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Ignore experts those saying negative for S&P as we see biggest bull market of all time is on the way...14 Dec 2011. Yen crash is coming..predicted in Oct 2012...Oil could fall toward $30 and dollar Index could rise 90.00 to 98.00..Predicted July 2014..India Nifty touched 7800 and next target is 9165 predicted Nov 2016.. S&P would start falling from 2407 level or bear market to start from 8 April 2017 predicted on 21 Feb 2017...Mahendra Sharma
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Must read - Role of "Luck factor" in trading as well as in our life...

Dear Friends,

Here is most important factor which work most in everyonce life. This below part is taken from our book "2012 Financial Predictions" from last chapter. I am sure this will give a great understanding the role luck factor in our life.

Luck factor and market

Many of you those who have been following our work they must have read many times me talking about luck factor. Yes luck plays a key role in success. Many believe in luck and many don’t but I do believe 100% in luck factor.

Luck is hidden gravity, and whenever it is in your favor it force you take decisions and these all decisions turn out on your side. Luck work through indications, your mind get message and you act and you achieve a great result. Many must be thinking that what a great decision maker they are but they don’t know the hidden forces operating on them as they just become a part of that action.

You can enhance your luck factor by thinking positive, meeting people, doing things for yourself and your family, and planning in a well realistic way. Doing this you add to your Karma and any Karma “actions” has to provide you results so result is created by luck. You may not get all the time positive results because time cycle plays a role and when we talk about time cycle, means planetary movement come into play here.

I have seen that whenever anyone is in positive Astro cycle, that person’s all efforts pays him great returns. If he does social work then community members praise him and he may be offered position by local authority. If someone is into investing, immediately after he puts money in a stock or commodity it moves up. Means every positive things start happening for him.

When luck or Astro cycle is negative, all negative results come, even though his intensions are right. If a person does social work people doubt him and someone will try to find out fault in his/her work. During negative cycle if she/he buys stocks then immediately that company will come out with negative news and stock will fall. 

I am not trying to make you superstitious but these lucky or unlucky cycles you can easily identify by watching your daily happening in life.

This year in one of the newsletter we published one article and same article I would like to put here as I feel this may give you great awareness about your life cycle.

“Everyday is passing by, more and more people are getting attracted towards the financial markets. Most people try their luck, treating the markets like casinos. Some do short term trading, some focus on longer term investments, while many others just come and go, often leaving with miserable results. 

In my view, trading or investment is seventy percent luck and thirty percent other controllable factors. Who doesn’t gamble? When you board an airplane you are gambling with your life, because you rely on an unknown pilot or the plane, and your life is completely dependent on them during the whole flight. Or have you thought of the likelihood of running into an accident while driving on the highway at 70 + mph? And when someone starts a business is it not a gamble? We humans are optimistic and we think everything will be fine and we trust that feeling. This is the way life evolves. If you are successful then people admire you for all the right things you have done—including taking huge risks; but if you are unsuccessful in any venture, trading or anything else in life, then people are quick to point out how things have gone wrong and what could have been done differently.

It is human psychology dictated by natural forces. I always try to set aside some time each day to meditate upon and analyze life, markets, the current world situation, or sometimes letting my mind take me wherever it goes. After seeing countless destinies of individuals, events, companies, industries and even countries, I can confidently tell you that luck, or destiny, plays a key role in everyone’s and everything’s life. Luck even decides your personality, character, intelligence and all the important people you meet in your life without which you would not be who you are today! The best way to identify the luck factor is by reading Astro charts of the day on which anyone or anything is born.


Knowledge or tools don’t give you luck. Luck is an independent force that works in unique, mysterious ways. Today I should have been sitting with billions of dollars because I knew each and every major trend in the markets well in advance but still today I am not a billionaire because of the luck factor. Unseen forces come in your way and entice or “trick” you into making trades which you are not supposed to make.

If you come in at the right time in markets and if your trades are right you can make a fortune in no time but the luck factor decides the result. In my next book I am more focused on the luck factor and trading and if we can deal with the luck factor then the sky is the limit. My work is not limited to the services we provide—the weekly newsletters or flash news.  I want all my members to be successful but that is not happening because we were never able to take the luck factor on our side, and it is my duty to inform you what lies ahead.

Luck or not, I am still hungry for success and I will keep searching for paths to open the luck door for you. I believe that within a short time span we will come out with a luck theory or how to take luck on our side. In astrology the ninth house is the house of luck and we want the ninth house to keep flourishing. For the last month we have focused on the timing factor and so far we have achieved encouraging successes in metals, grains, stocks, and soft commodities. I was not accurate on a short-term basis on energy and currency areas, and I believe that in another two weeks I can sort out what I really missed in my reading. I’d like to share with you my recent inner progress because this is critical in building a successful investment venture for me as well as for you.

At any rate, my focus stays squarely on how I can improve our accuracy and the luck factor. My family often complains that my mind is too attached to the markets, trends and my members. Yet their complaint is a sign of my concern for my members and that their success is the top priority in my life. Believe me you won’t be disappointed in the coming time. Our services will not only provide financial weekly trends but will bring luck (most powerful hidden tool which controls everything in life) to your side.

Yes, luck factor plays an important role in each and everyone’s life. In the financial markets if your current planetary position is in a positive cycle you will always make money and if your Astro cycle is negative you will never make money no matter which trade you take.”


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