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Alert - NVDA falling, here is our predictions for NVDA, markets, currencies, bond, and commodities....

Dear Members,

We expected profit booking in the market on Wednesday at the higher sides. Technology stocks are selling off, NVDA just went below our astro support level of $471, is a great buy so take long positions as we don’t see NVDA remaining below the $471 level for more than three to five days. Today it may test the $466 level so great time to start accumulating long positions. Our target for NVDA is still intact at $578, $688, $1150 and it will top out at the $1788 level. Lower side in the worst-case scenario it may test $441 but the chances of happening this are very low.

Regardless of markets trend NVDA and AMD look great. Buy DELL which will announce earnings after the close. Last month we recommended buying IMGN, today it is up by 81% as it got an offer to buy from Abbvie. Other stocks CRM, SNOW, PDD, IBM, CRWD, and MDB have been performing well.

We are also aware that markets are trading around all-time highs but we don’t see any major bear market coming, markets will hold value before they test all-time new highs.

Important note: 2.5% on down in the market on the maximum side, and a 15% rally is still expected.

As predicted dollar Index tested 102.78 on the lower sides after our recommendations of selling it at the 106.38 level.

Thirty Year Bond almost tested 118-00 level, from 107-00 buying recommendations price.

Grains and softs look great bet, energy and metals will trade in the swing trading pattern for the next week so follow our daily flashnews

Thanks & God Bless


Mahendra Sharma