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Here is Fridays Daily Flashnews for review...Financial-astrology will gain respect in the heart of Wall-Street..

Dear Members, 

Here is Fridays Daily flahsnews news. Every Monday we put trading ranges and strategy in both Daily letter and Flashnews and these ranges are most most important one for any trader and investors regardless what size of portfolio he/she manages. 

In the last twenty years our levels worked like magic. Look at even this week every level we mentioned in strategy so read this sections as well as daily ranges: Watch the important support & resistance levels for this week (2-6 September), the 2nd September: 


even though we liked gold, platinum and silver but we recommended booking profit in gold at $1548 and $1563, platinum $991, and silver at $19.71 to $19.88. It clearly indicates that we don't love to hate anything.  For S&P 2888 was buying level with target of 2943 and 2988 level which got achieved also. 

Since last twenty years we have been writing every week weekly newsletter and daily flashnews, now there is reason that we have 15.4 millions hits on our website and all thanks goes to investors as there trust has been growing our our theory day by day even though this subject still haven't earn respect deserves and I will keep trying to do my best what I could do to earn respect for this subject in the heart of Wall-Street.  

Here is this Fridays daily Flashnews PDF File:

Thanks & God Bless

Mahendra Sharma