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Must read - why 2015 book will help you making investment & trading decisions..What we mentioend in 2014 book and here.....

Dear Members,

We highly recommend to go through what we mentioned in “2014 Financial Predictions” book because it will help to make your investment strategy very clear once you finish reading 2015 financial prediction.

Three months back predicted that oil would touch $44.55 and Euro 1.1728 and copper would fall toward $237 and these predictions are very close achieve so close all short positions. 

In 2015 We are expecting S&P to achieve 2578 and NASDAQ 5700 and DOW 23000 so one should watch these target closely. Gold will struggle but metals stocks will perform great in later 2015....there are 100 of many predictions there in book "2015 Financial Predictions" and we are sure this book will help you making investment and trading decisions for short, medium and longer term. We always say - Make astro cycle an integrate part of trading and investment strategy. 

Here few parts taken from “2014 financial predictions” stocks, metals, currencies etc.

This is what we mentioned in previous book “2014 Financial Predictions”: The last two years have proven to be great for investors who held stocks in USA. Our bullish view has proven very accurate for USA, and we are still very optimistic about USA in 2014. Our predicted target of 1405 for 2012 and 1750 for 2013 got achieved in the time frame as predicted. We don’t want to say much about USA because most of you are aware that our two year target is of S&P reaching 3200. This target is only possible if S&P move’s 45% each year for the next two years. Surely if S&P wants to achieve 3200 the stock prices have to move aggressively and our astro indicators are clearly showing that the market is ready to move aggressively from early 2014. 

Once the astro cycle gets positive, all major indicators like sentiments, economic data and politicians start behaving in the correct manner. In 2012 we predicted the housing market bottoming out and in 2013 housing prices moved up aggressively and we saw that happening. Also our predictions of employment improving in USA went right. We predicted that by the end of 2013 the unemployment rate would drop to 6.9% and it happened. 

•                  We see most economic news or data will keep supporting the markets.

•                  The Taper issue will become irrelevant.

•                  The Housing prices will start moving up aggressively after mid-2014.

•                  Jobs: at this stage everyone would like to see the unemployment rate drop and we see that happening. We see the unemployment rate coming down to 6 percent.

•                  The Fed’s policy will remain supportive towards the market.

•                  Technology companies of US will dominate this planet, and will keep sucking major revenue globally.

•                  The new Fed chairwomen will do an amazing job in 2014 due to Saturn moving through the house of Venus which represents the female gender or women.

Anyways, US stocks will outperform the world equity market. We strongly recommend to keep adding positions on any weakness. Don’t get out from your positions for the next year because we are afraid that if you do get out then you won’t be able to get back in due to higher prices. Keep adding quality companies to your portfolio. Our last two years stocks are still our favorites but we are adding new stocks here in this year’s predictions.

Here are our favorite stocks for 2014: HZNP, DXCX, ACHC, SCMP, JAZZ, REGN, GILD, BIIT, HTH, CNC, MSFT, LIC, VRX, AMZN, YAHOO, IBM, ZNGA, PICO, Starbucks, 3M, KBH, TOL, APPLE, and Google.

This is what we predicted in last year book from stock sections: In 2013, most Asian markets moved higher but a few markets got stuck due to their own problems. The Indian market was one of these because of uncertainty in the Rupee and the political scenario of the country. Most emerging markets underperformed due to volatile trends in the emerging market currencies.

Australian market: The Australian market remained very stable even after the weakness in commodities. The weaker Australian dollar helped mineral export companies. The Australian market will remain in positivity during 2014 but this will be the final year for the Australian market because from 2015 onwards, the Australian market will enter into a longer term bear cycle. I don’t know what will be the reason for that but surely some negativity on the economic front will dominate the Australian equity market. The Australian dollar will remain in a weaker trend in 2014 and this may help export companies.

Singapore market: Our view for Singapore remains mixed for 2014. We see some kind of uncertainty in 2014 so Singapore investors should invest in the USA market. We are not recommending any big investments in the real-estate market in Singapore.

The Japanese equity market performed very well in 2013 as predicted. In last year’s book we predicted Yen to fall sharply and below par value which may help Japan to earn more from exports. We also predicted that the central bank of Japan will make major changes in policies after a few decades, and we saw aggressiveness by the Central banks which was fully supported by the government. Japan adopted the most aggressive policy which may give a boost to the country but eventually we see that they are failing in the year 2017. Japan’s positive era will end in 2017 with the worst employment rate; Yen will devalue 10 times, and higher inflation will kill the countries zero percent growth and Japan will go into major negativity.

Anyways, 2014 and 2015 look like great years for the Japanese stock market. Financial and banking stocks will also be on fire so acquire positions in these sectors. Buy Nikkei as we see doubling or tripling in the next two years. Stay in long positions in the Japanese market.

Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Pakistan and Sri Lankan markets will remain very positive but these markets will still rise under the fear of fall. As the astro chart of the Asian Continent looks mixed or a bit negative on the political front, and many Asian countries will go through political turmoil or uncertainty in 2014 so stay away from any of the markets when you see any uncertainty on the political front in that country.

The Chinese market remained directionless in 2013 which was very disappointing for many because the world’s economy or developed market countries would like to see USA and China doing well. Commodity producing countries struggled in 2013 due to less demand from China. In 2014, the situation may get better for China but as we mentioned many times, the future of China looks very uncertain for the longer term so we won’t recommend investors to put big bets on China. Astro cycles will start favoring China from mid-May 2014 and after that the Shanghai market won’t look so good, so those who would like to Invest in China should go ahead with your investment as the market will rise more than 35% in the second half of 2014. Chinese Investors will go mad, and why not because 2014 is the year of the horse.

The Indian market suffered a setback in 2013 as predicted. The key reasons for this setback was a weaker Rupee; higher inflation and an uncertain political scenario. Investors in India remained very confused in 2013. Indian investors and traders love investing and trading in gold and silver, but 2013 they remained very uncertain for gold due to the government’s policy and a weaker Rupee. This made many investors and Jewelry makers so confused that people started withdrawing their money from the gold business.

Overall, 2013 remained mixed to a bit depressing of a year for Indian investors and they are hoping that 2014 will bring positive news for them. Our astro indicators are showing very positive signs for India from 25 May 2014 when Jupiter will be changing house from Gemini to Cancer. The second half of 2014 and 2015 will be the most exciting year for India. Rupee will gain, the stock market will gain 30% in the second half of 2014 and 50% in 2015. There is no doubt that a great medium term cycle is going to start for India so Investors should plan their investments well to take complete advantage of this rising cycle.

In the last two years our strategy of trading in and out remained very beneficial for our members as the stock market and Rupee constantly moved on both sides. In 2013 the weaker Rupee predictions also helped many who were trading in gold as a weaker Rupee supported gold prices in Indian Rupee terms.

Also, most of our stock recommendations have done amazingly well. We still believe that tech stocks, pharmaceutical and the food/beverage industry will do well. Material sectors will remain under pressure. Banking will do well but only the private sector. We strongly recommend holding positions in last year’s recommended stocks and those stocks were:Kaveeri Seeds, Excel Crop, Tata Global, Tata Coffee, IPCA Lab, Torrent Pharma, Venus Rem, Tasty Bits, Vadilal Ind, Tata Coffee, Britannia, Jubilant Food and Hatsun Food.

We still believe that Nifty will hold 5939 on the lower side in 2014, and if any major negativity comes in the world market then Nifty can touch 5727, however the chances of this happening are very low. On the higher side we see Nifty going towards 7590 in 2014.

This is what we predicted in metal sections in “2014 Financial Prediction” book: The overall trend in 2014 will remain negative for precious metals, however many will get tempted to buy metals and metal stocks in early 2014. Many are thinking that most other sectors are sitting at historic highs. HUI and physical metals are at multiyear lows and many are arguing that buying metals is a hedging trade.

Our answer is very simple; have patience and a great opportunity will knock your door. The astro cycle will remain negative for the first half in 2014 for precious metals, and fundamentals are also playing a negative role for metals and they are: In 2013 dollar Index remained weaker but gold was never able to take advantage of this. Gold remained stable against many other currencies like Japanese Yen and emerging market currencies due to weakness. Gold lost value against key currencies like Euro, Pound, Swiss Franc and USD.

Rising stocks market and better economic data came in between gold and big investor’s way.

Tapering is on the way and many are concerned about these sideways investment.

The interest rate is giving clear indications that it will start rising from mid-2014 which could be negative for metals.

During 2013 many hedge funds and commodity funds performed negatively which kept many big investors away from precious metals.

India is tightening or putting into play unfriendly policies for gold and reducing imports. In the last quarter of 2013 India reduced imports by more than 400 tons of gold.

Mining stock earnings disappointed many, so people are keeping away from these names. Anyways due to better earnings in other areas, stable housing prices and stable growth in the USA is bringing more investors into these areas as compared to gold.

Sentiments which get created by thinking and behavior patterns are a part of the astro cycle or are controlled by the astro cycle and play the most powerful role in creating any bull or bear market.

Gold and silver will remain negative in the first half of 2014. Silver will start performing far better from mid-2014 and there is no doubt that silver will be outperforming gold in the second half of 2014. We strongly recommend not to take any big risk in early part of 2014. We may see some buying coming, but this buying will be purely due to huge corrections of last year. Investors might have booked losses during the end of 2013 and will take back some buying positions in January 2014.

We have always mentioned that silver is the most unstable commodity due to Moon controlling its trading pattern and Moon is a very short term planet. Moon also represents Water which is very unstable, it gets warm and cold quickly, and silver behaves in same fashion.

Among base metals we see Palladium performing better compared to copper and platinum. Aluminum and Steel prices will outperform zinc, lead and other industrial metals.

Important note: We still believe that gold and silver can move towards new highs but not at this stage. In 2001 we predicted that there will be a 52 year bull cycle for metals in five sub positive cycles. According to our theory two positive cycles have already ended and the third positive one will begin soon. Out of the 52 years only 13 years have passed so another 39 years of a positive cycle for metals is still pending.

We don’t see any future for gold after 2052, because other metals or artificial gold will take its place. People will be able to produce gold in factories using chemical formulas and that will be the end of gold’s era.

Overall, in 2014 Metals won’t trade in one direction, but we will surely see some pressure early in the year and in mid-2014. Our Weekly Newsletter and daily flashnews will guide you on the short term trading pattern because many times the markets can turn in the other direction if the positive or negative cycles are not impacted the way we see in the astro cycle.


This is what we predicted in currency sections in “2014 Financial Predictions”: Last year the currency market remained in a mixed cycle as a few currencies traded very volatile but the rest of the frontline currencies remained mixed like USD, EURO, Pound Canadian dollar and Swiss Franc. These currencies gained against Japanese Yen, Australian dollar and emerging market currencies. People started trusting countries like USA, Germany and UK, and this is the reason why we saw an upward movement in these countries currencies, stock market and housing market. The second name of currency is Money and that represents the value of anything. A ones who always wanted to create complicated rules and regulations. Currencies are the most important instrument on this planet and we are tied to this instrument so much that we have very little choice as to what we can do, other than earn money to run the daily routine life. I occasionally hear people saying that money is not that important for them. This may be in terms of any specific context but being a spiritual person and living a very low profile life I tell you that money in not a bad thing, if you earn it and use it in the right way then it is one of the most powerful tools which can make the world a better place, because there is so much poverty, diseases, and many parts of world where many are not getting the right amount of food, clean water, medical help, proper clothes, or even education. If we make money and participate in sharing for a good cause then we can make a huge difference on this planet. Yes, meditation and awareness teaches or helps us to make us a complete human being but only living a spiritual life is not enough, we have to share our existence with this planet and others on this planet. Yes, if you are distributing knowledge that is also part of charity or sharing. Anyway’s this is a very lengthy topic and if we talk more then I will be dragging myself into it. In short, let’s make money and try to make a small difference on this planet in the way you feel is right.

Let’s come back to the currency prediction sections. In 2013 Japanese Yen started its downwards journey and kept losing value due to the policy adopted by the Japanese government. Fall of Japanese Yen in 2013 remained one of the best calls and our target of falling from 132.00 to 100.00 achieved in the first quarter of 2013. Many commodities remained higher against Yen and most currencies gained value against Yen in 2013.

There is no doubt that the world is focusing on USA as Bernanke Architected this country’s financial system in such a way that world has to fall in love with his policy creations. He will also started tapering before he leaves office in such a way that the market will give a non-event to the taper issue, in fact market will like it if QE remain one of the best program which was run successfully by the FED. Japanese Government is trying to do a few things very aggressively without a clear target which can turn very dangerous for Japan in the coming time. Euro is surviving against all odds and may remain in the same kind of trend in 2014. Let me start will Dollar Predictions of 2014 because Dollar is the key currency as it always gives clear signals about what the rest of currencies want to do. In 2013 not one emerging market currency fell but most of the emerging market currencies started falling together. Yen fell for a different reason and emerging market currencies fell for different reasons so this clearly gives indications that different currencies can fall for different reasons. Let’s see a brief outlook for all major currencies and a detailed outlook for USD.

Australian dollar 

For the first time in a decade Australian dollar traded negatively in 2013. Our view was very negative for Australian dollar in 2013 and we continuously see it losing value in 2014. Negative trend in commodities effected Australian dollars trend and we don’t see any positive trend for commodities in 2014 at least for six months so avoid any buying positions in Australian dollar.

Australian dollar will trade negatively against USD, BP and emerging market currencies.

Trading range for Euro for 2014 will be 0.9593 to 0.7890.

British Pound 

In 2013 Bond traded positively to sideways but gained against emerging market currencies and commodity currencies. Better performance by the British economy and positive sentiments in the real-estate market supported the British Trend. In 2014 British Pound will remain sideways to positive. The down side will remain very limited so any sharp corrections should be taken as a buying opportunity.

Trading range for Euro for 2014 will be 1.7053 to 1.4720.

Canadian Dollar 

Relative to other commodity currencies Canadian dollar traded far better against commodity and emerging market currencies in 2013. Volatility also remained low in Canadian dollar. In 2014 Canadian dollar will remain weaker so we are not recommending any buying positions in it.

Trading range for Swiss Franc will be for 2014 will be 0.9510 to 0.8525.

Japanese Yen 

In 2013 Japanese Yen lost huge value against most of currencies as well commodities due to their Central bank policy. Astro indicators guided us very well on Yen trend for 2013, our both side target got fulfilled. We see Yen holding it down sides for the short period around 0.9380 with US Dollar.

In the month of January Japanese Yen will trade mix without any directions.

February to April 2014 time cycle will remain weaker for Yen.

2 May 2014 to 17 July 2013 trading pattern of Yen will remain positive due to Sun will be moving positive houses.

From July onward Japanese Yen will keep trading weaker and may close nearer to lowest level 2006.

Trading range for Swiss Franc will be for 2014 will be 1.0510 to 0.8515.


2013 remained a bit positive for Euro as it kept gaining from lower levels. Early 2013 we saw a weaker trend developing in Euro and it did trade negative but bounced back strongly from the middle of 2013. Greece, Spain and Italy started showing some positive signs which supported Euro’s trend. Economic data also started showing some signs of recovery though the recovery remained slow. Globally we saw central banks are interested in devaluing their currencies for export earning as well as to remain competitive but we saw the euro zone less concerned about the rising euro trend.

Our longer term view is very negative for Euro as we predicted last year. In 2014 Euro won’t be able to trade above 1.40 level and on the down side it will come back to 1.20 levels so trading in and out will be a great strategy. Five years down the line we see euro going below previous lows meaning below 0.80. Euro will lose value against USD, Pound and emerging market currencies in 2014. Buy longer term put options in Euro.

Trading range for Euro for 2014 will be 1.3893 to 1.1790.


Since 2011 end Swiss Franc adopted a price pact with Euro and it lost its own identity and trend. It has been doing what Euro does. As we see Euro falling in 2014, the same trend will be adopted by Swiss Franc. We strongly recommend avoiding any buying positions in Franc. Our longer term view is very negative for Swiss Economy and the financial industry in Switzerland so we are not recommending any big investments in this country. Avoid any high leverage investments in real-state in Switzerland as well as in Franc. We don’t see Franc going above 1.1450 and on the downside it will break par value and we see going to par value against USD.

Trading range for Swiss Franc for 2014 will be 1.1393 to 0.9830.

Emerging Market Currencies 

It is just a coincidence that most of the emerging market currencies start with the letter “R”, Rupee, Rand, Real and Rubble. According to Vedic astrology, since the end of 2012 Saturn is moving over the letter “R” which is always negative and North node joined Saturn in end of May 2013 which created more uncertainty in these currencies. Our predictions of weaker emerging market currencies proven very accurately in 2013.

We strongly recommend avoiding any aggressive trading in emerging market currencies during 2014, as we see these currencies trading aggressively on both sides. Among the emerging market currencies Mexican PESO will trade far better in 2014.

Rupee trading range will remain from $58.10 to $64.50.

Brazilian Real will trade mixed to sideway but it will still follow other emerging market trends.

Real and Rand will struggle in 2014, and we are not recommending any long positions in 2014. Rupee and Rubble will trade in a tight or mixed range. The cycles mentioned below apply to all emerging market currencies but compared to Rand and Real, Rupee and Rubble to perform better.

9 January 2014 to 3 April 2014 Real, Rupee, Rand, Rubble will remain weaker.

Some positivity in real will come from 12 April 2014 to 27 May 2014.

3 June 2014 to 8 September 2014 the overall trend in emerging market currencies will remain weaker.

10 September 2014 to 30 December 2014 all major emerging market currencies will gain handsomely and will close nearer to year high so plan your trade according. 2014 trading range for South Rand will be 9.20 to 11.75 against USD. Rand shouldn’t trade above 12.25 for more than seven days otherwise Rand may touch 14.55. 2014 trading range for Brazilian Peso will be 2.05 to 2.50 against USD. Real should trade above 2.52 for more than nine day otherwise real will move toward 3.00 level. 2014 trading range for Mexican Peso will be 12.05 to 14.20 against USD. As we mentioned that Peso will remain very stable compare to all other emerging market currencies.


Here is our new 2015 book io out and we are sure it will help you to make investing and trading decisions in 2015 as usual every year. 

 2015 Financial Predictions

Here is small first part from this week newsletter as it may help in you understanding many hidden part of nature:


Weekly Newsletter of 5-9 January 2014

Must read first Karma, Luck & destiny


Dear Members,

This is first newsletter of 2015 and I would to start this letter with an exert from our previous book “Luck factor and market”. I made a small alternation and added this to our new upcoming book “2015 Financial Predictions” which shall be available this Thursday.

Karma, Destiny or Luck Factor:

I always read the “The Luck Factor” chapter repeatedly because it helps me think about and understand the hidden force of nature. I am writing this chapter, specifically keeping the financial market in mind so the points related here below will purely be for traders. I highly recommend reading it.

“Every day is passing by, and an increasing amount of people are getting attracted to the financial markets. Most people try their luck, and many treat the the markets like a speculation place. Some do short-term trading; some focus on longer term investments; while others just come and go, often leaving with miserable results.

Who doesnt gamble? When you board a plane you are gambling with your life, but you still broad and keep 100% trust on an unknown pilot and a machine that we call a ”plane”. Or, have you thought of the likelihood of running into an accident while driving on the highway at 70 mph? And when someone starts a business is it not a gamble? We humans are optimistic and we think everything will be fine and we trust that feeling. This is the way life evolves. If you are successful, then people admire you for all the right things you have done—including taking huge risks. But if you are unsuccessful in any venture, trading, or anything else in life, then people are quick to point out all your mistakes: why things have gone wrong and what could have been done to avoid failure.

It is human psychology dictated by natural forces. I always try to set aside time each day to meditate upon and analyze life, the markets, the current world situation, or sometimes letting my mind take me wherever it goes. After seeing countless destinies of individuals, events, companies, industries and even countries; I can confidently tell you that luck, or destiny, plays a key role in everyones and everythings life. Luck and Destiny both are unseen but they walk along with us during our whole life. Luck and destiny even decides your personality, character, intelligence and all the important people you meet in your life without which you would not be who you are today! The best way to identify luck or destiny factor is by reading Astro charts of the day anyone or anything is born. When we look back at everything or all the events that have happened with us, they all look like acoincidence or circumstantial but coincidence or circumstance plays an important role in your life on every crucial point. If you look back then the whole journey looks like that it was automated and you just remained a part of a hidden automated system of nature which created all these circumstances or coincidences.

Knowledge or tools can make you a wise person but it doesnt give you luck. People recognize being lucky as getting positive results and being unlucky as synonymous with failure but many times in the short term if you feel that what you did made you successful but after a few years you look back and may say that you wish you wouldnt have done that. Luck is an independent force that works in a unique way; and it walks along or away from you mysteriously. Today, I should have been sitting with billions of dollars because I knew each and every major trend in the markets well in advance, but still, today I am not a billionaire because of luck factor. Unseen forces come in your way and “entice” or “trick” you to make trades which you are not supposed to make.

If you are right in the markets and if your trades are right, you can make a fortune in no time, but the luck factor decides the result.

Luck or not, we still do our Karma; it is not always for money or success, but for what many call “duty or running daily life”, which remains a center point without much expectation because it is part of our daily life. I dont want to write a long chapter on Karma because it will open a new chapter of discussion.

Let me come back to the luck factor and I still believe, luck factor plays an important role in each and everyones life. In the financial markets, if your current cycle is positive, you always make money and if your cycle is negative, you will never make money no matter which trade you take. In 1996 I just had $17000, my dad told me that Mahendra, your chart is showing the most positive time cycle of life so your must start some business. I invested everything in tech stocks and most of you are aware that I made my first fortune from tech stocks. Anyways, the same kind of events have also happened in your life which shaped your life, who you are, and where you are today. 

A few things can help to change negative luck factor:

·       Regular meditation

·       Not forcing things to happen

·       If trades are not going in the right direction, take a break

·       Change the place or environment of your workplace

·       Not to abuse people, family or employees because anger and abusing breaks the smooth positive flow of nature and auras around you 

·       If you had a good day then try to remember what you did differently after waking up

·       Do some charity and help the needy

·       Watch what favors you like short term trading or longer term Investments; which area is favorable for you. Metals, energy, currencies, indexes or stocks? Does long make you money or shorts?

·       In the past, find out which month your deeds were successful, and you will find that every year, the same time frame always provided you better results.


Many other factors played a small role, so please give time to yourself and keep thinking. Keep away from what is negative for you and keep doing what is positive for you. I am sure you will be able to find many negative and positive things about you; and things happening around you that are impactful. Nature is amazing, and once you try understanding it, you may keep revealing things which are hidden. Your inner awareness will start giving you a sense of most of the oncoming events in a very vague way. You will be able to feel it, and it is up to you how you take it and react to your inner message. I leave all the decisions solely to you, like where you want to invest and how you want to make money. I am just portraying a vague picture of the future here in the 2015 book.

Past track records of the last twenty five years: 

Here is detail outlook for all major markets trend of this week. New members can subscribe our weekly newsletter..


Thanks & God Bless

Mahendra Sharma