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Beginning of new era for markets...metals and currencies are at crucial levels...Financial astrology by Mahendra Sharma

Weekly Newsletter from 18 - 22 Nov 2019

New era for USA market started…


Dear Members,

S&P is finally approaching 3200. I still remember the 26 February 2009, when S&P was struggling at 675 on the same day. I was giving an interview to Jack Bouroudjian on CNBC (interview is there on home page of our website). I predicted that on the 6th of March 2009 the markets will turn around in a big and they will rise from here non-stop. DOW will achieve 32000. A few Wall-Streeters believed me but the rest said that the market would remain in bear territory for the longer term.

On the 6th of March market bottomed out and started its rising journey, and from that day onwards every single day. I kept recommending buying tech and financial stocks, and every single day I reminded our followers and members that S&P would hit 3200, and to buy most of the frontline tech stocks (Apple, Microsoft, Google, Amazon, ADBE and hundreds of tech and other stocks we kept recommending buying). People and fund managers who believed in our work made a fortune and kept buying on weakness on our recommendations.

Anyways, I think everyone knows this so I don’t want to write about it any more, but the reason for writing the above two paragraphs is to give a picture of what is coming next, because everyone is interested in that, whether S&P will top at 3200 or the market may move further higher.

If any wall-street experts, analysts, or fund managers would have predicted this prediction of a bull market then the media and wall-street must have given them the headlines everywhere, but not to me because I am not an analyst. I use a unique theory which hardly anyone understands so they disregard my work, they don’t want to me on the headlines. In fact many are worried about the popularity of our theory because no other theory exists which could give numbers one decade in advance.

I am not worried about whether my theory gets popularity or not because I am serving a my special followers, and I will keep serving them with honesty and integrity. Yes, I have been wrong on the short term outlook on some occasions, and there is a chance that I may be wrong in the future, however I am sure for the longer term our theory will keep providing a vivid picture of the future.

Let’s come back to the main subject of whether S&P will stop at 3200 or will move any higher. It looks like S&P will move even higher in early 2020 and there are chances are that S&P may test 3800 in 2020.

I am not recommending shorting any stocks or Indexes. Yes, if you don’t feel comfortable buying at current levels, then you can avoid buying, but there are many great stocks in which you can keep investing. I hope that most of you remember my important note of on valuation three years ago, when we stated, “Investors and Wall-Street analysts should ignore the current method of calculation they use to value any stock, because according to our system stocks are valued differently, which means even mega cap stocks shall move 200 to 300% higher from current market price.  

Interest rates are at historic lows in Europe and Japan, and USA just raised a few times in 2019. There is some uncertainty in the currency market, and many currency traders, experts, and central banks are confused about whether to hold dollar or get in into other currencies. I have been recommending buying emerging market currencies but on the other hand we are predicting a major crash in Euro prices in the coming time, which means that emerging market may ignore frontline currencies, but hardly anyone will buy this prediction.

Historically most of the currencies walked together in a one sided direction against USD, but this trend pattern could be breaking from here onwards. There is no doubt that a challenging time is coming for traders, and there is some confusion was to where to invest and how to make money.

Surely at this stage remain a short term trader in the currency market, because Dollar Index remained in a three point range from 96.00 to 99.00 this whole year which is making many trader’s very frustrated because you can’t make longer term investment strategies.

This year South America has been struggling, and many South American currencies have been falling non-stop. Argentinian Peso lost value this year, and Real is also trading negatively due to problems in the currency market and in other countries like Chile. Many are worried about the South American economy and currencies, but our outlook is completely different in 2020. A new leader in Argentina will take power in the middle of December so Peso is waiting for that to happen. I am sure the new government will be able to make a deal with the IMF. Chilean Peso lost value due to riots which started after a hike in metro fare, but Chilean Peso gained value on Friday. Many big traders started shorting Brazilian Real due to all this and they could be the winner for the short period, but follow our longer-term strategy and predictions.

Anyways, there is a lot to talk about but I will end the first part here. I am traveling back to Santa Barbara this week. Let’s talk about this weeks outlook for metals, indexes, stocks, energy, currencies, grains, softs and bond from 18-22 November 2019:

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Thanks & God Bless

Mahendra Sharma