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Japan astro cycle - This week newsletter is here on request from Japan...

Great turnaround for Japan

Dear Friends,

I just finished reading Astro chart of Japan, wow, most positive news for Japan is here. Astro chart is showing that Japan rising period will start from 28 May 2011, and this cycle will last for the next five years. Since 1987 crashed, Japan stock market never recovered or never able to reach even halfway of previous high but this new Astro rising cycle will take Nikkei Stock exchange back to 29000 to 33000 or even 39000 again.

Short term negative cycle is ending within the next nine hours from now (currently 1.28 PM in Tokyo), means nuclear disaster worries will reduce drastically and some positive news will come out tomorrow. I don’t see any devastating news from nuclear power plant after nine hours from now so it is clear that no excess radioactive will be released from plant. Financial markets will also stabilize from later today and this is one of the greatest buying opportunities in Japanese stocks.

I feel very happy and relieve after reading this chart, I am happy for Japanese people that worst is almost over, just few hours are pending for good cycle and Japan is entering into most amazing cycle from 28 May 2011 (mean negative time which started in 1987 is ending on 28 May 2011).

I wish good luck to them and once again we all should pray for Japanese people for quick recovery.

Thanks & God Bless

Mahendra Sharma,

Tuesday night New york





Dear Friends,

I received few email from Japanese people requesting, putting this week newsletter on website as they are going through tough period, mentally and financially. I am also announcing some special offer here for this week due to Japan disaster. Whatever period you subscribe, 25% extra time, like one month subscriptions will give 5 week newsletter, three months will give three weeks extra, six months will give one and half month extra time and one year will give you three months extra. This offer is also applicable for Flash-news. This offer will end on this Sunday.

The world should learn from Japanese people, because after this horrific disaster what a character or behavior these people have shown is unbelievable. There was no chaos; people were standing in queue for hours for buying few daily necessity items or food. They are helping each other, no complain against authority or government. Normally after any disaster people they blame government or authority for not doing enough, many unhealthy scenario of looting or stealing come out, media react negatively but after seeing this I just want to say “hats off to the Japanese people” and we pray Japan recovers from their current conditions as soon as possible.



Threat to mankind – We may look helpless


Dear Members,

The Japan earthquake and tsunami have proven that when nature gets unhappy it can take innocent peoples life. After seeing the devastations in the last twenty hours in Japan, I am wondering what will happen after three years when real negative time starts for the world because every month catastrophe will hit our planet. First let me take this opportunity to express my condolence those who lost friends or family members, I pray for everyone those who are affected with this unfortunate event. I also request my members to please keep minute silence and pray for everyone who got affected. Current negative time will last for three more days as per Japans Astro birth-chart so next three days are not very good for Japan.   

You are all aware that I stopped predicting negative predictions like attacks, war, natural disasters after the 9/11 event. I don’t know I am doing right or wrong but I don’t want to gain fame by predicting events that bring pain, killing or deaths. I knew that 2011 Japan will be hit hard by natural disasters and there are still more pending. In the coming few years Australia, Japan, China and New Zealand will be hit hard by natural disasters (I pray that I came wrong on these predictions).

I would like you to read my 3 May 2009 small part of newsletter;


Let’s talk about the markets. Libyan are still fighting but now but this news is overdone so traders are starting to ignore it unless something drastic happens next. We have been saying that, if problems arise in Saudi then oil trend should be watched carefully. Gold has failed to take advantage of current uncertain scenario in the Middle-East, weak dollar, oil and other commodities rises. I was talking to a few big guys in the gold community and they were saying that they have been loading gold but same time they are disappointed lately because gold was not able to perform. Silver did better for investors lately.

Soft commodities looks like having made short-term tops and very exhausted. Meantime, grains are also falling. Dollar consolidated and made some gains during last week. Yen went up after the earthquake (I never understand the logic behind that), and other currencies gained on Friday against USD. Stock markets remained in volatile trends.

Let’s what astro movements indicate for financial markets this week:


Weekly newsletter 14-18 March



Last week gold remained in a narrow trading range of $1,438 to $1,405. It was a very disappointing development for gold when everything was in favor of it, including planetary positions. This week gold trend will remain sideway or weak for the first three days. Thursday and Friday gold will recover and both days are very positive so gold should move up sharply.

However, Monday to Wednesday weak trend in gold will bring gold below $1,400. On the higher side gold won’t able to break $1,428. Once gold break $1,400 then next support is $1,382.

From the middle of Thursday gold will start gaining strength and this upward trend will continue on Friday. Both these days gold should trade positive otherwise gold can fall huge in the next three weeks so this is the final chance for gold to demonstrate its resilience.



Lately silver has been outperforming gold. This week silver will also trade weaker from Monday to Wednesday. Last week Friday speculators played interesting games. During the middle of day silver came down from $35.48 to $34.05 and rebounded after USA market opened, reaching $36.20. So if you trade with stop-loss then you will be a loser. Big guys are smart: they know how to play the games and how to take advantage of situation.

This week from Monday to Wednesday silver will trade in range of $36.48 to $34.51.

Thursday and Friday silver will follow gold, and may gain momentum, as I mentioned in gold predictions: if gold could not trade positively on Thursday and Friday then it will be very bad news for silver as well. So metals traders should watch Thursday and Friday’s trend when gold and silver have the best chance to trade positively.



Last two weeks base metals have been trading weakly as predicted. Copper achieved our predicted target of $410 and still looks weaker so no need to buy base metals at this point. Monday to Wednesday copper, platinum and palladium will make huge downward move. Also zinc, aluminum and nickel will fall sharply as well.

Sell all base metals on any rise and hold short positions for the next three weeks as overall trend of base metals will remain weaker regardless what precious metals do.

Platinum should move toward $1,700, palladium $700 and copper $403.



This week all major stock markets will remain sideways or weaker so I don’t recommend any new positions. Hold cash as great opportunities are on the way after two weeks.

Any rise in European markets should be taken as a selling opportunity as within next few days European will come under big threat of financial uncertainty. Debt crises will take a center position once again in EU. Indexes and European currency will fall sharply. SUN is indicating negative time starting from Monday evening.

USA stock market will remain sideways but investors shall watch European situations very closely as news might come unexpectedly.

Asian stocks will remain in a tight range and we recommend some buying should be taken on Thursday. India and Singapore will be best performers. Australia, Japan and Hong Kong will underperform and we all aware that Japan market will have tough time after this disaster.



This week thirty-year bond will make huge up move so we recommend buying. Trading range will be 121.10 to 125 so it will be a significant move. Late Monday or Tuesday will be the best days to acquire positions.



Last week coffee came down from $295 to $273, cotton from $218 to $197, sugar and cocoa also struggled. This week cotton, coffee and sugar will trade sideways. If they remain weaker on late Monday and Tuesday then sharp falls will come. But if they remain in a tight range then sharp fall won’t come during this week in these soft commodities. We are expecting huge corrections in soft commodities from next week on.

Cocoa and orange Juice will remain weaker, irrelevant to what other soft commodities do. Last week’s meeting between the winning leader of Ivory Coast and the opposition leader has failed, and no negotiation between them is expected yet. So uncertainty will continue in cocoa markets as well as in Ivory Coast.

Overall one can take a selling position in soft commodities on any rise. Higher side cotton can go to $207.80, coffee $281.90 and sugar $29.80.



Last week grains traded weaker as predicted. We don’t see any upward trend in grains from here for the next three months so any rise should be taken as a selling opportunity. June 2011 will be the time when you can buy again.

This week grains will trade weaker so any rise one can sell. Monday positive trend in corn is also ending for the intermediate term so avoid corn from here. Higher side corn will touch $680, soy bean $1352, wheat $748, soy meal $357 and soy oil $56.80. One can add more shorts around these higher prices.

In the last three weeks oat came down sharply from $430 to $348 and rice from $1,650 to $1,250. Both grains gave up almost all their gains made in the last six months. Rice may bottom out soon and we will update on that.

Grains are looking very negative at this point because no support is coming from planetary movement.



Retrograde Saturn is supporting oil so overall trend in oil will remain positive still. Oil will try to remain positive from late Monday or Tuesday. Trading range of May contracts will remain $105.90 to $98.80. I highly recommend avoid trading in oil at this stage. Heating and RB gas will follow oil. Monday and Tuesday sideway or weak trend in oil but late from Tuesday oil will gain momentum.

Natural gas is one of the best trades for this week so get into gas. Start buying on Monday and hold positions for the whole week. Trading range of this week will be $3.86 to $4.07.



Last week dollar gained strength, but Friday gave up some of the gains. I know I have been after dollar because its intermediate and longer term trends look very powerful, and that is the only reason why I have been recommending buying dollar index.

This week dollar will rebound significantly so get in now. This week looks like one of the most positive weeks for dollar. Monday after USA market opens dollar will gain strong but surely from Tuesday dollar will start moving up and the rising trend will stay until Friday. Any weakness in dollar should be taken as a buying opportunity. Trading range for June contract will be from 76.88 to 78.45. Dollar will gain against all currencies expect Yen and Canadian. Buy dollar against Australian, Swiss and Pound and Euro.

Yen will touch once again 1.2350 on the higher side. We don’t recommend any short position in Yen for at least this week.

Australian dollar has 1.0180 on higher side and 0.9920 on the lower side. Tuesday onward Australian will trade weakly. Monday and Friday Australian will remain a bit positive or sideways.

British Pound will be the worst performer of this week. Sell pound around 1.6120 to 1.5720. Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday will trade weaker so sell on any rise on the intraday basis. Also those who sold during last week can hold short positions because shorter and medium term trend in pound looks weak.

Swiss Franc will remain very volatile. One can take put options in Swiss Franc of June 2011, strike price 1.000. Higher side Swiss franc may touch 1.0830.

Euro will remain positive for a few days but one can sell around 1.3957 and hold the shorts. It will be interesting to sell the dollar against the rising Euro for few days, which means that other currencies will move down sharply against USD.

Note; Wait for importnat flashnews on late Thursday or Friday. 

Important note – Last 48 hours after tsunami, I have been fighting in internal war, what shall I do? Shall I start publishing these unhealthy and unpleasant events which I see in my prophecy! Shall go back to past path, according to what I predicted in the last twenty five years on geo-politics, natural disaster, war and 9/11, but these predictions nothing helped anyone. Media and People appreciated when predictions came true but there were no real benefits to world, I was not able to even save one human life, people believe in our prophecies but seriousness is not there toward my subject.

I wish I could leave everything and keep doing study on nature and planets, and keep writing what I see for world! 

In few days I will make decision on these important issues which is really making me mentally unstable, I am trying to searching myself, my soul and my duty.


This below part I am adding late Sunday night, yes I will start publishing world events prophecies from here onward:

Many Natural disaster/war/attacks predictions were very accurate, authorities could have saved thousands of life if they took these predictions seriously;

1.     At age 19 Saw USA-Iraq gulf-war, many died


2.     Kobe (1995) earth quack predicted two month before it happened


3.     Since 1999, I started warning about extensive terrorist attacks against USA, I warn agencies to watch closely Afghanistan. Two day before again I warn that “I see extensive terrorist attack happening, big bombs or building collapsing” but no use, none of authorities took it seriously. Most sad event that changed my life, I started thinking that no use of these world event predictions, I started putting my whole focus on financial markets.



4.     In “2003 World & Financial prophecies” book, Again I mentioned that war in Iraq would take place around 18 March, and it started on that date, I requested not to start war because most of innocent people will get kill for just one man “Saddam Hussein”, we all aware that in this war only innocent people got killed from both-side. I wish they could have just killed Saddam.


5.     In “2004 World & Financial Prophecies” book our prophecies were very clear on Hurricane Katrina and Tsunami of Indonesia/Thailand again created havoc. We clearly mentioned that in month of August 2005 east coast will get hit hard by hurricane; it would bring huge damage to east-coast and threat to people’s life. This time planets guided us accurately with month “August 2005”. On Tsunami we mentioned “water related natural disaster will create havoc on millions of life in Thailand”.


NOTE: I may not come accurate 100% ever or will not able to see each and every event of world because we have limitation of time. In a day we just have 24 hours and so many other activities, to do detail study on one chart, I requires thousands of hours but no excuse, I will try my best from here AND I will start publishing world event prophecies from here onward.     



Thanks & God Bless

Mahendra Sharma

Sunday 13 March