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A small part from USA MARKET predictions from 2023 Financial Predictions book..

Dear Members,

This small part is taken from the USA Index section of the “2023 Financial Predictions” book. We are expecting the USA market to hit an all-time high in December 2023 as predicted in the book. I am sure you will enjoy reading how we predict the whole year’s trends in advance with the Monthly Cycles. The 2024 Financial Predictions book is getting ready and will be released in the first week of 2024. It will have each month's market, commodities, currencies, bonds, and crypto trends. All the predictions were completed by mid-December 2022, and the book was released on the 5th of January 2023.

Here’s a small part from the “2023 Financial Predictions” book:


Key markets and areas to watch in 2023 and onward:

·       In 2023, a historic bull market will start in USA stocks; a nonstop rally from the end of April is starting and it will continue for the next 6 years.

·       The USA market will outperform global markets for the next six years. The USA market will start a big rally any time from the second week of January 2023 so watch this prediction closely. We see a 99% possibility of S&P going above 5000 and NASDAQ above 14188 levels in 2023. Lower side we don’t see S&P going below 3711 and NASDAQ 10278 levels. We still believe 100% in our predictions of S&P topping out at 9378 or at 11111 level by 2028/29 and after that worst bear market will start globally which may last between five to seven years.

·       Semiconductor stocks’ best time is starting from the middle of January 2023, and this bull market will last for a minimum of six years.

·       REGN, BIIB, ALB, MALRF, SBUX, SOXL, COST, ADBE, V, VC, MELI and AMZN are top picks for 2023. We are recommending SOXL rather than individual semiconductor stocks.

·       Gold, silver, and copper will have the best year. The next 18 months will keep pushing gold and silver higher. There are possibility of gold testing all time in 2023, platinum few decades higher and same expecting from silver. Copper will do well from the middle of 2023. Precious metals and Mining stocks will have big rally in the second half of 2023. Avoid other base metals.


·       Avoid any major investment in energy areas because oil will keep struggling in 2023.

·       These are the most important dates for turnaround or trend changing in 2023, first one is 12th January 2023, 17th January 2023, 22nd April 2023, and 30th October 2023. We are expecting market to bottom out in the second week of January and market may not see lows after that’s because Mars will change directions on 13th January 2023 in the early morning hours in Asia in the Taurus house. On 17th January Saturn will change house from Capricorn to Aquarius. In my theory, Jupiter changing house from Pisces to Arise is one of the most important dates which may give directions to FED and market. Jupiter will change house on 22nd April 2023, this will give an extremely bull market to equity and commodities. FED will turn suddenly dovish. The last one when North Node and South Node both will change house and they will move in house of Jupiter. They will give less aggressive results which will be good for world peace. We are predicting Russia/Ukraine will end because of North and South North Node changing house.

The USA market in 2023

In 2022, markets traded with much volatility, and tech stocks kept losing nonstop. In the last quarter of 2022 however, stability came back in the global equity market. Although, traders were not able to make their minds up on whether to add more investments at this level or not. Most of the fund managers were skeptical in the last quarter of 2022. We called a bottom in S&P and Nasdaq at 3496 and 10441 in the middle of October. These levels proved to be very accurate as the market rebounded sharply from these levels. Many experts predicted a bear market and expected S&P to touch 3000, but we predicted S&P wouldn’t adopt a bear market due to a very positive Astro combination. 

2023 looks like a great year for the market and investors, especially from April 2023. May and June could be volatile months due to negative geopolitical news. If nothing happens in May and June 2023, then we may see a major upward in the USA market, which may turn into one of the biggest bull markets in history. 

Overall, the frontline tech stocks will move higher, but traders should be very careful when selecting stocks. Elon Musk is destroying Tesla’s valuation by diversifying his attention and energy.  Don’t buy stocks that are sold by insiders, CEOs, or owners. In 2021, Elon sold TSLA stocks, and he kept doing so, which caused a huge fall in TSLA stock prices in 2022. TSLA started falling from $414 and is currently trading around $195.00. There is a possibility that TSLA may test $123 or $147. If TSLA closes below $123 for more than five days, then it can fall toward $107.00 but below $123 looks great buy as still we like the Astro chart of Tesla which will turn very positive from the end of April.

I was never in favor of buying Twitter, but Elon Musk still went ahead. Sure, after May 2023 Twitter’s Astro chart looks great, which means the stock valuation will move higher. Elon Astro’s chart is great as well, so if he focuses on business and not that much on social media, then he can create a great amount of wealth that no one has ever created on this planet. He can become the first trillionaire. 

Overall, the USA market will perform well; although, interest rate concerns will be in people’s minds because inflation won’t drop as much. Inflation will stay and scare the world from 2025 to 2028 because it will reach a historic high. Everything will become ridiculously expensive. Money will lose big value, all major central banks will start hiking rates again in 2026, and the hike will continue for the next three years. There is a possibility that the interest rate will hit double digits. In 2029/2030, the world financial markets will melt down, will correct more than 70% in value, and will be a nightmare across the globe. I recommend getting out of stocks and all investments in 2027/28. The dollar will still remain king, so keep money in US banks because the global economy will fall out badly. 

We are recommending buying the Thirty Year Bond and staying away from the USD because it will move around both sides without any major rise or fall. 

We are recommending buying the following US stocks: NVDA, GOOGLE, AMZN, MELI, ASML, TSM, ON, MCHP, VEEV, HUBS, UMC, NOW, LCRX, and AVGO. We recommend taking aggressive longs in tech stocks from May 2023. It’ll be the best time for technology; from May, this rising cycle will continue for the next five and half years. 

EV stocks: TSLA, RIVN, GM, F, and BYD. EV stocks will do well from May 2023; it’s a great time to acquire long positions for most EV stocks. 

Restaurant: CMG, MCD, and SBUX

Hotel: MGM, WYNN, CZR, and HLT

Biotech and healthcare: AMGN, LLY, REGN, and CI

Gun Violence, homelessness, and social problems are rising in the USA, and we don’t see any major solution for these problems coming soon. Violence will keep rising for the next eight years. After 2033, we see some serious changes take place when the economy takes a new turn, and social programs will help struggling families. 

2023 will be a stable year for politics; however, Biden’s health will be at risk in May and June 2023. If he able to pass this period smoothly, then we may see him completing his term. 

The real estate market will remain bullish even after the nonstop hike in 2022. From the middle of 2023, we see the Real Estate market gaining strong momentum. We don’t see the Real Estate market coming down in the next seven years, so if you would like to own a house, then go ahead and buy one by the middle of 2023. 

I have great faith in our theory. In 2023, stock trend will start slowly, but surely the trend will be upward. The bull era will become aggressive in the second half so first will be great to accumulate stocks. Down risk in the market is 5% and upward reward is 95% so risk reward rations clearly tell us to remain buyers as per Astro combinations of 2023.

The Japanese Market will perform well, but it will follow the USA market. 

The Russian market will struggle, but in the second half of 2023, we see the war ending, which will be good news for Russian investors. Don’t expect all sanctions to be withdrawn immediately, so jumping in to buy is unwise. The war will end in either July or August. Ukraine will be a clear winner and prolonging the war will be bad for Russia. We already predicted the worst time for Putin to start from October 2022; he will start losing from every angle, which could be very dangerous for him. 

Our members buy the book to read the monthly cycle and see how the markets will be trading, so here is the 2023 Month Cycle for the USA market, which also applies to all markets. Take trades as per the cycles; one can buy some call options in indexes and frontline stocks if the cycle is bullish. If the cycle is bearish and you’re holding a lot of stocks, then take hedging positions to protect the cycle.

We will keep publishing each section of 2023’s predictions on our website. Yes, a few of the predictions didn’t come true and they are: We expected the interest rate to come down in the second half, Lithium stocks to perform well, and Cotton/Coffee to gain value in 2023. All these predictions failed in 2023, but the rest of the predictions have come true in 2023 as mentioned in the book. It was an amazing year for our members, and all thanks go to the Astro Cycle Theory.

Thanks & God Bless


Mahendra Sharma