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Alert of Thursday and This week's small part of newsletter is here.. Why Euro will be removed as currency...

Dear Members,
Today will be final day for positive trend in currencies and dollar will turn around very strongly either from today or tomorrow so it is life time opportunity to buy dollar (Ignore all expert and analysts and just follow wave of nature theory or planetary movement).
Oil will remain sideway but RB gas and heating oil will move sharply so watch closely and take small buying position.
Best trade will be coffee and cotton during this uncertain time as they will rise crazily so put your focus there. Sugar is also my favorite but coffee and cotton is on top list.
Twenty four or forty eight hours are pending for another downward trend in stock markets. Asian market will be move down sharply as they will be the worst performer. Second worst perfumer will be European market and third will be USA. Trade carefully as another fifteen fall is pending.  
Metals should trade side ways but I don't recommend any buying at this stage so avoid new investment at this stage.
Full Moon is coming as Moon eclipse may hit all market very hard. Short seller can make fortune.
Best trades:
Buy Coffee, cotton, sugar and dollar Index.
Thanks & God Bless
Mahendra Sharma


Dear Members,

Last week proved to be the most volatile in trading history: markets staggered unsure of which way to go and eventually took a sharp plunge. I have never seen a day like the 16th of August in the last 20 years when the currency market remained so volatile collectively with major commodities and stock markets. There was virtually no room for investors to save the day, but those who were away from the market and those holding a short or hedging position quietly watched from the sidelines. I was quite happy to receive exciting emails indicating that some of my subscribers had considerably gained on Thursday following my recommendation to take a break from the market for a while. I am therefore happy that my work is of some benefit to my followers.


The volatility of the previous week has proved that people are trading with high leverage, since we saw margin calls making investors and brokers dump stocks, future contracts and currency contracts as well as cash currencies.


We can also make a clear note that many astrologers do not attach a lot of significance to Venus since they do not think that the planet can cause a disaster. I have seen this many times, which is why I have been closely following the current transit of Venus. Indeed, the following two weeks will remain unhealthy and there is therefore no cause to become excited with Fridayís stability. As a matter of fact, on Friday the day was saved by the FED chairman, Mr. Ben Barnanke. He saved the day for investors; otherwise something nasty could have occurred since it was options expiry day. He actually rescued buyers and forced the short sellers to cut their position at way higher prices on Fridayís opening. It is however important to note that the future still holds immense uncertainty and I donít know what interventions could be applied to counter coming turbulence.


The USA is fortunate because it holds the most powerful and unique chart, which is why its long term market outlook remains buoyant. On the other hand, I am not quite enthusiastic about the European market and Europeís future. In the long term therefore, I should hold USA assets and get rid of European stocks and real estate. I see a disastrous future for Europe, and no one will believe me today if I declare the same in economic forums.  Indeed, a similar situation is taking place like between 1987 and 1990 when I talked about the USSR. Even at that time, nobody believed it when I said that the USSR would crumble and disintegrate economically. The situation in Europe will worsen so much that the Euro may disappear after some years. Long term investors holding the Euro and investing in the Euro zone should therefore be very careful. The British Pound will be hard hit and its high value will trade below par value against the Dollar. In Europe, I see only one currency that will remain stable, and that will be Swiss Franc. It is therefore quite clear that history will once again prove the wisdom of holding money in Swiss banks and in Swiss assets.


It is very difficult to believe what astrology says 100 percent, and even I sometimes get confused when I see conflicting or inconclusive indications while reading the planets. Even as I write my prophecies there is the question of whether I will come right or not, but the theory that I have been following as well as my sixth sense have always proven my predictions right when I talk about the overall picture. Short term predictions are very difficult to make, which is why many of you might see me struggling with them. I personally can attest that it is quite difficult to predict something for the short term unless it is very definite since there are so many factors involved within astrology. There is also a lot of calculation involved and I am hardly able to do five percent because doing 100 percent calculations on only one aspect could take days.


Anyway, I just want to speak the truth and say that I will never be able to be 100 percent accurate on short term predictions. I shall however try my best on short term predictions because many interesting things usually emerge as I write the newsletter. I love writing the weekly newsletter and this is a job that I will never give up even if I go on the spiritual path. I would like to request you to promote my work among other people as it will be a privilege to talk about my subject to new people. I shall also make myself available to speak if anyone wants to organize a financial gathering or get-together.


Letís see what this week holds for the World Financial Market:


Predictions for 20 to 24 August



On Monday and Tuesday last week, gold didnít act very well and that was the reason that it suffered. This...



Silver has experienced more volatility compared to gold in the last week and I expect prices to touchÖ



As predicted, Copper has remained down for quite sometime and many of my members have made good money in selling copper and I am happy for them. In the long term, I see copper trading inÖ


This week copper may try to move up on Monday...



We saw a sharp fall in Platinum and last week it went down more than $40. For the medium and long term..



Last week Palladium prices declined sharply as predicted..



There will be a great buying opportunity in both metals after..



Coffee was performing quite well in the last week but Thursday was so scaring that people dumped whatever they were holding or were forced to do so by margin calls. Thursday therefore affected the coffee market, which sharply came down as a result of external forces. On Friday coffee gained quite handsomely because major planetary movements..



For sometime cotton prices have been trading weakly and for the first time, Mercury gave us a buying indication during the last week. I therefore..



Traders, investors and fund managers will never be able to erase memories of the last week. It was most difficult for European and Asian traders because stock prices and indexes had a freefall, with many stocks losing more than 20 percent value in two trading sessions. I have been warning on these markets for a while, and I am very optimistic for the USA as well as a few Asian markets for the longer term. For the short term however, my warning still stands.


On Monday and Tuesday this week..



For the first time after almost nine months..



Lumber prices have been trading weakly as predicted..



This week sugar prices will move within a narrow range. However, prices are..



The bull market in grains.. 



This week the price of oil will.. 



For the first time in my entire career, I saw the British Pound falling 1000 pips against the Japanese Yen in a short span of time. There was an unbelievable money making opportunity and that is why I have been recommending buying the Japanese Yen against all these currencies. There was a sharp correction in the Australian Dollar against the US Dollar and Japanese Yen, and these are the kind of times that donít come often in life, and I am sure that many people made some good money. I would like to tell you today that other than trade everyday, sometimes its best to wait for opportunities and take advantage of them at the final stage. By doing this four or five times in a year, one can beat any performance in the World Financial Market. We focus more on this point from and on and move only on the sure trades as there is no need to be involved in uncertain and sideway trades.


For instance, there is no need to be involved in metals when the trend is uncertain. It is just better to hold your money in cash and start accumulating when the time is right, and you could make a fortune. There are many analysts and self believing market experts who recommend buying metals every day. These people are not in favor of selling metals at high prices, and they are actually quite angry with me for recommending selling metals at high prices. However, this is what I have to do if planets thus indicate, and I cannot cheat you or myself because everyone is out to make money in the World Financial Market. If any fall of more than 10 or 20 percent is on the way, then it is a wise decision to book profit. Anyway, my intention is not to criticize anyone: let them do their job and I shall do mine.


This week the dollar will..


The Japanese Yen has made remarkable gains that nobody thought about, and it should..


For the last few weeks I have been mentioning that commodity currencies are entering into a long tem bear market, and everyone must be aware of this. In any case, one shouldnít be holding commodity currencies. The Australian dollar has declined around 15 percent form its high, which is too much. However, one could have made a fortune by trading right. The next..


The Euro and British Pound..



Do not forward this newsletter to non-subscribers. We can always send trial copies to those who would like to subscribe. Do not copy, forward or re-print in any form.


Thanks & God Bless

Mahendra Sharma, 19 August 2007