.

Meditations and Kindness will surely help you make decisions in the most uncertain market though in 2023 trading markets will be an easy job because Jupiter will come forward and help those who will be following the rules of Jupiter.

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Thanks & God Bless

Mahendra Sharma