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Here is small part of weekly newsletter from 2-6 September...

Weekly Newsletter from 2-6 September

Emerging market currencies will be best bet on Tuesday…


Dear Members,

Nature has provided us with a very limited amount of time in life. To me it seems like yesterday when I started learning astrology from my grandfather at the age of 9, and this week I will be turning 52, and we don’t know how many more to go, but one thing that is for sure is that there is a time limit for us. The most unfortunate part of life is that we cannot complete any task in the time given to us by nature because there is always something to do. Surely, we can do justice to our life by doing the right things with our life, and for others.

I do not want to talk much about my life, because it doesn’t matter. At this stage it is important for me to provide you with the correct and clear direction of the future, because if you are successful with my advice, then you can surely make changes in the world. I always remind my member that if you are successful then always help the neediest first.

Last week the markets performed amazingly well, and as predicted S&P achieved 2943, and held 2843 as predicted.

Last week Precious metals did well, and oil prices traded as predicted.

Thirty-year bond struggled to close above 167 as predicted, even though everyone is talking about a major shakeup in the bond market. Many are comparing the bond situation now with 1929. I am not that worried, but surely remaining alert.

Softs and grains acted mix and I was expected positive trend so I will recommend staying sideline or trade in and out without building any aggressive positions. In 2020 coffee is one our favorite trade in buying list, in fact this year I have been recommending buying it but prices have been struggling to move higher.

My focus is on the currency market, especially emerging market currencies. the current astro cycles are showing the most amazing indication for emerging markets and emerging market currencies, so follow our predictions for them closely, and take bets. Frontline currencies are trading negative, dollar index went above 98.18 level which means that frontline currencies will have very tough time ahead. I am not recommending any new trade in the frontline currencies as Jupiter have been not supporting frontline currencies at all. Surely emerging market currencies will surprise many so stay long.

I have missed great money-making opportunity a few times, and last week Thursday I missed recommending a trade even though it was in my shorting list. Buying put options in ULTA, at $300 put options expiring on Friday were trading at $0.40 on Thursday, and on Friday it opened at $60. This means 150 times windfall. I wish that I would have recommended that trade, ad in the future I will do my best to bring your attention to risky bets like this one.

BullseyeThe reason behind writing about ULTA that it was in our selling list and I failed to recommend on timely, so in the future if I recommend any trade with arrow, then you must take the trading opportunity, rather than ignoring it. These kinds of trade may not come very frequently but whenever they come, they will make us fortune.

This year my view will turn bullish on gold again, so before I write about the gold market, I decided to write this:

I am not criticizing anyone here: The problem with gold investors is that they love gold so much that they don’t want gold to come down even for a single day. In 2001 I predicted gold to move towards $1800 when it was $272; and suddenly big names in gold mining companies, big time gold investors, as well as gold experts became my friends. The prediction came true, gold moved in a one-sided move from $272 and achieved the unbelievable price of $1800. I immediately recommended closing all positions (in gold and mining stocks). For a few weeks gold kept moving higher, and every gold market expert and gold bugs started criticizing me and stating that they shouldn’t have followed my advice and closed longs at $1800. The reason behind of criticizing me was, many big names were still predicting that gold was going towards $3000, $5000, and a few were even targeting $10000 per ounce.

BUT!!! Gold crashed after achieving $1932 high and metals stocks collapsed like there is no tomorrow. Many of my old gold bugs friends lost a fortune. Gold collapsed from $1800 to $1045 and HUI GOLD BUG index from $638 to $98.99. It was a very sad story, and one of my close friends wanted to commit suicide because he invested his family money, and a few old people’s money in gold stocks.

The reason behind writing this story is that: One shouldn’t love or hate anything in the market, keep checking greed, and I have seen that people think that they have become trading experts by trading a for a few months or years, that will be the biggest mistake. Even till today I feel that I am a young student of the astro cycle subject. My longer-term view is very accurate, but you have seen that I have made errors on short term predictions, even after 40 years of studying, so no one is an expert.

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Thanks & God Bless

Mahendra Sharma