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Today's Trade & News

Alert - Time to trade for shorter period as markets will move in both directions..

Dear Members,
Monday all major commodities traded positive as per we mentioned in newsletter. Today, I we expect weak trend in all major commodities and fall can be very sharp so this will be the third weak trend wave which shall start any time today because Moon will siting on bear. Sell oil at $109, sell gold at $923 to $928, sell silver around $18.00 and copper around $396. When yoo making money don't forget to book profit like if gold come to 911.80 book some profit. Sell on rising and buy on weakness. Don't hold trade for longer period because markets are moving in both directions. Monday buying recommendations has made money in metals so now time has come to get out and those who want to short can go head.
Against all currencies dollar will hold ground, so each fall should be take as buying opportunity. I have already mentioned in this week newsletter about a great turn around of USD and this week be the final week for dollar and from here it will move up slowly but surely for the next five years. Don't buy any commodities except soft until we give around abound indication in alert or weekly newsletter.
USA Market to remain position, rest all other market will remain in the range bound but I recommend that money should kept in dollar and dollar assets.
This week we recommended buying in Soft commodities so keep buying coffee, sugar. lumber, cotton and orange Juice.
Buy treasury bonds and solar stocks. DESC, QTWW, HYGS, SOLF, HOKU, DSTI, SPIR, ASTI.
Thanks & God Bless
Mahendra Sharma, Monday 10:20 PM Santa Barbara