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Ignore experts those saying negative for S&P as we see biggest bull market of all time is on the way...14 Dec 2011. Yen crash is coming..predicted in Oct 2012...Oil could fall toward $30 and dollar Index could rise 90.00 to 98.00..Predicted July 2014..India Nifty touched 7800 and next target is 9165 predicted Nov 2016.. S&P would start falling from 2407 level or bear market to start from 8 April 2017 predicted on 21 Feb 2017...Mahendra Sharma
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Last week newsletter is here....

Dear Friends,

Here I am putting some part from last week newsletter. I am sure you will enjoy it. We are closing Uranium services on 1 December 2011 as our new fund is starting, which will be focusing on Uranium. Thanks & God bless, Mahendra Sharna


Weekly newsletter form 29-3 December – prediction date 28 Nov



Dear Members,

World markets are showing worries on a few issues like Euro zone debt and North Korea conflict. Out of all USA market has been performing the best, and among all sectors, uranium outperformed and came out as the clear winner in 2010. Gold and silver stocks also performed well among commodity stocks, as did fertilizer stocks.

Recently many investors in Indian stock market got trapped badly in real-estate, infrastructure development and housing loan companies due to the exposure to bribery scandals. All is not well in Indian market and meantime North Korea just added salt to the injury, spoiling the party for many Asian stock markets.

Ireland is still looking for help and may seal a deal with IMF and ECB, but a few more countries in euro zone are still hanging around with a huge debt burden. I still don’t understand why many analysts are still trashing the dollar in favor of Euro, and why still gold community is looking at Euro as their savior.

On the other hand China’s story about raising bank reserves is making everyone nervous but we don’t see significant fall of Chinese financial markets in the near term. Of course there will be some problems in the housing market at some point but China will come out of it. After 2014/15 the international financial storm will hit China but let’s focus on and enjoy the current time without worrying much about China.

We are entering into the final month of 2010, and soon 2011 will start. I am happy that planets have come forward to support us 100%, and we have experienced this in the last two months constantly. I am happy for you because my higher accuracy will make better investment decisions for shorter, medium and longer term.  


Weekly newsletter from 29-3 December


Gold has been holding well and still providing better return in medium term time horizon.  Crucial time is coming for gold, however, and prices may remain soft for medium term.

Monday gold prices will gain strength so take a buying opportunity in gold on any weakness.

Tuesday gold will trade softly. Wednesday onward any sharp rise should be taken as a selling opportunity.

Thursday and Friday weakness will come but short term traders can buy metals around 1.00 PM New York time on Thursday as in the afternoon prices may gain and Friday gold will move higher as well.

Trading range of gold will be $1,348 to $1,378. If gold start trading weaker from Tuesday it will force gold to break the lower side and prices will touch $1,318. If gold doesn’t trade weaker on Tuesday and Wednesday then expect gold to touch once again $1,398 to $1,408……



This week silver will follow gold and I don’t see any independent trend in silver. Monday Silver prices will move higher. Tuesday onward I have doubt but if silver trade positively on Tuesday then expect it to move higher for the whole week. Positive trend on Tuesday will confirm that one can buy silver on any weakness.

Trading range will be $26.48 to $28.38.  If Tuesday silver trade weak then expect prices to fall during the week up to $25.42.

This week Mars is changing house and this will give clear signal that gold and silver is moving higher or not. If this week gold remains positive then this will be good news for metal investors as prices of gold will hit new highs……



Last week base metals remained sideways. Copper will trade positively during this week so don’t go short in copper but…..



This week stock markets will rebound sharply but still we advise that just focus on US stocks as US indexes will move up sharply. Mercury is indicating S&P and Dow may move to new highs by 18th of December. Buy call options of December as huge up move is on the way in S&P.

From late Monday start accumulating USA indexes as well as a small portion of European indexes and hold for 15 days. I am sure good money can been made here. Any weakness on any day should be taken as a buying opportunity.

Asian markets will trade sideways. Among Asia only Australia has many uranium companies and this is good news for Australian investors. They should be loading up Australian uranium stocks. India and Chinese market will trade with huge volatility. Asian investors also should put focus on alternative energy sector. Buy battery, fuel cell and solar stocks. This is a great time to accumulate as in Asia as these stocks are trading lower.

This week range of S&P will be 1,184.80 to 1,207 or higher. Our target for S&P is 1,250 by 18th of December. Swiss, London and DAX will follow S&P.

Once again uranium stocks made new highs during last week. DNN, URRE, URZ, URG and CXZ were rocking. International stocks like FURAF (South Africa mines made huge gains during last week and this is just starting), BNNLF, RCKGF also started moving, and MWSNF (Finland) continued surging due to its bonanza find. We are very much excited about our coming newsletter service surrounding uranium…..



Treasury bond has been trading in the predicted range. This week we see up move…..



This week these commodities will remain….



Last week corn, wheat and soy moved up sharply from Monday as expected. This week they will remain in a tight range but still some more room is there to move higher side. Soy bean, meal and soy oil will remain weak so take opportunity of selling on any rise.

Sun changing and crossing 14 degrees is indicating an up-move in wheat. This week among grains buying wheat will the best trade……



This week oil will trade….



Last week dollar index remained very strong as predicted. It also fulfilled both side targets. This week dollar will remain sideways for the first two days but again from Wednesday it will move sharply so the best time to acquire dollar will be on Tuesday evening. Moon will be passing Saturn and going close to Sun, Venus and Mercury. This will force dollar to remain sideways without major move but still on the higher side it will touch 81.18 and lower side $79.45.

Australian and Canadian dollar will underperform so any side should be taken as a selling opportunity. Sell Australian around 0.9748 and Canadian around 0.9878. We are expecting another three percent weakness in commodity currencies.

British Pound will remain sideways for the first two days but from late Wednesday Pound will start moving down and by the end of the week it will make new lows. One can sell Pound around 1.5698 and target it to reach 1.5328.

Swiss Franc will remain sideways. Avoid trading Swiss Franc at this stage as we don’t know what will be the trend for this week.

Euro looks weak. Some recovery will be there on Monday and Tuesday but again on Wednesday Euro will start trading weak. Trading range will be 1.3420 to 1.3080. Recovery ON Thursday and Friday.

Japanese yen will move up and I won’t be surprised if it moves back to 1.2230. Lower side it can touch 1.1920.


Thanks & God Bless

Mahendra Sharma,

Predicted on 28, November



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