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Today's Trade & News


Dear Members,
As promised here is my alert before Wednesday market open's. Metals have remained positive and today they should close up for the next ten days’ positive trend. All metals should have a mixed trend tomorrow.
Meanwhile, copper is trading higher and higher and it may trade in the range of $190.20 to $194.20 BUT still upper-side has a limit. Below $190.20 is negative for copper. Upperside maximum it can reach to $201.80. 
As for oil, it should start moving up.
Treasury bonds will trade positively and I predict the same for grains.
Finally, currencies will remain range bound, though the dollar is in a positive time frame and should touch $94.
Thanks & God Bless


Here I am putting small part of my this week newsletter.



Dear Members,

Important planetary positions are primed for change during the month of December. This shall definitely alter the trends in the market and affect several commodities. Furthermore, this is likely to agitate the international geo-political scene.


An alarming negative wave has taken birth in France (Euro Zone), an indication that the future could hold further uncertainty. This may lead to an unhealthy situation gradually taking shape and being manifested throughout the region.


The last week saw oil trading around $57.00, copper rising relentlessly while other metals tried to form a strong bottom. In addition, grains finally bottomed out, the stock market strongly moved up while the dollar remained in hot demand. Let us now see what this week indicates.





I have been receiving many emails regarding gold’s future moves given that for the last three months, it has been trading in the range of $455 to $480. Twenty years ago, only a few gold bugs traded in gold. However, the situation is now quite different with India, China and many other regions having started exchanges trading commodities. People are mostly interested in gold as the safest commodity and history has shown that in Asian countries, gold has always been chosen as an alternative investment OR deposited to secure future. These countries have now opened up and are more liberal in their policies and additional people are therefore investing. Indeed, the numbers keep multiplying. Dubai is soon launching a gold exchange in the month of November, a clear sign that people in these region will buy gold in a big way.


The preceding paragraph explores logical truths and points out the fact that the demand for gold is on the rise and will indeed continue to do so. However, the MOST IMPORTANT THING IS TIME OR THE NATURE FACTOR, SINCE IT PLAYS A CRUCIAL SUPPORTING ROLE FOR METALS. As a matter of fact, it indicates that the next three years will be positive except the middle of next year.


If the wave of nature remains positive, then a rise inevitably follows. When it turns negative, this brings a fall and people lose interest in it. Look at the case of oil: in the first week of September when it was trading around $70.80, people were very excited and there was even talk of its marching to $100! Several reasons making headlines were cited, including demand from China and India, damage from Katrina and many other factors. However, nature’s wave went onto a different direction and in sixty days it is trading around $57.00. With this turn of events, investors have lost interest with it- this just means that the wave has calmed down.


Current planetary movements indicate a positive time for metals. Spot gold should move up to $476.80 during this week, while it may touch $461.80 on Monday. In actual fact, it should be positive from Tuesday to Thursday while Monday and Friday will be a mixed day.


Last week I had to suddenly travel to India and was unable to send an alert on copper. Please accept my apology.




Thanks & God Bless

Mahendra 13 Nov