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Financial astrology - Threat to Planet and Mankind....Small part from this week newsletter



Today I have a major prophecy, not as a market analyst, but as a prophet.

Current flue havoc can last another two weeks, Planets are very negative for Europe so compare to USA and Mexico. Flue can spread fast but soon things will get better and world will be free from scary flue.


Dear Members.

I would like to begin this week's newsletter on a completely different but important issue concerning the year 2012 and beyond. For a while, there has been talk of dread and gloom for 2012 and declarations of the end of the world have been made. Some journalists have approached me to give my outlook and prophecy for the year 2012, and I wish to reply to these inquiries. Needless to say, I always do a thorough and detailed study before responding to issues that elicit wide concern and interest, and in this case I have. Back in 1997/98 there were similar concerns and many people were worried about the millennium transition from 31 December 1999 to 1 January 2000. As you may recall, there was widespread fear of chaos in the world following failure and collapse of modern technology and electronic gadgets, which would precipitate a total collapse in banking, retail, nuclear systems, etc. I was however quite emphatic that such a thing would not happen, for the reason that the planets did not indicate such an occurrence. 


There are now similar concerns for a major disaster in 2012, but I foresee no such thing, at least not for that period. The world will however be caught up in a historic catastrophe from the end of 2015 to 2016 or onward, during which time I see the world biggest disaster taking place. At the moment, I do not know the cause of this crisis, but indications are that it will be a terrible time comparable to the Great Plague or the two World Wars. It is yet unclear the exact proportion of the population likely to be affected and how many will survive, but the world must brace itself for the world disaster of the last 1000 years. 


Before this terrible disaster hits, there will be prosperity and merriment in the world, with Wall Street riding high towards 38,000. There will be money everywhere, the world economy will be on fire, and people will be spending copiously on expensive cars, houses and parties. This will all change one day towards the end of 2015/16, and like a sudden strike from the skies, the whole world will change overnight. This disaster will be brought about by nature; and it will either come as a disease or the planet earth will be hit by a meteor. I am studying this occurrence and urge others like scientists, astronomers and government authorities to also work on it. Meanwhile, we should never forget to do good Karma and share what we have with those in the world who need our help. 


Without claiming perfection or absolute precision, my prophecies about world events have always been very accurate, and all such prophecies have always had a very strong reason. Today the 2nd May 2009, I am releasing an important prophecy; that planet earth and all mankind will be under grave threat that could see 9% to 25% of the population wiped out. While it is sad to have to make this prediction, it is also a good thing in a way, since the knowledge gives us time to find out more and seek early solutions once we discover the problem. 


Please don't be depressed because of my prophecy, but try to understand nature, seek happiness for yourself and your family and other loved ones. Life is too precious and short to be filled with anger, fights, sadness and bad Karma. 


My next book will be released early next year and it will have more predictions about 2015/16. Meanwhile, I shall keep updating you about my studies concerning 2015/16 and onward.


Thanks & God Bless

Mahendra Sharma

3 May 2009