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Again this week's newsletter for free

Here is newsletter for this week for free once again.
Dear Members,
As you will recall in my last news letter: 
GOLD    :    I was expecting GOLD to rise by 2 to 3% on Thursday but this did not happen - however  as all of may have noted GOLD only rose on Friday & closed at USD 401 in New York. Indeed my predictions were delayed by 24 hours but I was not off course - through astrology I could see the path GOLD was going to take. 
SILVER    :    As you may have also noted that SILVER touched the USD 7 predicted target as I had written in my previous newsletter.
U.S. Dollar    :    US Dollar has started the downward trend on Friday. 
The above clearly indicates that the overall predictions are following the path which I have seen. Here I would like to say and guide you'll on some thing  very important to enable you'll understand my work better.
When I predict some thing and that doesn't happen at the time indicated or same week it doesn't mean that I am on wrong path. As you are all aware that in the short term External forces or big inflow or outflow on money market's plays a crucial role. Short term mean's either few hours or days, it's indeed very rare that external forces hold impact on market's for weeks.
Those who are following my predictions know my work because I have come wrong many time's on short term predictions but overall all on the long term prediction they have come right. I am very happy that more than 90% of my members are saying that they are gaining from my prediction's. Indeed I am so happy for this great subject of astrology because finally it is getting recognition.
Like I said on GOLD $394 will be the lower level for the year 2004, that don't mean that gold won't go down below $394, it can go down but immediately bounce's back and this has been witnessed by all of us in last three weeks.
As all of you'll may have noted that this year I am calling for Higher OIL & METAL prices and WEAK DOLLAR. And these are clearly following the path of destiny as we all are witnessing in the last two months.  As for the US Stock market June 2004 onwards will be testing time because I am going against the Odds & predicting COLLAPSE of the US stock markets.
Let's now see what this week has in store for the WORLD FINANCIAL Market's ( predictions from 8th March to 12 March):
During this week I see gold will trade in range of $398 to $411. After crossing $411 and trading above it for two hours will force gold prices to go to $422. Now I see exciting time ahead for gold because gold will move up very fast and soon we may see gold jumping $15 to $20 in a day.
I am still hopeful for gold to rise 10% during month of March. Many technical analysis's & big gold traders are warning me not to predict this but unfortunately I cannot listen to them (this does not in any way imply that I don't respect them) because I predict what I see.
Astrologically Friday does not favour Gold and as all of us have seen last fir gold went up very strongly so one thing I can now confirm here is that there is no ways gold is looking back from now on.
Stocks will move study up.
Note from my book:
In "2004 World & financial prophecies" page 95 third and forth paragraph says " From 16th Feb 2004 prices of Gold will remain volatile until 18 March and during this period investors will see sudden rises and droops in gold prices"..(that is what is happening) 
Silver is completely in the grip of Jupiter and Moon, On Friday Silver went up inspite of negative forces. Also during last week I was expecting silver to touch $7 and it did that - not once but twice in the week on Monday and Friday.
For this week silver should move up very strongly now next trading range for silver is $6.85 to $7.95. In this level silver will trade for some time.
If you remember in my 2003 May prediction there I said once Silver crosses $7.95 then the next target will be $12 to $14.
Silver stocks will go crazy this week.
From my book:
In "2004 World & Financial prophecies" page 97, paragraph four says "after 15th March, I see a major rises and prices will reach new highs. A lot of strange news and rumours concerning silver will float in the market. This will add fire to silver prices any day so I recommend that you hold on your investments in the silver and silver stocks until 29th March 2004"..
Platinum and Palladium:
Following the path of destiny, hold the buying position in these both metals. In month of March platinum will reach $962 and Palladium $295. If they trade above this level then I don't know what price to predict, but I will do new calculation immediately when reach above mention level.
Prediction on all currencies are coming very accurately except Yen.
Dollar will trade in range of 1.2230 to 1.2555 against Euro for this week. This means that this week we will see volatile in currencies but during last week newsletter I advised members to get out from US Dollar buying positions so now there is no need to buy US Dollar because it will slowly start going down now.
For Yen I see major rise from 15 March.  Now 111.97 is base price and it may go up to 112. 35. This is great opportunity to buy Yen for year 2004.
I also see weak time for South African Rand commencing anytime from 14 of March.
Stock Market:
I see weak position or bad news for US stock market will come either on 10 or 11 March. No need to buy technology or blue chip stocks when you have plenty of metal, oil and power stocks. Silver stocks are on top of list.
From my book on market:
In "2004 World and financial prophecies" page 81, 7th paragraph says "Anytime after the first week of March, the market will begin in down ward slide which will continue until the second week of April 2004. However metal stocks shouldn't be sold"
Predictions on USA election result I will do any time during this week with number of percentage. 
Thanks and God Bless
Last week I received from my follower.
2004 Gold Predictions Examined.
Thursday March 4th.
2004 Gold Chart showing down & Mahendra is predicting opposite.
Testing time ahead for Mahendra's work.
Sharma's prediction that gold will rise Thursday 2-3% and continue to rise $40-$58 to the 430-448 level prior to April 2nd. shall be placed to the test for accuracy.
This big of a rise in gold price is almost unbelievable at this point when looking at this chart.  I hope the prediction is accurate.
If the prediction is accurate, Mahendra Sharma delivers the real deal in his predictions.
If this prediction does not occur, there will be much doubt about short term accuracy.
He may redeem himself with the long term 2004 prophecy that gold will go 450 to 500.  That is even more unbelievable when looking at this chart.
It will be another opportunity for Sharma to deliver the real deal with a long-term prediction as done so well in 2003.
Some say gold may drop to 375-380 prior to April 2nd.
If this happens, Sharma's short-term accuracy will be very much in doubt.
Thank You Sharma for your efforts to see the unseen and give it to us to prosper.  Good Luck.
New on 11 March
Dear Members,
Friday (12 March) is a day to watch for all metals, especially gold and silver. If both metals close down on Friday, which is what I am expecting, then I see a downward trend commencing for gold and silver prices for three days during next week. However, if they move up, then I do not know what upside price to predict especially concerning silver because next week prices can sky rocket.
As you are aware, I have very much been in favour of silver compared to gold this year. If these metals look weak on Friday's opening, then one must get out from gold and silver for the short term. On the other hand if they close up, then you should hold your investments and I will update you on Monday through the newsletter.
Thanks and God Bless,