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Alert - Update on precious and base metals, stock market, oil and more...

Dear Members,

Markets are trading subdue this week as predicted. As predicted last week USA market tested all-time high, and TUESDAY will be testing time for market. Today is positive astro day so I won’t surprise if market recover today from the middle of trading hours. Powell comment will support market.

We need S&P to close three days above 2948 to confirm it reaching toward 3200. So far this year every week we nailed every move in market.

Gold is on fire, what a great level was for gold to buy at $1281 level but many traders remain side line due to weaker fundamentals and technical for gold. Astro levels are working amazing well and I am very happy about it. 

In 2001 buying recommended in Gold at $272 level with predictions of it would move from $272 to $1800. Many metal experts and Wall-street experts got surprised this prediction though they wanted to believe but they remained skeptic. I was also bit reluctant to predict this huge move of gold testing $1800, copper $400 silver $50.00 because in reality all these price target looked bit difficult to achieve but in astro cycle they were indicating so I predicted.  

Now it is very much possible our predictions of gold testing $1457 level is very much possible. Platinum and silver will start acting positive from today. JNUG and NUGT shall gain further value.

Tuesday will be positive astro day for metals, but Tuesday is most crucial day for base metals, I already recommended selling copper, Iron ore and palladium on Tuesday in pour weekly newsletter. Expect major fall in Palladium.

Copper will be great sell $278, palladium at $1538 and Iron ore between $112 to $118 level.  Negative US Dollar trend and uncertainty with USA/China, USA/IRAN can push gold further higher so stay long as current astro combinations are in full support.

Oil is in our selling list from today, $57.81 level will be great to short oil along with heating oil and RB Gas.

Coffee is our favorite trade, read our weekly newsletter very carefully.

USD achieved our first target of 95.65 level.

Follow weekly and Daily letter on daily basis. This year book so far provided great accuracy.

Thanks & God Bless

Mahendra Sharma