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Gold outlook and must follow 2019 Financial Predictions book...

Dear Members,

We are about to enter into most extreme astro time cycle of all time so must get ready for. We may see major volatility coming in the market from last week of June 2019, also we are not recommending any aggressive trading on either side in current time cycle so remain neutral.

Metals have been in our buying list since last three weeks, and they have been performing well, especially gold. As predicted, we may see gold going toward $1373 to $1378 in this rally but remain watchful and read our “2019 Financial Predictions” book closely. This year’s book will really help you in making decisions, so far most of this year predictions from book in metal and market sections are right on spot so I will recommend following book predictions closely if you are not member of weekly and daily letter.

Gold has power to move toward $1478, you can also ignore dollar movement and build some long in metal mining stocks. Any weakness shall be taken as buying opportunity.

Get ready to read our next week newsletter carefully as we are close to USA/China trade talk and I will try my best to putout trading strategy on trade deal if it goes through and even if it fails so we can make money on both sides.

AVGO has announced earning and it is trading negative, opening of USA market will remain negative due to this news but we don’t recommend selling any position in chip stocks.

Dollar Index trading sideways as predicted, major trend in USD is developing so get ready to adopt strategy.

Thanks & GOD Bless