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10 Jan uary to 14 January 2005

Dear Members,

The first week of year 2005 is over. It was a week in which we experienced the effects of an invisible or hidden wave trend in the world financial market. For the last two months, I have been warning of this uncertain period when all experts and market pundits would fail to predict the future trend.


The dollar eventually started rebounding, a fact that resulted to an initial negative impact on gold. Currently, the motion of gold in the astrological chart is not very positive and it is the reason behind its rapid decline. As predicted, oil went up whereas silver remained stable. The grains had a smooth upside move, treasury bonds remained strong and coffee was very volatile. Cotton went up while in the stock market, an uncertain trend began during the previous week. I am well satisfied with my predictions for the first week and I would like to continue in the same vein and remain on the same track.


Letís see what destiny or time says concerning this week from 10 to 14 January:



Though gold is not my favourite for 2005, it will still perform fairly well. However, there are indications of massive volatility in the course of the year. My weekly newsletter will guide you while making your decisions. 


For the first three days of this week, gold will remain very uncertain or weak, eventually forming a strong bottom on Wednesday or Thursday. Those who want to buy can go ahead and begin buying in part on Thursday and Friday. 


in comparison to gold, silver was more stable in the previous week. It may however undergo a very negative or uncertain period between Monday and Wednesday. The following 72 hours are therefore crucial for silver, and I shall announce its price target after the lapse of this period. I must say that I am very much excited in regard to the future trend of silver; whose future outlook should be clearer in the next three days. If it does not go down during these three negative days, then I shall recommend that my members must hold 50% position of their portfolio in silver. 


Final Note - Last three negative days are pending for metals, though they doesn't look that bad but still we have to be causios. Metal stocks will perform quite stable. We are very near of disconnection time between gold and USA dollar. Soon I will write on this. 



My previous predictions still stand. One should continue accumate at current price and buy palladium on Thursday because next thirty days can be very excited. 



Please avoid both of these commodities for the short term. Do not hold positions in them.



As in the previous week when oil remained strong, this week portends a stable scenario. However, I do not recommend that you buy it. For a few days starting on Tuesday, natural gas will rise and one can therefore buy for the short term and get out by Friday.



As I had predicted, the US dollar rallied in the last week. The dollar is currently in the grip of nature and my recommendation is that you do not short it at this level. Though the Japanese Yen remained stable, it has to go down against the current force of dollar before it finally starts rising against all the other currencies as well as USD. Planetary positioning for year 2005 favours the Japanese Yen. I shall offer you guidance through the newsletter as to when you should buy. 



The stock market was weak and directionless during the previous week, a situation that I expect to persist in the current week. I had expected it to tumble from September 2004, it went down but then bounced back after the US elections. The 5000 point slump should therefore come to pass in the next 18 months.


Starting from 19 February, there may be a major downward trend.


The best sectors will be metals, alternative energy, water related as well as the power sector.


I have read the birth charts of several companies and a few could post very impressive performances. In metals they include; PAL, SWC, RANGY, HMY, CDE, PMU and DROOY. I also like IMNR, BCON, MCEL, ESLR, CLWT, MACE and ABGT.



The performance of grains in the previous week was outstanding. Indeed, they prominently feature in my list of top recommendations for this year. One can therefore accumulate if they go down a little bit from current level.



Last week witnessed high volatility for coffee, eventually coming down to $96. The current price should be taken as a buying opportunity as I foresee coffee crossing the $100 mark.



Cotton is firmly in natureís grip. One should buy it on Wednesday and hold it.



This week, bond prices will fall sharply. Those that are holding can therefore get out on Monday.


The prevailing attitude is that no one can win the market. This is the outlook I have seen advanced in many publications and heard expressed by many known market traders. However, now I feel that if we work together and flow in the wave of nature, we can prove the "THIS MANTRA" sceptics wrong.


I may soon announce some momentous decision - a world renowned group has offered me an opportunity to be part of their organisation. I am yet to make a decision about it since I do not want to lose my identity. 


Be as it will, I shall be writing the newsletter every week (INCLUDING ALERT NEWS) and we shall continue just as we always have.


ARDENT PLEAI trust that as requested, you do not forward the newsletter to non subscribers, be it friends, relatives, associates or brokers. The newsletter is meant for your sole use and it will therefore be unfair to forward it to others for free. For people who take risks of thousands and millions of dollars in the market, I am certain that they can afford my subscription fee. Please give them a chance to subscribe directly. This way, you will greatly support my work.


Thanks & God Bless