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23 February alert news on metals, oil, currency and grains

Dear Members,
Current movement oil and currencies are due to market and March expiry forces (these are external or artificial forces). I always say that external forces give impact for only few days.
Oil is moving up and my recommendation to build short position around this level because soon major crash will occur in oil prices (or even before). I will alert you.
All major currencies are also strong against the US Dollar but soon as predicted US Dollar will start rising and rising movement will remain for few months before it collapse again.
After few months I will recommend you to convert all money from US Dollar to different currencies (I will advise you on this in details soon). Collapsing USD and stock market can make investor's money worthless.
If tomorrow (THURSDAY) gold and silver don't move up than you should book profit in it till my next BUYING CALL. SELL COPPER.
GRAINS (will continue rise), COFFEE (expecting high side $128 and currection), COTTON HOLD AS I RECOMENDED.
Thanks & God Bless
Mahendra  23 Feb 2005