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Metal predictions of can test $2000 but short term you need to wait few more days...

Dear Members,

Few of people said that Mahendra why metals fell today when you are bullish! I decided to put small part of metal sections from daily flashnews here. Yes, medium term basis we are bullish but on daily basis you need to follow daily flashnews or weekly newsletter.

Here is part from metal sections of Mondays Daily flashnews:



On Friday, metals gained value, except gold, which traded sideways. I am not recommending any buying on Monday, higher side mentioned in daily ranges we are recommending selling.

This week we are not recommending any buying due to the negative astro combination; you must read the weekly newsletter as precious metals may re-test last weeks’ low. Base metals will struggle, so selling is recommended. On Tuesday, base metals will fall sharply.

Gold may retest lower side; silver also will also follow gold. Metal stocks will remain under pressure.

Palladium will be a great sell on higher sides. Platinum will be the best trade during the middle of this week, but buy on Wednesday.  

This is what we stated last week and it applies for this week as well:  Gold may struggle to move above $1525, Silver $18.36 and platinum $918 in short term. 

Lower side great buy will be in gold around $1461, $16.61 and $878.

Buy JNUG around $52.00 level and same time buy NUGT.

Monday astro combination recommendation – On Monday, higher-side selling is recommended in precious and base metals.

Mondays trading range: (December 2019 future contract):

GOLD: $1523.00 to $1500.50 (Spot ranges $1518.20 to $1495.00)

SILVER: $17.83 TO $17.40 (Spot ranges $17.74 to $17.36)

COPPER: $259.09 TO $253.05

PALLADIUM: $1653.00 TO $1625.00

PLATINUM: $898.00 TO $877.00 Jan20


We send daily flashnews before Asian market opens, or 15 hours before USA market opens. Must read our weekly newsletter or daily flashnews if you are serious trader and investors of metals, markets, oil, currency, grains and softs.

Grains, indexes, grains, currencies and bond prices ranges, and trend matches as predicted except softs. Have been writing daily flashnews and weekly newsletter over last two decades. If just occasionally coming on our website and try to get some information which may not give you correct picture because we write daily what will happen. Must take 60 minutes from busy schduel and listen to this interview

Thanks & god Bless

Mahendra Sharma