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Today's Trade & News

Google can gain $80 to $120 higher, S&P can move another 45 points this week....

Dear Members,

It was one of the best call we provided in S&P, and we still recommend trader to not to short markets and frontline stocks as they can keep moving higher and S&P shall finally will fulfill our target of 3200. This week target for S&P is 3089 so watch closely. We are fortunate to call every move in USA market in 2019 and if everything goes well as what I see in astro chart then we may see 3800 S&P.

Google will announce earning and we expect stock to move around $80.00 to $120 high so buying is recommended in google after earning, buy call options and hold positions. Amazon lost $120 after earning on Thursday evening sessions and then on recovered $100 in Friday's trading sessions as predicted. We already raised our target for Microsoft $173 to $195 in 2020.

Metal and energy traded as predicted on Monday. Emerging market currencies moved as per predicted and done very well for traders.

Follow our earning report in stocks report.

Thanks & God Bless

Mahendra Sharma